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The carriage finally staggered toward the outskirts of the capital.


Lin Feilu and Lin Ting were sitting in the carriage.

As they looked at each other, they both laughed.


She made a stretching posture, and her tone was pleasant, “I’m so happy.”


Lin Ting nodded, “I’m also thrilled,” He paused and said softly, “I haven’t been this happy for a long time.”


Lin Feilu took out two pieces of dim sum from the bag and handed one to him.

She asked while eating, “Brother, we are going to start roaming around the world from now on, so as to avoid revealing our identities, why not give ourselves a stage name”


Lin Ting, “Wasn’t it Ultraman and the Little Monster” He asked seriously, “Is my name the Little Monster”


Lin Feilu laughed hysterically and exclaimed, “You are not a little monster! You’re more like a little fairy!”


Lin Ting realised something and looked a little helpless.

After he finished laughing, he said, “Lin is a national surname, so naturally, we can’t use it anymore.

Why don’t you use your mother’s surname”


Lin Feilu immediately retorted, “No! They don’t deserve it!” She thought about it and said happily, “I want to be called Huang Rong.”


Lin Ting still remembered the story she narrated to him, so he burst out laughing, “What about me”


Lin Feilu said, “Huang Rong’s elder brother is called Qu Lingfeng, so you should be called Huang Lingfeng!”


Lin Ting recited it again and said with a smile, “It’s an elegant name.”


Lin Feilu felt that her entire body portrayed the temperament of a Beggar Gang leader as she stuffed the dim sum into her mouth in seconds and said, “Brother, let’s go and find out if there have been any exciting incidents in the area or some grand events.

Perhaps we can also see what kind of martial arts competitions have been held”


Lin Ting naturally followed her intentions, “Okay, but where should we go to find out”


Lin Feilu said excitedly, “Of course I’m going to the Beggar Gang(3)! The Beggar Gang disciples are all over the world, and there is nothing they don’t know!”


(T/N: In Chinese dramas, the Beggar Gang is a martial arts clan that specialises in information breaking but are also highly loyal to the gang.

Known to be good in martial arts, they dress as beggars to avoid drawing attention while getting information)


Lin Ting, “…Where should we find them then”


Lin Feilu squeezed her eyes at him and half-opened the curtains of the carriage.

At this time, the carriage had already left the capital and was traveling on the official road.

Occasionally, pedestrians would pass by on both sides of the road, but mostly rural households lived in the mountains on the outskirts of the city.


After walking for a while, she saw a ragged beggar begging on the side of the road.

Lin Feilu suddenly shouted, “Stop!”


The driver was Xiaohei, who stopped the carriage steadily and respectfully asked, “Miss, what happened”


Lin Feilu dragged Lin Ting out of the car and went straight to the little beggar.


The little beggar suddenly saw two richly dressed nobles approaching and immediately greeted them with his own vacant bowl.

He said, “Can these nobles offer some change”


Lin Feilu threw a piece of silver to him and asked with a smile, “Let me ask you, are you a disciple of the Beggar Gang”


The little beggar picked up the piece of silver and put it in his mouth, biting it with his teeth.

Without thinking, he nodded, “Yes, yes, this humble one is indeed a disciple of the Beggar Gang.”


Lin Ting had a stunned expression on his face.


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