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Chapter 12: Has He Done You Any Injustice

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Shi Jin stepped forward and looked Song Fan in the eye. “Why not Mr Song, Im Xiuyuans legal wife now, so it is my duty to know how he is doing. Arent you obligated to tell me since you are his assistant”

Song Fan looked at Shi Jin in surprise. This typically unreasonable woman was shockingly capable of speaking with such confidence.

He automatically told Shi Jin what happened, “People on the internet are saying that you gave Chu Ling a love letter.”

Hence, Fu Xiuyuan got agitated. He neither ate lunch nor breakfast and shut himself in his study to work and kept giving off a hostile aura.

By the time Shi Jin got home, Song Fan was already at his wits end, so he gave her a poor attitude.

The content that was filmed today had yet to be edited and aired. However, everyone on the internet was already in a furor and talking about how shameless Little Stone was for throwing herself at Chu Ling and blatantly disregarding the contest.

The fans did not know that Little Stone was Shi Jin, but Fu Xiuyuan certainly did.

It did not take much effort for Shi Jin to realize that Deng Yufei must have been behind it.

Deng Yufei had sent pictures to Fu Xiuyuan and even spread them online.

Since Shi Jins eyes were lowered, Song Fan could not tell how she felt about this, so he spoke even more sarcastically, “Miss Shi, has Mr Fu done you any injustice”

Shi Jin suddenly thought about her past life where he was there for her in her lowest time and smiled. “No, hes perfect.”

Song Fan could detect regret and pity in her eyes, so he could not bring himself to speak harshly to her.

“Mr Song, I will check with you on how Xiuyuan is doing from now on. I would appreciate your help,” said Shi Jin.

She smiled when she saw how stunned Song Fan was. “Otherwise, how am I supposed to make him happy”

Song Fan stood where he was even after Shi Jin was long gone. Had the sun risen from the West today

Shi Jin walked up to Fu Xiuyuans study and knocked on the door.

His husky, arrogant voice came from inside. “Get lost.”

“Xiuyuan, its me.” Shi Jins voice was unique and versatile. It sounded particularly sweet when she softened her tone.

There was a long silence before the door suddenly opened, and Fu Xiuyuans tall, lean body appeared before Shi Jin.

A shadow loomed over her. Despite Shi Jins height, she seemed particularly small in front of a man like him.

Before she said a word, Fu Xiuyuan pressed her against the wall and held her neck with his right hand as he bit her lips.

Shi Jin did not panic and run or hate it. She was no longer fearful of his cruelty. All she could think of was his love. She looked at him unperturbed as she held his powerful arms.

Fu Xiuyuan stopped kissing her. His cold, distant eyes looking puzzled instead. However, his eyes remained filled with disappointment and anger.

“Are you angry” asked Shi Jin bluntly. “Do you not want me to do the things I like”

“Should I sit back while you fall for someone else” Fu Xiuyuan held her neck tightly.

Shi Jin suppressed her anger. “Would you rather trust someone else rather than me Am I still your baby”

Fu Xiuyuan clearly did not expect Shi Jin to say this. Her face swiftly blushed crimson as emotions flooded her eyes.

He gradually let go of her.


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