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Chapter 19: Mr Fu Trashed the TV

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More importantly, everyone knew that Shi Jin was singing about Chu Ling!

The company and program had done a lot of press releases to market the fact that Little Stone had participated because of Chu Ling, so everything she did was interpreted as love for Chu Ling. So it went without saying that “Get Lost” was targeting Chu Ling and ended up a slap in his face!

He could dump Shi Jin if he wanted, but how could Shi Jin humiliate him

“Why did you embarrass Chu Ling Dont you love him anymore” asked Deng Yufei disappointedly.

Shi Jin picked up her teacup and spoke calmly, “I didnt necessarily write the song for him, right”

She could have written this as an anthem for her lovely best friend, anti-fans, and those people from the Shi family who insulted her! The battle horn has been sounded. Were they ready

Owing to censorship, Yu Guannan forced her to change the title of the song from “Die” to “Get Lost”.

Shi Jin sighed in her heart. She ended up not getting to sing the song with its full power.

Deng Yufei automatically thought. “Did you write this for Fu Xiuyuan”

She was instantly relieved. Shi Jin was certainly bold to provoke Fu Xiuyuan to this extent. She wondered how mad Fu Xiuyuan would become after hearing the song.

“Only you would dare to pick a fight against Fu Xiuyuan. Then again, he didnt even give you basic freedom, so you went easy on him since you only told him to get lost.” Deng Yufei was happy with Shi Jins performance tonight.

Shi Jin lowered her eyes. After Deng Yufei was done sowing discord, she happily urged Shi Jin to go home. If she went back late and Fu Xiuyuan stopped feeling angry, they might not end up fighting.


Shi Jin was happily sitting in the huge van when she received Song Fans text message.

Yao Jiahong did not watch the competition at all. He went as far as uninstalling his social media so that he would not have to see the news about Shi Jin throwing herself at Chu Ling. He sat in the front passenger seat as he rested his eyes and pretended that she was nonexistent.

The moment Shi Jin checked her text messages, she got worried.

Song Fans text message was to the point. “Mr Fu threw the television.”

It was public knowledge that succinct messages were a sign of urgency, especially when Fu Xiuyuan was involved.

Did he throw the television But why did he do it Did she not just tell Chu Ling to get lost with her song

Hang on, she forgot about that stupid Deng Yufei! Fu Xiuyuan must be certain that she wrote the song for him!

Sure enough, Deng Yufei was great at distorting the truth. She kept trying to burn Shi Jin with her lies.

Shi Jin closed her eyes slightly before they opened wide. It was about time she did some real acting.

The moment she got off the huge van, it drove off, leaving a cloud of dust in its wake.

Shi Jin prepared herself mentally before walking slowly into Repulse Bay Villa.

Song Fan was sitting in the living room as he contemplated what Shi Jin suggested. If he helped her to lift Fu Xiuyuans mood, it was considered a good deal. Hence, he sent Shi Jin text messages and gave her pointers. He certainly hoped that he made the right decision.

The moment he finished thinking about this, Shi Jin walked in. Since she was wearing her mask and only her eyes were visible, they looked particularly attractive. If Song Fan had not suffered at her hand, he might have gotten sucked into her eyes.

Before he even finished the thought, Shi Jin picked up the teacup on the coffee table and threw it on the ground.

The glass was broken into smithereens.

Song Fan gaped in shock as Shi Jin picked up a pricey porcelain vase and hurled it at an expensive screen.


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