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Chapter 13: Mental Hospital

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Shang Liqing was so nervous that she was twisting her fingers. She stared at the floor, not daring to even raise her head.

Ever since she was young, even if she made a mistake, Shang Yan would not reprimand her at all. He would even ask their parents to forgive her.

But now, he was siding with Qu Xiao and wanted to punish and reprimand her

Shang Liqing looked at Qu Xiao with grievance. When she saw the faint smile on Qu Xiaos lips, she felt a bit strange.

How could a person change so drastically in just a few days

Confusion filled Shang Liqings heart. She looked at Shang Yan and said abruptly, “Dont you think that Qu Xiao has been acting weird recently”

“She talks like a crazy person and hurts people. And she seems very unstable. Theres probably something wrong with her head!”

“Why dont we get a psychiatrist to do a checkup for her She needs medication if she is ill. If she is healthy, I will apologize for my mistake! I will not make the same mistake again.”

Shang Liqing said encouragingly. She secretly gave Shang Xinchen a nudge, signaling him to say something and help her convince Shang Yan.

Shang Xinchen thought about the situation yesterday and also felt that something was wrong with Qu Xiao. He agreed, “Yeah, I think Liqing is right.”

“Call the doctor over for a checkup. Theres no harm in that!”

Qu Xiao looked at them in amusement but realized that Shang Yan was looking at her with narrowed eyes without rejecting.


Her heart sank. Could it be that her strange behavior had aroused his suspicion

Shang Liqing suggested, “I know a psychiatrist from a first rate hospital. I can invite him over...”

Under their combined efforts, Qu Xiao had no choice but to sit in the living room and wait for the doctors arrival.

Qu Xiao stood up and went to the kitchen. She poured another cup of lemon water and passed it to Shang Yan.

“I learned it from the nanny. She said you dont like ginger soup. Its raining outside, and your body is cold. Drink it to warm yourself up.”

Qu Xiaos voice was calm, though she was still angry at him for not believing her.

Holding the warm glass, Shang Yan recalled that Qu Xiao had said that she was waiting for him to come back. He stared deeply at her and tilted his head to take a sip. His eyes were filled with scrutiny and inquiry.

Qu Xiao was looking at her phone under his gaze and pretended to be calm.

Ding dong. The doorbell rang.

“Ill go get the doctor!” Shang Liqing ran out first and secretly gave the doctor a look.

“Ill count on you!”

The doctor nodded. “Dont worry. The equipment we brought today has been tampered with. Even a normal person will be diagnosed with some mental problem.”

Shang Liqing was relieved and happily brought the doctor into the room. She enthusiastically discussed the relevant matters regarding the test.

Qu Xiao was lying flat on the bed and the doctor had pasted examination patches on her head.

After a few simple questions, the device let out a warning buzz.

The doctor removed the equipment and signaled for Qu Xiao to wait in the room for a while. He then brought the printed report to Shang Yan.

“Mr. Shang, your wifes mental health report shows that she has severe mental disorders and needs to be hospitalized for treatment.”

“If the treatment is delayed, it might cause irreversible damage to the patients mental state. She will not be able to live as a normal person in the future. Please make a decision as soon as possible. I will contact the hospital for you and conduct long-term treatment for her.”

Shang Xinchen snatched the report over. He looked at the densely packed numbers and symbols and mumbled, “Look, she is indeed sick!”

Shang Yan frowned. Through the ajar door, he saw Qu Xiao lying quietly inside with a cold expression.

Was her recent abnormality, including her concern for him, due to mental illness

Everything was fake

For some reason, Shang Yan felt uncomfortable.

Afraid that Shang Yan would reject the offer, Shang Liqing said hurriedly, “Brother, Qu Xiao wont stay in the mental hospital for the rest of her life. When shes in a better state of mind, we can bring her back. This is for her own good!”

“Butler, what are you waiting for Pack up Qu Xiaos clothes and daily necessities and take her away later!”

Shang Liqing wished she could pack up for Qu Xiao herself. As long as Qu Xiao moved out of the villa, it would be much harder for her to return!

As long as there was a medical record in a mental hospital, Shang Liqing could expose it to the media.

By then, Qu Xiao and Shang Yan would definitely get a divorce!

Shang Liqing was thinking about her future plan and vision and did not notice Qu Xiao walking out of the room.

Seeing that they were taking her clothes out, Qu Xiao frowned and asked, “What are you doing”

Shang Xinchen quickly replied, “To send you to the hospital, of course!”

“The current technology is very advanced. As long as you follow the doctors treatment plan, you will have a chance of recovery!”

Shang Xinchen looked at Qu Xiao with sympathy and pity. This made her feel so frustrated that she almost fainted from anger.

Mental illness!

They were the ones out of their god*mn mind!

Qu Xiao recalled the entire process of the examination and the final results. She knew that he must have made a false report!

She saw how Shang Liqing and the doctor were exchanging secret glances. She said knowingly, “Doctor, can I ask you a few questions”

“If you can answer, Ill go to the hospital with you.”


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