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“However, the investors behind the scenes are no longer willing to listen to our opinions,” Producer Fong said helplessly.

“According to the contract, we have the authority to terminate the contract unilaterally and require you to bear the losses if you miss filming for more than three days without cause.”

Neither Ren Xijie nor his manager had expected Producer Fang to say such a thing.

They had not expected the situation to be so serious.

Previously, it was always the production team coaxing them.

Ren Xijie had never been so humble.

If it werent for Liang Xinrans matter, Ren Xijie wouldnt have apologized so quickly.

Producer Fang handed over the contract.

“Legal will be in touch in a moment.”

Seeing that he was serious, Ren Xijie finally lost his temper.

“Producer Fang, Ive already apologized and promised to work overtime to make up for the scenes I missed.

Why are you being so unreasonable”

Producer Fang did not beat around the bush anymore.

“Ren Xijie, five days.

If you dont come over for five days, all the notices will have to be changed, and all the things prepared by the employees will be useless.

Forget about spending money on the sets, scenes, machines, and people.

Whats the point of wasting so much manpower How many calls have I made to you and how many good words have I said If theres no conclusion to Liang Xinrans matter, youll just never come over How much criticism has your actions brought about for Liang Xinran and our production team”

Ren Xijies hands trembled with anger.

It was clear that there was no turning back.

He gritted his teeth and stormed away.

His manager immediately followed him.

“Xijie, slow down!”

Producer Fang felt good after venting his anger.

The assistant said softly, “The management has allocated a sum of money for us to choose new candidates.

If theres no suitable candidate, the management can also recommend someone from Time TV.”

Liang Xinran had just changed her clothes and put on her makeup when she saw Ren Xijie rushing out of the production studio angrily.

He didnt slow when he reached her.

He almost ran into her.

Ren Xijie didnt look at her as he stormed off.

Her manager quickly asked, “Xinran, he didnt bump into you, did he”


What happened to him”

“I just heard that the male lead has changed,” her manager said.

“He missed a few days of filming and made a mess of the crew.

Now that Producer Fang isnt letting him back, he has to leave immediately.”

Liang Xinran shrugged.

“No wonder hes so angry.”

However, this was not something Liang Xinran could interfere with.

She turned around and went to film.

Gu Jingyuans car was parked at the entrance of the production team.

Liang Xinran had not finished filming yet so he waited by the side.

When his phone rang, he took it out and answered.

When he heard Yue Xius voice, he frowned.

“Do you need something”

“Congratulations, after settling Liang Xinrans matter, you dont have to rush around anymore.”

“Thank you.” Gu Jingyuans tone was indifferent.

“I at least provided you with some information.

Is this how you treat your benefactor”

Yue Xius laughter could be heard.

Gu Jingyuan also smiled, but this smile did not reach his eyes.

His voice was extremely lazy.

“Miss Yue, youre paying attention to this matter because its related to your interests.

Were just taking what we need.

Dont you have your own selfish motives Dont you want to attack Lihuan Ruoyi so that Shangguan Yinyin can improve Everyone has their own selfish desires.

Theres no need to use such a serious word like benefactor, right”

Yue Xiu was not angry that she had been exposed.

“Actually, Kuang Bo looked for me in the beginning, but I did not agree.

However, I am not obligated to help Liang Xinran resolve the matter.

If you treat me as a friend, I will remind you immediately.”

“You didnt agree to Kuang Bo because you didnt want to offend me.

Miss Yue, if we became competitors, I might not be as open and honest as my little sister to compete with you on a normal track.”

Gu Jingyuans words were very relaxed, but there was a hidden warning.

“Hahaha, the Li family is indeed glorious.

Even if they want to use tricks, they have to tell me.”

“If theres nothing else, Im hanging up.”

On the other end of the line, Yue Xiu put down her phone, her expression dark and unreadable.

Gu Jingyuan did not take this matter to heart.

He had encountered too many things.

Yue Xiu was nothing.

As he was thinking, Liang Xinran ran over and knocked on the car door.

Gu Jingyuan unlocked the car and she immediately got into the car.

She said with a smile, “Todays work is all done.”

“Not at all.” Liang Xinran smiled.

“Even if there was a little, it disappeared when I saw you.

I just need to recharge a little and Ill be back to full health.”

She hugged Gu Jingyuans arm and rubbed against his arm.

This was what she meant by charging.

Gu Jingyuan smiled dotingly and let her do whatever she wanted on his arm.

After a moment, she said, “Its full.

Its full.”

Gu Jingyuan laughed and started the car.

“Ill take you somewhere.”

“Sure!” Liang Xinran was full of energy like a blooming flower.

He was like the sun, and she was always looking up and spinning around him, absorbing nutrients.

In his absence, she would also remain in full bloom.

However, all the beauty would only be visible to him.

When the car arrived at the amusement park, Liang Xinran followed Gu Jingyuan in.

Liang Xinran was a little confused.

Wasnt he afraid of heights Why did he bring her here

“Its too late.

Its not fun here at all.

Lets go back.” Liang Xinran immediately shook her head and refused to be tempted by the Ferris wheel.

“Dont you want to sit for a while” Gu Jingyuan asked.

She was looking straight at the Ferris wheel, but she was still resisting.

“Its something children play with.

I dont want to.”

“But I want to,” Gu Jingyuan said softly.

“I see…” Liang Xinran patted his arm.

“Alright, then Ill accompany you.

Lets go!”

Gu Jingyuan bought the tickets and sat on the Ferris Wheel with Liang Xinran.

He began to look a little uncomfortable and gripped Liang Xinrans fingers tightly.

Liang Xinran was in pain from his grip.

Looking at his eyebrows, she knew that he was forcing himself to ride the Ferris wheel with her.

The tenderness in her heart surged like water.

She tilted her head and looked outside.

The Ferris wheel had not started operating yet.

She gently patted the back of Gu Jingyuans hand and said, “When I was young, I was quite scared when I sat on this.

My mother kept patting my hand and telling me that it was fine, so I felt much better.”

She used the excuse of telling a story to gently pat the back of Gu Jingyuans hand.

As expected, Gu Jingyuan felt much better and forced himself to hold on.

“Its normal for children to be afraid.”

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