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Becoming The Business Magnates Spoiled Wife Chapter 12 - Acting Weak

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Chapter 12: Acting Weak

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Qu Xiao stood rooted to the spot.

No way! How could it be! Qu Xiao felt a chill down her spine and her scalp turned numb.

Shang Yans impression of her would probably worsen after seeing how cruel she was to Shang Liqing.

Qu Xiao was racking her brain about how to explain when messy footsteps passed by her.

Shang Xinchen hurriedly ran over to Shang Liqing with ice. With a concerned expression, he applied ice on her swollen face. “Liqing, are you alright”

Shang Liqing pointed at Qu Xiao and said in a low voice, “I cant believe she hit me!” She was so angry that she even stammered a little.

Shang Xinchen was there the whole time when Qu Xiao slapped Shang Liqing. Qu Xiao always gave them the impression that she was timid and weak, but now that she suddenly erupted with such a powerful energy and even dared to hit people, Shang Xinchen and Shang Liqing were completely stunned.

They looked at Qu Xiao with vigilance and fear, which never happened before.

When Qu Xiao saw Shang Xinchen, she was so relieved that it was not Shang Yan.

She was about to pick up the broken glass, but when she bent over, a hand grabbed her wrist. It was cold and strong.

Qu Xiao mistakenly thought that the bodyguard from the Shang family wanted to attack her. She controlled him and wanted to make use of the inertia to throw him down.

The moment she exerted her strength, Qu Xiao saw the aluminum alloy of Shang Yans wheelchair and his trousers. She immediately retracted her strength.

Qu Xiaos heart skipped a beat when she saw Shang Yans curious eyes.

Could he have noticed something

She thought for a moment and immediately held his hand with both hands. She staggered as if she could not stand still and looked at him with misty eyes.

Droplets of water fell from her hair and landed on the back of Shang Yans hand. He narrowed his eyes and frowned when he saw the wet spot on Qu Xiaos clothes.

Qu Xiao bit her red lips coyly. The more she thought about it, the more aggrieved she felt. She choked and complained, “Honey, what took you so long”

“Someone must have instigated Liqing to come here and force me to let Qu Qi out. I refused, so Liqing called them to catch me...”

Qu Xiao pointed at all the bodyguards present, leaving no one out.

She was very vengeful!

Shang Yan recalled what he had seen when he entered the room. Which one was the real her

There were clearly doubt and confusion in his eyes. But he saw Qu Xiaos tears rolling down her cheeks. She sobbed softly and looked at him with anticipation like a helpless girl. He couldnt help but be moved.

“Liqing, whats going on”

Shang Liqing did not expect her brother to believe Qu Xiao. She stood up excitedly. “Qu Xiao is out of her mind! She wanted to kill me!”

“Didnt you guys see that I will call the police and get her under control!”

“If she dares to attack me today, she might attack my brother tomorrow! This kind of woman is scary!”

Shang Liqing put all the blame on Qu Xiao, and she looked at Qu Xiao smugly and provocatively with a cunning smile.

Shang Xinchen and Shang Yan would definitely believe her!

Shang Liqing was waiting for Qu Xiao to beg for mercy out of fear, but she did not expect Shang Yan to look at her quietly and ask, “Is that true”

Qu Xiao was a little surprised as she did not expect Shang Yan to ask her. However, she quickly seized the opportunity. “Liqing started it!”

“Ever since I married you and came into the Shang family, Ive wanted to be a good wife and sister-in-law.”

“But for some reason, Liqing was always picky about me. She would bully me when you were not around and even hit me. I know that shes your sister and that you love her, so Ive endured it.

“But today, she asked me to release Qu Qi, the murderer who wanted to harm me.”

“I suddenly realized that Liqing never treated me as a family. Thats why I resisted and accidentally hurt her...”

Qu Xiao was extremely engrossed as she exaggerated all the evil deeds that Shang Liqing had done in the past.

“If you dont believe me, you can ask the butler.”

Everyone in the villa had seen Shang Liqing bullying her, but no one dared to tell the truth.

Shang Yan looked at the butler, his eyes cold as he asked silently.

The butler remained silent, proving that Qu Xiao was not lying.

The temperature around Shang Yan dropped several degrees. His fingers tapped lightly on the armrest of the wheelchair, making him look intimidating.

Shang Liqing hid behind Shang Xinchen, afraid that her brother would punish her.

Qu Xiao rubbed her palm and secretly raised her eyes to look at Shang Yan timidly.

“Theres already a witness, and you still dont believe me If you dont believe me, you can check the surveillance footage!”

Shang Liqing saw her pointing at the surveillance camera and felt so guilty that she avoided Shang Yans gaze.

Her abnormal behavior just proved that Qu Xiao was telling the truth.

Shang Yan took the towel from the butler and passed it to Qu Xiao to wipe off the water stains on her body.

Qu Xiao pushed him away gently and sat on the sofa stubbornly and pitifully. “Im fine. Dont mind me. You dont believe me anyway.”

Shang Yan saw the blood seeping out of her arm and felt frustrated. He stared at Shang Xinchen. “Move aside!”

“Shang Liqing, stand there!”


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