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Aidens Secret Chapter 9 [Dark Tower's Call, Part 2]

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Atmosphere changed as Ethan and his friends approached the grounds, fresh scented air, cool breeze from the winds completely disappeared, as if they stepped to a totally different dimension away from this planet. the building itself was huge as they were getting closer the structure was becoming larger and larger.

walls surrounding the structures were damaged, half broken as if they saw the beginning of the world and had seen every moment and aspect of space and time, this beauty was damaged by graffiti, one said " Leave, while you can" , "Why? have you stepped here". but this did not seem alarming at all since they had little hearts and sticks around it which ruined the entire aesthetic.

"Do we have to stay behind this wall and wait for someone to let us in?" Ethan said as he looked around, confused.

"Judging by the damage and looks I don think anyone will be welcoming us, Im afraid" replied Crystal as she starting stepping in the land.

Crystal was quickly followed with Aiden and Claire, the ground was mushed up by rain but most of the parts were still dry as if rain only poured in specific places which didn take much of attention from the group. Atmosphere around them became stiff as the approached the door in front of them, it looked like a old wooden door but for halls, huge and with a lot of carvings, in the middle with no surprise there was a crow symbol.

"Should we knock?" Claire stood in front of the door without looking back.

"Yeah, I think thats the only proper way" Ethan followed.

Before Claire had the chance to knock two parted door opened itself, the crow split in two it was an astonishing view.

Claire gasped but quickly remembered that after all there was technology that made this entire thing easily possibly, but the problem was that there were no strings or mechanical tools around the door, maybe it was hidden?

"Hello?" Ethan yelled out, the echo of his voice travelled through the empty hall of Dark Tower Dungeon, the doors around the hall started to shake by just a little as if they haven heard a voice for centuries.

" Alright, there are four doors here and Im sure as hell not going to any of them alone" Said Crystal with worried face.

"There are carvings all over the doors" Ethan replied astonished, as he took look to each and every one of them. " The first door says Being whos sadness shakes the lands, yet no soul understands the shake, no notice, no worries, just them and their sadness " Ethan looked down shook his head and looked at Crystal.

"What does that one say Crys?" Ethan yelled out.

Crystal looked around as if someone was starring at her from a distance and went back to the carvings, " Being who changed so much, yet the heart still stands, only thing that is real and natural in them" Crystal started to look more and more worried, she had to take the view to someone else.

"Claire What about you, what do you see?" Crystal said, with unhinged and broken voice.

"Its little hard to see, but, hold on" as Claire started wiping the wood carvings with her bare hands. "Soul who runs back and forth, trying to catch the best of all, Believe in magic once and for all".

Claires confused face aligned with everyone else, it was pure dread and confusion, they understood but only bits of it.

"This is us." Ethan spoke with unchanged, calm tone, as if he was admitting a crime.

"These texts are us" as Ethan spoke the words Claires throat tightened, as if someone exposed her darkest secrets. Crystal stood in silent, she knew the truth about herself.

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