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She wanted to drink, so Jiang Yuhe could only take out another wine glass and poured a little into it.

“You’re only allowed one glass.”

Wen Yu blinked her eyes and said, “Then you feed me.”

Jiang Yuhe stared at her for a few seconds before he compromised.

He took the wine glass and was about to bring it to her mouth, but Wen Yu pushed it away and repeated word by word.







It’s you.


Jiang Yu He reflected on the meaning of her words and smiled meaningfully.

He suddenly picked her up and sat her on the wine cooler table, in a face-to-face position with himself.

“Want me to feed you” His voice lowered a few points.

Wen Yu nodded.


After a long time, Jiang Yuhe nodded.

“All right.”

And then he quickly picked up his own glass of wine and after taking a sip, he swooped down and directly kissed Wen Yu.

She whimpered with a jolt, not expecting that the wine was chilled.

The cold wine instantly entered her mouth, and her tongue felt a sour astringency, which soon turned into a thick and strong aroma, spreading slowly in her mouth.

However, before she could savor it, a scorching heat burst out of the ice-cold, biting and sucking at her, drawing her in the red wine.

Wen Yu was sitting while Jiang Yuhe was standing, so their height difference was even more obvious.

Wen Yu kept her head tilted, and several times she leaned back, almost suppressed by Jiang Yuhe’s breath.

In the end, she could only use her hand, which crawled around his neck to keep her balance.

A red wine-flavored kiss instantly brought the two back to their previous state in the living room.

The sip of wine, which surged back and forth in both mouths, was delayed to be swallowed.

It wasn’t because Wen Yu didn’t want to swallow it, but Jiang Yuhe didn’t give her a chance at all.

Every time she felt that she was about to swallow, she would be plundered by Jiang Yuhe again.

In this way, over and over again, the cold red wine was heated up till it was hot.

When the passion reached the thick of it, Jiang Yuhe attempted to pick Wen Yu up, but when his hand was drawn back from the table, he accidentally touched something that felt like a soft, slipper gauze.

Under the light, her well-proportioned and beautiful legs were wrapped in a pair of transparent and delicate white silk, with a faint luster.

He slightly paused, as if he sensed something.

He abruptly stopped and looked at it with downcast eyes.

The look in Jiang Yuhe’s eyes changed obviously.

He looked up at Wen Yu’s face again.

Her breathing wasn’t completely steady yet.

Her long half-wet hair was messily draped behind her back, and the lips he had just kissed were a little red.

However, what was even redder was a little drop of wine remaining from the corners of her mouth after the intense kiss.

No more, no less, just a little trickle in the corner of her lips.

A moist, regal red.

Like a brilliant poison pill.

“Do you like it” Wen Yu asked him gently.

No matter how mighty Jiang Yuhe’s focus was, he could not resist the visual impact in front of him again and again.

He didn’t say anything else, and after licking away the excess wine, he gave Wen Yu the answer with another surging kiss.

Since Wen Yu was in a sitting position, she hooked her legs around Jiang Yuhe’s waist as he picked her up and headed back to the bedroom.

New York was sleepless tonight.

The whole city seemed to feel their passion and impulse with the noise alive and lasting.

The light of the wine cabinet was left on.

In the silence of the night, the red wine left in the wine glass appeared fragrant and crystal clear.

It seemed that the sound in the bedroom not far away could be heard through the glass.

The sound of softness, mixed with low panting; it was the confrontation of power, like the impact of red wine on the taste buds, deeply captivating to the point of forgetting oneself.


In the second half of the night, the bedroom where only a small wall lamp was lit was extraordinarily quiet.

Jiang Yuhe leaned on the balcony, holding a lit cigarette in his hand.

He took a breath, and exhaled a faint smoke.

The bedroom was only one window away from the balcony, but he just leaned there, staring at Wen Yu who was lying on the bed.

Wen Yu fell asleep.

She was lying quietly on the bed.

He didn’t know whether it was too hot or not, but she pushed the thin quilt on her body down to her waist, leaving her entire back smoothly exposed.

Beneath the soft yellow light, the flush on her skin had not yet faded, as delicate as a rose bathed in dew in the early morning.

Jiang Yuhe looked at her quietly like this.

In addition to missing each other for a week of not seeing each other, along with the possessiveness that was haunting him again, it seemed that his obsession and desire for that perfume woman doubled tonight.

A myriad of emotions wrapped up in this night.

Just then, Wen Yu frowned.

She might have been caught up in a dream or something else, but she turned over slightly, and her hand kept fumbling for something randomly beside her.

Jiang Yuhe immediately put out his cigarette and walked in.

He lay back on the bed and held her hand.

Although Wen Yu didn’t open her eyes, she quieted down after sensing his presence.

She rubbed her head into his arms, and whispered mutedly, “Where did you go”

Jiang Yuhe responded, “Smoking.”

Wen Yu replied dazedly, “I want you to hug me to sleep.”

Jiang Yuhe reached under her neck, gently hugged her, and kissed her on the top of her head.

Then he turned off the light and thought for a long time in the darkness.

If Wen Yu was doomed to be his destiny, then he, perhaps, should let her come to him in a better fashion.


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