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Chapter 29: Havent We Broken Up

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Shi Xuexin had access to good education since she grew up in the Li family. She was cultured and had a lot of achievements.

Yu Xiuhua was delighted with her daughter. Sure enough, her biological daughter was a cut above the rest.

After the Shi family hired experts to teach Shi Xuexin, she improved in leaps and bounds to win high praise from the elite circles.

Everyone agreed that how far someone could go in life certainly hinged on DNA and not other external factors. Otherwise, why would Shi Jin end up useless even after being brought up by the Shi family for years In comparison, Shi Xuexin was highly talented.

Both of them were wrapped in thought when they saw a silhouette moving as Shi Jin headed towards them.

Shi Jin was dressed in a simple white shirt with one end tucked casually into her jeans and looked particularly laid back.

She had beautiful long hair and striking eyes. People could not help turning to look at her. However, she wore a mask so that no one could see her face.

This triggered their sense of curiosity even more.

Shi Xuexin smiled as she said, “Hi.”

Since she knew what Shi Jin looked like, she did not feel threatened by her stunning eyes.

Shi Jin glanced at her before she walked past Shi Xuexin and Yu Xiuhua and headed straight for the hospital ward.

Yu Xiuhua was furious. “That rude girl! I should have driven her out of the family ages ago!”

She should not have gotten softhearted and allowed Shi Jin to stay and ended up keeping a troublemaker around!

Old Master Shi was throwing a temper when Shi Jin went in and refused to take medicine. The nurses were doing their utmost to persuade him.

“Leave it to me,” said Shi Jin genially.

The nurse went into a daze briefly when she saw her stunning eyes. She hurriedly gave Shi Jin the medicine in relief.

“Shi Jin” Old Master Shis voice finally sounded warm.

“Hi, Grandpa.” Shi Jin sat down beside him.

Old Master Shi sneered, “Have you finally come to see me You have no conscience!”

Instead, Shi Jin smiled and said softly, “Yes, I have no conscience. Come on. Take your meds.”

Old Master Shis condition was unstable because he did not take medicine regularly. He had lost his sight due to illness. It started with blurred vision before he went blind completely. He needed help with everything down to using the bathroom.

How could a proud man stand living like that

Also, time went by particularly slowly for patients who had lost their sight. Since he could not do anything on his own, his temperament changed and he became short-tempered and had mood swings.

The highly paid nurses all tolerated his short fuse. However, the rest of the Shi family naturally did not visit often.

Old Master Shi took his medicine with Shi Jins help.

“How are things doing between you and Chu Ling” Since Old Master Shi was blind and people kept hiding things from him, he knew very little about things.

“Didnt we break up ages ago” said Shi Jin nonchalantly.

Old Master Shis ears had become particularly sharp now, so he could tell she was speaking the truth. “Good. Dont waste your time on the wrong guy.”

Shi Jin chatted with Old Master Shi a little more before she applied some eye drops for him.

If anyone else came with new medicine, Old Master Shi would keep asking about every detail from its ingredients, company, expiry date, and side effects before he agreed to use it. He even had to open it personally.


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