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“No, dont spout nonsense.” Wen Ruoshui frowned slightly and looked at her.

“Who did you hear this from”

“My grandpa said that.” For the sake of her future, Dongfang Chu looked at her seriously.

“You can date him, but dont get yourself too involved.”

In this era, people were free to date.

Who had not dated a few times However, dating was fine, but marriage was definitely out of the question!

“Im not in love with him.” Wen Ruoshui also knew that none of the men in the Yan Family had lived past 35 years old.

However, she had always thought that it was just a coincidence.

“You have to date him.” Dongfang Chu pulled her out.

“Come back with me now.

You cant stay here and interact with him.”

Yan Yuanfei was handsome and had a good personality.

He was also a rare talent as a prominent leader.

He had already reached a high position at such a young age.

His charm was really great.

She felt that after interacting with him for a long time, Shui Shui would definitely not be able to control herself and would fall in love with him.

If she loved him so much that she could not extricate herself, it would be too late.

She wanted to nip the possibility in the bud now.

It was better than being sad in the future.

“Ill be moving out soon.” Wen Ruoshui had nowhere to go for the time being.

She explained to her, “My old residence is being repaired.

Itll be repaired in about a week or so, and I can go back to live there.”

Dongfang Chu refused to listen and objected firmly.

“That wont do either.

A week is enough for a lot of things to happen.

I think he lives next door to you because he has other thoughts about you.

He definitely wants to woo you.”

Shui Shui was so pretty, had good medical skills, and a good personality.

No man would not like her.

That Yan Yuanfei looked like a gentleman, but he was not that righteous.

He must have taken a liking to Shui Shui on the day of the blind date and wanted to chase after her.

“Chu Chu, Mr.

Yan is just worried about my safety.

He treats me as his younger sister,” Wen Ruoshui explained guiltily.

Dongfang Chu frowned and let out a snort.

“What younger sister He probably means a young lover! Men are all like this.

Dont be deceived by him.

Itll be too late for regrets then.

Ill help you pack your things.

Isnt your house fixed in a week Stay in our hotel first.”

Wen Ruoshui stopped her.

“Theres no need.

Im going on a business trip tomorrow.

Itll take a week.

I can go home directly after I come back.”

Dongfang Chu looked at her seriously.

“Is what you said true”

Yan Yuanfei was someone she could not fall in love with anyway.

She was doing this for her own good.

Shui Shui had lost her parents and grandfather when she was young.

She wanted to find Shui Shui someone who would love her and accompany her forever, not someone like Yan Yuanfei, who had a short life.

“Really.” Wen Ruoshui raised her hand and swore before pulling her to sit down.

“How could I lie to you about such a thing”

“Okay then!” Dongfang Chu nodded.

“Then Ill stay here with you today.”

After Shui Shui left, she accompanied her grandfather overseas to relax.

When she flew back at night, she came to find her immediately to give her a surprise.

However, before she could give him a surprise, she got a shock and saw Yan Yuanfei.

Most families in the capital would not be willing to let their daughter date Yan Yuanfei as long as they doted on their daughter.

No matter how outstanding he was, families would not hand their daughter over to him.

When Wen Ruoshui went to take a shower, someone knocked on the door.

Dongfang Chu knew who it was and did not want to open the door.

However, the person knocking on the door was not tactful at all.

He kept knocking, as though he would not stop until she opened the door.

She could only dawdle over to open the door.

She wanted to tell him everything, but when she saw the man bring two bowls of noodles over, she could not say anything.

“Miss Dongfang, Ive prepared two bowls of the handmade noodles that Shui Shui likes.

If you dont mind, lets eat together!” Yan Yuanfei smiled gently, distant but polite.

Dongfang Chu looked at him and frowned slightly.

She was not someone who would say harsh words.

She wanted to close the door and tell him to stay far away from Shui Shui and not come looking for her again, but she could not say it.

After holding it in for a long time, she said, “Were not hungry.

Thank you.”

Then, she closed the door with a bang and leaned against it.

She stomped her feet in frustration.

Why was she so useless Was it that difficult to tell him not to chase after Shui Shui and not drag her into the fire pit

She should have warned him directly just now: If you really love Shui Shui, let her go.

Dont drag her down with you!

Yan Yuanfei frowned slightly.

When he thought of how Dongfang Chu looked like she had a deep feud with him just now, he was very puzzled.

Had he offended her in any way

Dongfang Chu was Shui Shuis best friend.

The two of them were like sisters.

He knew that if he wanted to chase after Shui Shui, he had to get past her.

“Miss Dongfang, Ive left the noodles at the door.” Yan Yuanfei knocked again before returning to his house.

Dongfang Chu knocked her head.

She was useless.

Why was she so useless She waited until the footsteps in the corridor disappeared.

She quietly opened the door a crack and looked at the noodles at the door.

The fragrance assaulted her nose, making her stomach growl.

Wen Ruoshui wiped her hair and smelled a familiar smell.

She asked, “Are those handmade noodles”

Dongfang Chu nodded.

“Your neighbor sent it over.”

Wen Ruoshui said, “Then bring it in.

Hes the best at making noodles.”

Dongfang Chu knew from the fragrance that the noodles must be delicious.

It was more delicious than the delicacies she had eaten in the past.

It made her appetite grow.

There were two bowls of noodles, a few plates of delicious-looking side dishes, and a plate of stir-fried chestnuts.

This was the first time Dongfang Chu had eaten such delicious noodles.

She asked incoherently, “This wasnt made by Yan Yuanfei, right Where did he buy it Why havent I eaten this kind of noodles before”

It was impossible for Yan Yuanfei to make such delicious noodles.

He was a man and was usually so busy.

How could he have the time to study culinary skills

“He made it.” Wen Ruoshui smiled, the smile in her eyes gentle.

“Ive already said that even if we dont talk about his other capabilities, his noodles are superb.

He makes handmade noodles, Yang Chun noodles, oil doused noodles, and scooped noodles.

Even his simple boiled noodles are delicious.”

Dongfang Chu looked at her bright face and bright smile.

Suddenly, she felt that the noodles were a little uncomfortable and not that delicious anymore.

Although she had not liked anyone before, she knew that when a person mentioned another person and she beamed with joy, her feelings for him must be extraordinary.

This was especially relevant to Shui Shui.

Her personality had always been cold.

Other than her, she was distant and cold to everyone else.

However, when she mentioned Yan Yuanfei, her eyes lit up beautifully and vividly.

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