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Chapter 7: Honey

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Deng Yufeis eyes landed on her mask before she finally smiled. Despite her perfect figure, the scar on Shi Jins face meant that Shi Jin would never be a beauty in the looks department.

Even if Fu Xiuyuan did not care about it now, it was impossible for him to feel this way forever, and it was impossible for the Fu clan to acknowledge this disfigured woman as his wife!

The moment Fu Xiuyuan walked up behind Shi Jin, Deng Yufei hurriedly added fuel to the fire. “Jin, are you okay Im so sorry for accidentally spilling that you are seeing Chu Ling today. Now that Xiuyuan has found out about it, we have to go secretly!”

Shi Jin kept smiling, but it did not seem genuine, so Deng Yufei could not help feeling nervous when Shi Jin looked at her.

“Jin, whats up Arent we going to sign up forUltimate Singer-Songwriter” Deng Yufei quickly changed the subject.

Anyone who knew about the program would know that the most popular instructor on the show was none other than Shi Jins ex-fiance, the top celebrity in the country, Chu Ling!

Shi Jin only entered the entertainment industry for Chu Lings sake and followed him wherever he went. She did her best to act well when Chu Ling was around. However, she was worried that Fu Xiuyuan would not let her go if she was too good. Hence, her performance was so inconsistent that she had more anti-fans than true fans.

Sure enough, the moment the man behind her heard what Deng Yufei said, his mood changed visibly, and he looked like he was going to throw a temper tantrum.

Deng Yufei gloated to herself. This time, Shi Jin was in trouble.

Fu Xiuyuan reached his hand out to hold Shi Jins wrist before she could move a step and pulled her into his arms.

Shi Jin would have suffered a bad bump if she was unprepared.

“Now that we are married, if you try anything funny its considered cheating, okay” Fu Xiuyuan had a particularly pleasant husky voice. However, it sounded like a powerful lions roar when he got angry and struck fear in her heart as each word struck her eardrums.

Shi Jin looked up at him and beamed. She said solemnly, “Uh huh. I wont betray you or commit adultery!”

Fu Xiuyuan clearly liked what he heard, so his eyes instantly brightened. However, he was incapable of fully trusting her, so his eyes went dark again.

Shi Jin sighed to herself. She treated him so badly in the past that it was understandable for him to distrust her.

She continued, “Fu Xiuyuan, now that were married, we will be together forever. I know that its hard for you to trust me now, but I will prove it in time! Im really just heading out to work now.”

Fu Xiuyuan held her hand without letting go.

“Honey, I want to work hard and stand by your side as an equal,” said Shi Jin solemnly as she gazed at him.

The word “honey” sent a ripple through Fu Xiuyuans heart and stunned him so much that he failed to hear the rest of her sentence. He let go of Shi Jin right away.

Shi Jin knew this meant that she could leave. She had an inkling of how powerful the word was.

If Shi Jin knew that she could get what she wanted by calling him honey, she would not have had to make all those promises to him.

She turned to say to Deng Yufei, “Lets go!”

Deng Yufei was startled. She only saw Fu Xiuyuan holding Shi Jin and did not hear their conversation.


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