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Chapter 3182: No One Dares To Refuse A Request Of The Nether Spirit Palace!

When they heard that Huang Xiaolong purchased a manor in the Exiled Dragon City for three hundred billion, the woman from the Nether Spirit Palace was shocked.

Even world leaders of the various holy worlds might not be able to bring out such a large amount without batting an eyelid.

Even if they could bring out three hundred billion, they wouldnt buy a residence with it!

“Senior Sister Chen, the youngsters identity might not be as simple as we thought,” a female disciple reported.

No sh*t.

How could anyone who could throw out three hundred billion be a nobody!

The woman started to sneer, “So what about it! No matter how important he is, our prince has already set his mind on recruiting him as a subordinate.

Why would our prince recruit a nobody Look at all his subordinates now.

All of them were people who could cause the world to shake with a stomp of their feet.

However, they are all obedient dogs serving His Highness right now!”

“Yes! Senior Sister Chen is right!” the disciple who spoke previously replied in haste.

The person whom they calledSenior Sister Chen was one of the four ladies of the Nether Spirit Palace.

She was called Chen Yingxue, and she had served the Palace Master for many years now.

She was extremely strong, and she was extremely cruel when she made her moves.

Many experts of the Blazing Dragon World would feel fear gripping their hearts when they spoke about her.

Chen Yingxue sneered, “Humph.

If he managed to throw out three hundred billion, he should hold more than a trillion on him.

Our prince would be more than happy to accept a subordinate like that.

In the future, he would be able to hand over all his riches to His Highness.

With over a trillion, our Nether Spirit Palace would be able to do a lot of things!

That was also how the Nether Spirit Palace did most of their dealings.

After forcing experts to submit to their rule, they would confiscate the wealth of their subordinates.

No matter how angry they were, they wouldnt dare to go against the palace anyway!

After all, one needed to be alive to spend their wealth.

“Senior Sister Chen, when will we be paying the young man a visit” another disciple asked.

“Lets wait for a few days.

Well let him run about for a little longer.

Whatever the case, Ill be busy when the time comes.

The few of you can head over in my place.” Chen Yingxue snorted.

The disciples of the Nether Spirit Palace started to hesitate.

“What… What if the young man is really as strong as reported None of us will be his opponents.

What if he doesnt agree”

“Haha, if hes smart, he will obediently submit to our Nether Spirit Palace.” She handed over a bottle and continued, “This is a bottle of Ghost Dragonfly Poison.

Its formless and odorless.

If he refuses, use it on him.”

“Once hes affected by the poison, hehe.”

A sinister smile formed on Chen Yingxues face.

The female disciples of the Nether Spirit Palace felt a chill running down their spines.

The smile on Chen Yingxues face might scare them, but the poison in the bottle was even more scarier!

A Ghost Dragonfly was one of the most terrifying insects in the world!

No matter how strong one was, nothing would matter once they were poisoned! Their life would turn into a living hell!

They didnt expect their Palace Master to obtain a fearsome treasure like that after his trip to the Poison Lands!

“Hold it properly.

All of you should know what will happen to you if you lose this.” Chen Yingxue growled.

Beads of cold sweat started to form on their foreheads.

Several days passed, and Huang Xiaolong and the others were enjoying their time in the manor.

Huang Xiaolong knew that he would have to spend quite some time in the Exiled Dragon City, and he chose to refurnish the entire manor.

Every single item used in the reconstruction was a peak-level treasure.

He might have bought the manor for three hundred billion, but the treasures he used during the reconstruction were worth far more than three hundred billion.

Moreover, he personally laid down the formations around the manor.

That greatly aided him in his understanding in the art of formations.

Several days later, the manor was basically completed, and he decided to take a break.

Releasing more than a hundred spirits, he ordered them to continue the construction with He Zhen before sending Li Shuo out to gather some information.

First, he needed to gather information about all the Gods of Creation in the universe.

Next, he needed to look for news on the Flower of Time or the Void Reincarnation Thistle.

Of course, the most important thing was the whereabouts of the Huang Family.

One fine day, when Huang Xiaolong was cultivating under the Tree of Origin, Li Shuo came in to make a report that the disciples of the Nether Spirit Palace were there to meet Huang Xiaolong.

When he heard the report, a sneer formed on his lips.

He had been waiting for them to arrive, and it seemed as though they didnt disappoint him.

“Let them in.”

Bowing respectfully, Li Shuo left the courtyard.

When the four disciples of the Nether Spirit Palace entered the manor, they stared at the treasures around them in shock.

“Golden Flame Stone!”

“Nine Phoenix Wood!”

“Dont tell me… Five Lightning Spiritual Vein!”

The four female disciples looked at each other and gasped in shock.

A burning flame lit up in their eyes.

It didnt take long for them to arrive in the main hall of the manor.

Once they arrived, they met with Huang Xiaolong.

When they saw the amount of spiritual stones lining the hall, the four of them were shocked.

Huang Xiaolong actually used the Purple Sun Dragon Stone to craft the floor they were standing on!

The Purple Sun Dragon Stone was one of the rarest spiritual stones formed during the creation of the world.

Every single piece of rock seemed to contain a purple sun, and they seemed to be nurturing a dragon spirit with them.

Spiritual stones of that level were extremely useful to experts with dragon bloodlines, and even if one didnt possess a dragon bloodline, they would benefit greatly if they used the Purple Sun Stone for cultivation.

Who would have thought that the young man before them would use it to pave the floor!

When the four of them were still in a state of shock, Huang Xiaolong spoke.

“Are you the disciples of the Nether Spirit Palace What do you want”

The four of them snapped back to attention and looked at each other in shock.

They had already prepared a speech before they arrived, but after looking at the number of treasures around the manor, they started to hesitate.

“Since young master brought up the question, we shall not beat about the bush.

Our Nether Spirit Palace has always placed great emphasis on inviting experts to join our ranks.

Young master fits all of our criteria, and we wish to invite you to take on the role of an eminent elder in our Nether Spirit Palace,” one of the disciples said.

“As an eminent elder of our Nether Spirit Palace, you will wield great authority.

Other than the Palace Master and the Prince, no one will be able to command you around! Moreover, you will be able to cultivate any dao art you wish!”

“Of course, if young master wishes to deal with anything else, our Nether Spirit Palace will be more than willing to handle it for you.”

Opening with all the benefits provided by the Nether Spirit Palace, the disciples started to tempt Huang Xiaolong with everything they had.

Instead of interrupting them, Huang Xiaolong allowed them to finish.

When they were finally done, Huang Xiaolong muttered, “Your conditions are pretty good, however, I have no interest in joining you.

Please leave.”

The four disciples looked at him in shock.

They didnt expect him to refuse them so decisively.

A snort eventually left one of their lips.


No one has dared to refuse a request from our Nether Spirit Palace since the start of time.

Everyone who tried eventually submitted to us anyway.

You had better think this through.”

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