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Chapter 6: Biological Family

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Shi Jin went back to her room, took off the mask, and removed her makeup.

The top half of her face was exquisite and flawless, but a twisted scar starting from the bottom of the side of her nose ran down through her lips to the bottom of her chin.

The scar had already healed, but looked distorted and horrifying. It looked as though heaven had played a prank on her by ruining her flawless features and left an indelible mark on her face.

She had the Shi familys biological daughter to thank for it.

The biological daughter of the Shi family was previously known as Li Xuexin, but she promptly changed her name to Shi Xuexin after the Shi family brought her home.

She swiftly won the family over with her poise and elegance. Moreover, she was their biological offspring.

Shi Jin was 12 years old when it happened. The Li family was supposed to pick her up, and she was willing to give up everything and return to them, but they did not show up. So Shi Jin had no choice but to continue living with the Shi family as a laughingstock.

Everyone kept sneering at her. They felt that the Li family deliberately did not come for her because they were impoverished. The Li family must have wanted to let her continue living with a rich family instead of going home to lead a hard life with them.

Some people even speculated that the Li family had deliberately swapped Shi Jin and Shi Xuexin at birth so that their biological daughter could have a better life.

She suffered a lot living as the fake daughter of the Shi family.

Shi Xuexin acted thoughtfully on the surface. However, she kept framing Shi Jin and making Shi Jins life difficult when no one was looking. She was the one who gave Shi Jin the scar.

Her so-called fiancé, Chu Ling, was her only ray of hope while she suffered at the Shi family, so she clung to him desperately.

The Li family later asked Fu Xiuyuan to pick Shi Jin up, but it was too late, and Shi Jin was incapable of trusting them.

Years later, she would come to know that the Li family was unable to pick her up due to some accident.

In reality, the Li family was no small fry. They were one of the top four elite families in the capital, and they loved her as much as Fu Xiuyuan did.

In her past life, owing to some unexpected events, they failed to reunite.

“Its okay. This time, I will protect you,” said Shi Jin softly. She could see the faces of her biological parents and brothers as she looked in the mirror.

She retrieved a bottle of medication and applied it carefully to the scar on her face.

In her past life, she happened to master an ancient medical technique and created medicine to remove the scar. However, it took some time to take effect, and she could not use makeup during this time.

Since she was getting married today, she had to take a photo, so she put on a lot of foundation to do her utmost to hide the scar.

Fu Xiuyuan was probably the only person on earth who could remain unwaveringly in love with her despite this horrific scar.

Shi Jin smiled.


The next day, Deng Yufei went over to Repulse Bay Villa first thing in the morning.

The villa was unexpectedly peaceful, and there were no signs of any fights between Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan.

Was it not enough to make Fu Xiuyuan angry when she burned the identification card

In that case, she had to fan the flames once more!

“Shi Jin!” Deng Yufei finally found her.

Shi Jin had already changed. She was dressed in a simple white T-shirt and worn-out jeans. Her slender and fair waist could be inadvertently seen while her legs were long and shapely.

Regardless of what Shi Jin wore, she looked pretty.

Deng Yufeis eyes could not help turning red in envy.


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