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Chapter 22: The Ling Family Finding Fault

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With bread between her lips, Qu Xiao ran over to Shang Yan to take a seat. She rested her chin on her hands and stared at him.

Shang Yan could feel her gaze on him. Her feet that were swaying under the table would occasionally rub against his ankle. She seemed to be teasing him.

Qu Xiao placed her hand on his arm and pointed at the coffee coquettishly like a child. “Its a little sweet. Can I drink yours”

Shang Yan naturally pushed the porcelain cup over and reminded her gently, “Its hot.”

The butler wanted to clear the plates, but seeing the intimate vibe between the two, he quietly turned around and did not want to disturb them.

However, suddenly there was loud banging noise from the iron gate in the courtyard, accompanied by faint curses.

Qu Xiao jumped in shock. Her eyes were wide open like a little bunny as she rushed to Shang Yans side and gripped his sleeves nervously.

Shang Yan furrowed his brows in displeasure and gestured for the bodyguard to go outside and check. He comforted her, “Dont be afraid.”

Qu Xiao nodded her head heavily and a faint smile appeared on her lips. Her eyes shone with joy as she knew she succeeded.

Afraid She merely wanted to show weakness in order to gain his attention and protection.

Soon, the bodyguard returned to report the situation.

He glanced at Qu Xiao and coughed lightly. “Mr. Shang, its the Ling family outside.”

Surprise flashed across Qu Xiaos eyes.

However, on second thought, the evidence she had submitted to the police station was conclusive. Ling Chis criminal evidence would probably put him behind bars for seven to eight years. It made sense that the Ling family had received the news, but they actually dared to come here

She ran to the screen and saw Ling Chis parents and many relatives at the door. They were even fighting the bodyguards trying to break in.

Qu Xiao looked back at Shang Yan and asked, “Can I handle it”

Shang Yan nodded and signaled the bodyguards to obey her and let the Ling family in.

Ling Chis parents barged in with a ferocious look in their eyes. These arrogant and unreasonable people from the Ling family went quiet when they saw Shang Yan at the dining table. They hurriedly tidied up their attire and restrained their arrogance. They even greeted him with respectful expressions.

Qu Xiao sized them up and finally understood the situation.

The Ling family came here to bully her, thinking that she was alone at home and Shang Yan was in the company

Qu Xiao revealed a dignified smile and pointed at the spacious sofa in the living room, inviting them to sit down. She turned around and said to the butler, “I believe theres cold tea from last night in the kitchen. Please bring it over for Mr. Ling. He must be thirty and having a sore throat after shouting outside for so long, right”

She humiliated Ling Chis father, who could only glare fiercely at Qu Xiao because Shang Yan was present.

The butler could not help but snicker. He delivered the cold tea from the night before as instructed, thinking to himself that Mrs. Shangs personality had changed 180 degrees!

Qu Xiao slowly poured the cold tea out and looked at Mr. Ling. She knew why he was here but she did not mention it on purpose.

Mr. Ling drank some tea but found that it had gone sour. He was so angry that he slammed the glass on the coffee table. He said in a questioning and forceful tone, “I heard that you were the one who called the police to arrest Ling Chi Our three families have been business partners. Its not good for us if things get so tense and awkward.”

“We want you to go to the police station today to clarify for Ling Chi and minimize the negative impact.”

Qu Xiao looked up with interest. She leaned back on the soft sofa and twirled the ring between her fingers.

She curled her lips into a mocking smile and asked seriously, “There is evidence to back up every accusation. Its the truth. What do you want to clarify”

Mr. Ling did not expect Qu Xiao to be so unyielding. He signaled to his relatives.

Ling Chis mother, a fierce woman, put her hands on her waist and pointed at Qu Xiao. She raised her voice and said, “Ling Chi is a good boy. You must be the one who seduced him! Moreover, relationship can be really complicated...”

“If you didnt give Ling Chi any response, why would he bother you”

Now the victim became the guilty one

The butler and bodyguards were dissatisfied and wanted to stand up for Qu Xiao, but Shang Yan stopped them with a look.

He wanted to see what Qu Xiao would do...

Qu Xiao sneered as she picked up the teacup and pretended to drop it on the floor accidentally.

The tea splashed onto Mr. Lings shoes, socks, and trousers.

Her eyes turned cold as she asked, “Why didnt you dodge”

“The tea only ruined your shoes and socks. It must be because your shoes and socks are dirty, right”

Pfft! The housekeeper and helps laughed, their shoulders shaking uncontrollably. They secretly gave her a thumbs up in admiration of her wit.

Shang Yan rubbed his glabella and hid a smile with his palm as he shook his head.


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