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Becoming The Business Magnates Spoiled Wife Chapter 11 - Teaching Her a Lesson

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Chapter 11: Teaching Her a Lesson

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Qu Xiao was alone in the bedroom.

She leaned against the wall eavesdropping. But she heard no sound from the next room where Shang Yan was in.

Because of her injury, there was a small chance for her to improve the relationship between her and Shang Yan, but Jiang Xueer completely ruined it.

Qu Xiao rested her chin on her hand as she scrolled through her phone screen with mixed emotions, searching for ways to make her distant husband fall in love with her.

There was a knock on the door.

Qu Xiao jumped to her feet happily when she heard it. But when she saw it was the butler standing outside, her smile froze.

The butler could see her disappointment and reminded her that dinner was ready.

Qu Xiaos gaze landed on the guest room and she asked softly, “Is Shang Yan downstairs”

The butler shook his head and replied respectfully, “No, Mr. Shang has gone outside. Hes got something to attend to.”

How could Qu Xiao have any appetite

She covered herself with a thin blanket and curled up on the sofa in the living room. She glanced at the entrance as she prepared to wait for Shang Yan to return.

As time passed, she felt sleepy. Qu Xiaos eyelids were heavy as she closed her eyes.


Cold water poured down on her head and she sat up in shock.

“Shang Liqing, are you crazy!”

Qu Xiao grabbed the ends of her hair and wrung it dry. She looked up at the pretty woman standing in front of her, suppressing her anger and irritation.

Shang Liqing clapped her hands and looked at Qu Xiao who was in a sorry state. She placed the glass cup on the coffee table and said in a harsh tone, “Qu Xiao, dont think that you can cause trouble outside in the name of our family just because you married my brother!”

“Qu Qi is my good friend. Im warning you. Go to the police station and cancel the charges against her. Otherwise, I wont let you off!”

Shang Liqing was Shang Yans younger sister. Obviously she had not inherited any good genes from the Shang family in terms of her intelligence.

Qu Qi and her were best friends. The two of them often joined hands to bully the host. They would either insult her verbally or hit her physically.

The host was afraid of her, so she usually followed Shang Liqings orders without any dignity.

In the evening, Shang Liqing received Qu Qis call for help from the police station, so she came over to threaten Qu Xiao to withdraw the lawsuit.

Qu Xiao pulled out two pieces of tissue and calmly wiped the water stains.

Shang Liqing felt that there was something different about her, but she couldnt put her finger on it. She felt that something was wrong.

When Qu Xiao saw another cup of lemonade on the coffee table, she held the cup and poured it on Shang Liqings head!

“You like to splash water on others Why dont you try it on yourself”

Before Shang Liqing could react, two pieces of fresh lemon hung above her head, making her look hilarious.

“Ahhh! Qu Xiao, you b*tch!”

Shang Liqing screamed in shock. She never expected Qu Xiao, who was usually timid, to retaliate on the spot!

Qu Xiaos voice was cold. “Apologize.”

Shang Liqing narrowed her eyes and shook her hair furiously. “What did you say”

Qu Xiao raised her voice and said every word clearly, “Its impossible to withdraw the lawsuit. You have to apologize to me for your actions!”

Shang Liqings exquisite makeup was ruined. She was so mad that she pointed at the bodyguards outside and yelled, “D*mn it! Qu Xiao! Youve really changed! How dare you splash water on me!”

“What are you waiting for Hold her down and beat her up!”

Shang Liqings expression was twisted. Her eyes were filled with ruthlessness as she said, “You didnt even see your own position clearly! In the Shang family, youll never have a chance to speak. Today, Ill teach you a lesson on behalf of my brother and let you understand how to conduct yourself in the Shang family!”

The bodyguards obeyed Shang Liqings orders and grabbed Qu Xiaos arms roughly.

Qu Xiao bent down to dodge their attacks. Blood seeped out from the bandage on her arm. She endured the pain and kicked the weak spot between the bodyguards legs.

The bodyguards did not expect Qu Xiao to retaliate. They held their crotches in pain and could not stop her.

“You... What are you doing Dont come over!”

Shang Liqing gulped and looked at Qu Xiao in shock. She was so scary!

Rubbing her sore shoulders, Qu Xiao walked to Shang Liqing and gave her a hard slap.

Shang Liqing felt dizzy immediately. Even Qu Xiaos palm became red and swollen from the slap.

She looked at Shang Liqing calmly. “Im the one who taught you a lesson on behalf of Shang Yan. You have to understand that in the Shang family, Im your sister-in-law!”

“You disrespecting me is equivalent to insulting Shang Yan and shaming the entire Shang family!”

“Learn the rules at home first. Its better than letting others see and laugh at us for having such an uncultured daughter like you! You should thank me.”

The moment Qu Xiao finished speaking, she saw Shang Liqing covering her swollen face and shouting behind her.


“Help me! This crazy woman is bullying me!”


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