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Chapter 18: Get Lost

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Two of the instructors were stunned. Why were Shi Jins song and style poles apart Had she really abandoned herself and wanted to confess her love to Chu Ling on the stage this one final time

Shi Jin ripped her skirt off when the music started. She was surprisingly wearing a pair of jeans under her skirt. The jeans accentuated her long slender legs and beautiful waistline.

The audience immediately reacted. “Oh god! Can you see that perfect figure of hers”

Despite the mask on her face, everyone quickly noticed her perfect figure.

Shi Jin quickly opened her mouth and caught the attention of both their eyes and ears.

The rhythm was great, but as for the song…

Everyone waited in anticipation for the words to come out of Shi Jins mouth:

Get lost. This hypocritical tenderness.

Get lost. I keep hanging around.

Get lost. This romantic rhetoric.

Get lost. Your unfathomable little plots.

Memories keep warning me to forget you completely.

Leave me alone. This lying poison.

Get lost! Get out of my life!

It was not a ballad. Instead, it was a fast-paced song that was usually not Shi Jins style.

Chu Lings fans were briefly stunned before someone took the lead to applaud. More people ended up clapping.

The instructors started to clap as well with Yu Guannan standing at their lead.

Yu Guannan did not expect Shi Jin to have such explosive power. Initially, he was concerned that she was incapable of expressing it in the lyrics.

A look of surprise flashed across Chu Lings face briefly before he suppressed it using the self-control he honed through years of practice. He kept up a smile and looked poised.


Song Fan knew that he was about to get saved. He knew it from the moment he heard Shi Jins first sentence.

Fu Xiuyuans anger that had been bottling for three days gradually dissipated as Shi Jin sang.

He finally dared to take a close look at the viewers comments.

The comments were flooded with question marks. Everyone assumed that this was going to be a live telecast of Shi Jin throwing herself at Chu Ling. However, the more people felt this way, the more shocked they ended up.

“Why is Little Stone doing this”

“Is she saying goodbye to Chu Ling”

“How dare she treat Chu Ling this way”

“Impossible! How could Little Stone bear to do it considering how nice Chu Ling is”

“This song doesnt sound half-bad. I want to sing it to my ex too!”

“Please send me the link to download the song!”

Halfway through the show, Shi Jins song instantly hit the top spot on music platforms and became the most searched and downloaded song! She had broken the record for the program!

By the end of the show, Shi Jin finally escaped the fate of hovering on the passing mark and rose to the 15th position for the first time. That meant she ranked right in the middle out of the 30 contestants.

That was only because Chu Lings fans had cast their votes on other contestants in a bid to suppress Shi Jins scores. Otherwise, she would have come in the top ten based on her performance.

Chu Ling went backstage gruffly with the agent following behind consoling him, “Chu Ling, dont think about it. Its just a song!”

Deng Yufei also said softly, “Uh huh. Its just a song. It cant possibly affect you in any way.”

“Get out!” Chu Ling pointed at the door.

Chu Ling was keenly aware that it was merely a song and that Shi Jin was in his past.


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