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Chapter 27: No One Was Allowed to Exploit Him

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Deng Yufei had arranged for paparazzi to turn up and take pictures of her private meeting with Chu Ling, so she had genuinely crossed the line with Chu Ling and his talent agency.

Chu Ling initially planned on getting Deng Yufei to sign with his talent agency after the competition.

However, from the looks of it now, it was a bad idea. He could not stand by and let her leach off him and use his fame.


Deng Yufei was even more upset than Chu Ling.

She did not arrange for any paparazzi to come tonight. Also, Shi Jin was the one who picked the rendezvous point.

She already guessed that Chu Ling and Hu Lai would arrange for a hidden camera to capture images of Shi Jins apology and confession of love. No matter how it was released to the public, Fu Xiuyuan would definitely see it. Why would she invite the paparazzi since it was redundant

“Shi Jin Dont tell me she was behind this” Deng Yufei was startled at the possibility. However, Shi Jin was ignoring her, so she could not get into Repulse Bay Villa.

After Deng Yufei went back to the hostel, someone from the production team told her, “Little Raindrop, your performance with Chu Ling has been canceled. He will do it with Wen Yongwei instead.”

“How is that possible I drew the lot!” Deng Yufei was in shock.

“There was a mistake, so we changed things up.”

No one cared to listen to her and decided on their own.

Deng Yufei was only able to get the Lucky Lot because of Chu Ling so that she could advance more easily. After all, performing with someone with a fanbase like Chu Lings meant that his fans would vote for her if he cued them.

Otherwise, why would it be called a Lucky Lot

Wen Yongwei had performed well and came in first. Even though she was a good singer-songwriter, she did not have the good fortune of getting the Lucky Lot to perform with Chu Ling. Instead, Deng Yufei was the one who got it.

Deng Yufei was dead meat now. Chu Ling was not going to help her anymore.

It did not matter whether Deng Yufei had called the paparazzi. If Chu Ling and his talent agent believed it to be the truth, she was done for.


Shi Jin was having dinner with Fu Xiuyuan while Deng Yufei fumed anxiously.

She glanced at the time and knew it was almost time.

It was impossible for her to apologize to Chu Ling.

She recalled in her past life that paparazzi had secretly entered the programs backstage tonight to take photos of the performers.

Since she did not perform “Get Lost” for Chu Ling at that time, she did not apologize to Chu Ling either. Instead, someone secretly took photos of her confessing to Chu Ling.

That was the reason she told Deng Yufei to meet Chu Ling. It was down to luck for them to get filmed by the paparazzi.

She smiled as she contemplated.

The man sitting across him was eating when his chopsticks hovered in the air as he looked at her profoundly with his dark eyes.

Shi Jin smiled and said, “Xiuyuan, why dont we come home to have dinner whenever we are free”

A look of surprise swept across the mans eyes before it surged wildly until he finally said, “Uh huh.”

Shi Jin smiled as she lowered her head to dig in.

Fu Xiuyuan had a severe case of bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive illness. In a word, he was both bipolar and depressed.

This illness made him highly temperamental. He would swing between depression and rage in a split second. Even the doctors were clueless about when he would relapse or predict its outcome.


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