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Aidens Secret Chapter 10 [Three Horsemen]

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Knowing yourself, accepting the change and letting the sadness in is the strongest trait people can have, they do have it but it is never tested, once they actually lose someone or something they loved all three elements gather up together and attack their soul, heart and mind, occupying the best places in their bodies and scarring them for life, what happens if you lose someone you love but still try to keep their soul alive, is that a good or a bad thing? that answer was in their hearts still to this day, waiting to be unleashed.

As Ethan started getting closer and closer to the wooden door emotions kicked in his heart, every drop of sadness that he had after Aidens death was laying in front of everyone, his insecurities were everywhere showing from every corner.

Claires mind was occupied by the truth, she never liked a change in her life, if she could live her life in a very simple manner for the rest of her days she would, she was afraid and confused.

Crystal was on her knees, touching her hair, face, lips. she wanted to feel her self again, she knew everyone in this room noticed her change all her insecurities shoved deep down but always peaking and leaking from her heart.

"This is not something that should bring us down, this is not something we are afraid of, its the truth that we had to face one day" Ethan broke the silence as he quickly approached Crystal and helped her get up.

"Crys, no matter how much you change, we will still love you, if you like what you are doing we will support you, sometimes its alright to change, you hear me?" Ethan stood in front of Crystal watching as her tears broke down, splashing against hard wood.

"Hes right, this Tower is either trying to test us or break us, whatever it is I believe it, and Im not leaving without answers" Claire replied with a strong tone as she picked up her backpack and started searching for the flashlight.

"Im very proud of us, guys." Ethan shouted and went for his backpack.

Crystal was understanding everything but also some of the truth was still hitting hard, she quickly looked into her backpack and got of cigs.

"Im not doing this crap alone, I want everyone with me" Crystal said while lighting her little stick.

"Yep, thats exactly why we are here, but we have an issue" Ethan replied as he started analyzing the doors.

"You see, all of the doors are unique and show our personalities and insecurities, that means each of us has to go in a different door" Ethan mumbled as he tilted his head to analyze the carvings further.

"As much as I hate to be left alone in the middle of nowhere, Ethan is right" Crystal replied while correcting her sunglasses.

The knobs on the doors were timeless as if they were just built before the group came in, specifically for them, for their adventure for answers.

Claire was trying her best to remain calm and not mess things up, as she touched the knob it turned three times without her even trying, Left, Left Right. as the door opened Claire walked inside, no questions, no hesitation, no fear, as if she knew what she was doing, as if she was everything with her bare eyes.

Ethans knob turned three times as well but the turning was different, Right, Right, Left, Ethans eyes went numb, the sadness and worry faded away just for split second, there was nothing to be afraid of anymore, just the universe in front of him.

as the door closed behind his back Crystal hesitated, she turned back took few steps back, removed her sunglasses, sighed and touched the knob, Left, Right, Left. Crystals eyes were met with gaze, something unexplainable as she walked in without any hesitations.

Ethan was walking endlessly, his eyes could not comprehend everything at once, the tunnel was beaming around him with flashes of bright and dark memories, his entire childhood was in front of him, but one stood up the most, their first kiss.

The memory was bitter yet sweet, as Aiden and Ethan held hands together, the universe was just an empty vessel holding their love and their love only.

Every memory and nightmare charged to him, splitting his heart by every bit as it progressed, he wanted to scream but there was silence, just him and the universe.

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