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Chapter 11: I Choose...

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The camera kept following closely behind Shi Jin.

It felt as though Shi Jin had suddenly become very attractive, and everyone was incapable of veering their eyes from her. Even though she was undramatic and simply stood there calmly, she stood out easily from the other contestants.

Everyone looked at Shi Jin and was certain that she would pick Chu Ling. She might even take the opportunity to touch him.

Shi Jin was the only person who was undaunted by Chu Lings powerful legion of fans. She was a true warrior!

Deng Yufei secretly took out her phone and planned on taking a picture when Shi Jin hugged Chu Ling.

Shi Jin walked right up and said with a smile. “Chu Ling, Im sorry. I want to choose Mr Yu Guannan.”

The crowd went into a commotion. Deng Yufei was stunned. Chu Ling was caught by surprise as well and touched his nose in self-deprecation.


Fu Xiuyuan sat in the car outside the set and broke his phone with a snap when Shi Jin walked up to Chu Ling, leaving his palm bleeding.

Since Song Fan was following the program on his phone, he pointed at the screen and stammered, “M-mr. Fu, Miss Shi picked Yu Guannan!”

The darkness in Fu Xiuyuans eyes gradually dissipated when he lowered his eyes.


The two other instructors started to regret it. Why did Shi Jin pick Yu Guannan They thought that Shi Jin was bound to pick Chu Ling, so even though they were awed by Shi Jins original work, they decided not to pick her.

If they knew that she was not going to choose Chu Ling, they would have voted for her! Nevertheless, it was too late to regret.

Deng Yufei was absolutely puzzled, but now was not the time to ask since they were filming.

“Okay then. Since the outcome of the last two contestants has been decided, lets wait to see their live performance!” The host announced that they had come to an end of the team selection.

Deng Yufei ran towards Shi Jin once the cameras were off. “Jin, didnt you give Chu Ling a love letter Why didnt you pick him”

“I forgot to bring it. Chu Lings team is too strong, so its hard to succeed in it. Also, you are on the team, and I dont want to compete with you. You are my best friend after all,” explained Shi Jin as she blinked.

Shi Jin had bright unsullied eyes and her eyelashes were long, curly, and thick. She looked aloof when she was not talking, but her eyes came alive with color the moment she did.

Since her eyes looked absolutely innocent, Deng Yufei ended up believing her. She was about to bring Shi Jin backstage to see Chu Ling, but heard that he left promptly after the filming due to an endorsement activity, so Deng Yufei had to put her plans on hold.

In any case, there were plenty of chances in the future.


After Shi Jin shook off Deng Yufei, she hurried back to Repulse Bay Villa.

The entire villa was silent, and only Shi Jins footsteps were audible.

Song Fan walked down the stairs solemnly.

Shi Jin greeted him, “Mr Song!”

Song Fan could not be bothered with Shi Jin and rolled his eyes at her.

Just as they brushed past each other, Shi Jin spoke to him, “Mr Song, is Xiuyuan home What is he doing”

In theory, it was dinner time now. Since everyone was so quiet, Fu Xiuyuan must be throwing a temper again.

Song Fan spoke with sarcasm, “Do you care about Mr Fu”

Even though Shi Jin did not care about his attitude, she wanted to change her situation in Repulse Bay Villa.


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