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Chapter 24: Make Her Lose

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The others could not help shaking their heads secretly when they saw Shi Jin team up with Gu Qinghua.

One of them kept making trouble nonstop ever since the show started. The other performed well during rehearsals, but became a rookie when she went onstage. They were the perfect match from every angle.

“From the looks of it, we wont come in last,” said a male contestant confidently.

His teammate beside him said, “But its a real pity if Little Stone gets eliminated…”

Hua Xin glanced in Shi Jins direction. Shi Jins eyes were honestly beautiful and were filled with potential. Each time she looked at someone, it felt as though she could see right through them. They felt innocent and seductive.

Hua Xin was open to the idea of working with Shi Jin if no elimination was involved. However, he had to focus on his career. He could not wreck it for the sake of a woman.

He told the nosy parkers, “Lets not waste time gossiping about others.”

“This isnt gossip. Its the truth,” said someone with their back facing the camera.

Gu Qinghua shuddered to listen to this.

“Dont be afraid.” Shi Jin pulled her hand

Gu Qinghua raised her head to glance at Shi Jin meekly. She felt as though she could trust Shi Jin with even her heart.

Shi Jin could not help laughing as she looked at her. Gu Qinghua was the one who had told Shi Jin this in her past life. She was merely saying the same thing to her now.

After splitting them into teams, the cameras were removed.

Deng Yufei ran over to Shi Jin. “Jin, hows your situation recently”

After she performed “Get Lost”, Deng Yufei exaggeratedly told Fu Xiuyuan about it.

Although he did not reply to her, Deng Yufei knew that Fu Xiuyuan heard her loud and clear.

Repulse Bay Villa must have fallen into chaos.

Since Deng Yufei was unable to enter Repulse Bay Villa recently and Shi Jin did not talk to her, she was unable to find out how things went down. She could only patiently wait till today.

She was even more annoyed to find out that all the messages she sent Fu Xiuyuan were marked with a red exclamation mark.

Fu Xiuyuan had blacklisted her!

Deng Yufei felt particularly frustrated. Since there was nothing she could do about it, she could only plan first before she acted.

“Im good,” said Shi Jin as she adjusted her mask.

Even when she did not have to wear a mask for the show, she always wore her own mask to cover her scar.

The moment Deng Yufei saw Shi Jins actions, she felt relieved. The two of them probably got into a huge argument and Fu Xiuyuan must have hit her. It was only a matter of time before they broke up.

She should focus her energies on the competition for now. If she performed dazzlingly, Fu Xiuyuan would pay her more attention and eventually fall for her!

Deng Yufei said, “Jin, Im glad youre fine. Werent you going to give me one of your songs Are you done working on it”

Deng Yufei might be a good singer, but she had zero talent as a songwriter. She was only able to do so well during the competition because Shi Jin wrote songs for her.

Ever since Shi Jin was reborn, she wanted to stop writing music for her and make her lose.

However, Shi Jin did not want to let Deng Yufei off easily at the thought that Deng Yufei had used her song to accuse her of plagiarism and caused her reputation to be destroyed in her past life.

Moreover, Deng Yufei would still buy music from someone else even if Shi Jin stopped writing for her, so it was impossible to nip the problem at the bud.

For now she would let Deng Yufei live a little longer.


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