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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 220

Wen Yu was caught off guard.

"What's with you again, Dad!"

Jiang Yuhe, however, obediently let go of Wen Yu's hand.



"Then I'll take my leave for now.

See you both later."

Jiang Yuhe turned around after he spoke, but Song Zhixin stopped him, "Let Yuyu accompany you.

You've finally seen each other after a week.

Chat more and come back tomorrow."

Wen Yu was stunned, thinking that her ears were playing tricks on her, and slowly looked at Song Zhixin.

Jiang Yuhe was also surprised.

"What are you looking at All young people's reunion after an absence is sweeter than being newlyweds, I'm still aware of this.

Get going."

Wen Yi'an was displeased.

"What are you talking about Isn't this giving him an opportunity to-"

‘Chew my daughter's leg!’

Wen Yi'an didn't say it out loud, and of course, Song Zhixin didn't give him a chance to continue.

"This is my daughter's freedom of love.

Neither you nor I are qualified to restrict her."

Song Zhixin's gentle tone was suddenly more forceful.

Wen Yi'an was so disliked that he resentfully sat down to watch TV again.

Song Zhixin turned around and pushed Wen Yu and Jiang Yu He.

"Lose no time to spend some time together.

Leave us alone."

Wen Yu was about to leave, but when she got to the door, she thought of something and turned back in a casual manner, "I'll get the charger for my phone."

She hurried upstairs and came back down in less than a minute with an extra handbag.

"Let's go then."

"Go on."

Jiang Yuhe's etiquette was right before him, but Wen Yu's mother took the initiative to fulfill him.

Hence, he would never refuse her intention.

"Good night then, Aunt."

After the two left, Song Zhixin closed the door behind them.

Only then did Wen Yi'an turn around and speak, "You just let her be!"

Song Zhixin asked.

"On what grounds are you objecting Because that boy is rich, good-looking and has a stable career"

Wen Yi'an didn't speak.

Song Zhixin added, "You have also heard what Yuyu said.

If I or somebody else were in her shoes, it's not necessarily easy to forgive someone, after being cheated alive for three months.

If he wasn't sincere to Yuyu, how could he accept the deception Qingyou also said that he has been teaching Yuyu and helping her to start her own business.

Where else can you find such a good kid Other than that, he helped you to take care of your daughter for a few months.

Don't you even feel some gratitude"

Wen Yi'an was well aware of these facts, and he has changed his views on Jiang Yuhe these days.

The only hurdle that he couldn't overcome was-

"But he likes to bite my daughter's legs! You didn't see those marks! "

Song Zhixin paused, gave him a side glance, and as she walked upstairs, she lightly and sarcastically dropped a sentence, "Don't you remember your own fetishes when you were young"


Wen Yi'an opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but he felt that he couldn't say it.

His face was also burning with pain.

After restraining himself on the sofa for a long time, he muttered to himself, "Stinky boy.

You didn't say goodnight to me."


On the way back, neither of the couple spoke.

There seemed to be a riveting force, an accumulating force that was waiting for action.

It was hot, and the air conditioner in the car couldn't seem to reduce the persistent dryness.

They also seemed to be tacitly aware of each other.

Where did such sentiments come from

The car soon made its way into the streets of New York.

The glittering light quickly flashed across the side of the man's face.

Wen Yu observed him, and a moment later, she asked, "Why have you been silent"

"Are you still angry"

In the end, Wen Yu simply asked him bluntly, "You're jealous, aren't you"

Wen Yu asked on purpose.

Anyway, she knew that with Jiang Yuhe's character, he would definitely deny it disdainfully.

But after waiting for a spell, he didn't deny it right away.

The car drove at an even speed through the busy streets, and it was only after a long time that Wen Yu heard Jiang Yuhe's faint reply.



"Weren't you dying to see me like this"


"I will fulfill your wishes."



Wen Yu didn't realize until later that some men's vinegar was made of gunpowder.

It was not only sour, but also explosive, so strong that you couldn't even imagine it.

It was not easy to mess with and couldn't be touched.

After returning to Jiang Yuhe's place, Wen Yu thought it was a hotel.

She didn't expect it to be a home residence.

It was only after asking did she learn that it was where his parents lived.

She was immediately shocked and wanted to ask two more questions, but there was no longer a chance for her to speak.

The situation at that time was like the replay of the scene of Wen Qingyou and Jiang Lingwei.

It couldn't be described as exactly the same, but you could only say that it was worse.

From the moment they entered the door, Jiang Yuhe shed off all his restraint.

There was no need to turn on the lights, no need for preparations, everything came naturally.

Everything was quiet around the luxury apartment late at night, except for the rapid breathing and rustling footsteps.

Light and heavy, smooth and chaotic; it outlined what they were doing.

They hadn't seen each other for a week and did miss each other.

This kind of missing was in every sense, from emotion to body.

There was no need to pretend or gloss it over.

Time ticked by unknowingly.

When Wen Yu felt that Jiang Yuhe was going to proceed in place, she suddenly remembered Wen Qingyou's lesson previously and stopped him, "Let's go back to your room."

Jiang Yuhe replied hoarsely, "Right here."

Wen Yu immediately repeated the words that he coldly said to Wen Qingyou at that time.

"Is it that hard to go into the room and do it again"


He paused there, and after a moment he took a long breath.

It turned out that…

It was pretty hard.



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