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Chapter 7: The Intruder

On our way to return to the village.

I noticed something that made me nostalgic, I feel that I have seen it a long time ago but I can remember when.

Infront of us was a very big gate that emitts a sinister aura.

I didn know if the two of them can see that thing.

They didn seemed to mind that gate even though its very big.

For now Ill just leave it be, I will ask it later to this little Fairy.

* * * * * *

Inside of Adania Academy, theres a single student kneeling infront of the other student.

"Im sorry, Im sorry, please stop.!"

The kneeling student beg for him to stop but he instead pushed him down with his foot.

"You know what it means to lose against me? It only means you

e weak enough to go against me the new Intruder ahahaha!! Now beg!"

Igneel accepted his fate after his departure from Erif, the place of dragon races.

"Please stop it.."(Igneel)

"Huh? Do you think you can just get out of this that easy? Ahahaha, you must be dreaming..."

"Stop it Seige, I know you

e strong and rumored as the reincarnation of the Intruder but it doesn mean you can do whatever you want."

"Libera sensei, don be like that. Im just teaching this thing of just a little lesson."(Seige)

"Thats enough. You already taught him what he deserves, please let me settle this."(Libera)

"Hai, hai, I understand. I will entrust him to you now sensor, see you again."(Seige)

Seige left the scene with his companions.

"Why won you fight him? Its obvious that you

e stronger than him."(Libera)

"Ma.. he said hes the Intruder, thats why.. I can fight him. I need to respect him for that. He can also copy my skills."(Igneel)

"Thats only rumours. I didn believe hes the Intruder, he only have his copy skill."(Libera)

"Even if you tell me that, Im not strong enough to fight him, thats why.. please let me be Sensei. I know you know who and what I am. Im with the weakest defendants of our race. Unlike you whos the second strongest defendant."(Igneel)

"Don say that thing, you

e still a defendant even if you

e not strong enough. Im sure of that. We have the strongest race before other, be proud of yourself."(Libera)

Igneel understand what Libera wanted to say.

He remained speechless until the next class started.

Igneel wanted to live a normal life with others thats why he left his own place to start another life.

He travelled everywhere until he reached the Kingdom of Jercono where people live a peaceful life.

He thought it would be nice and good place to start another life but it all shattered away after the death of the king.

Nobles moved on their own accords resulting in chaos and despairs of others.

They ignored the princesss decisions as she is a begginer before the throne.

This situations made the evil run in free and made any false rumours and names about the Intruder.

Princess Florentine remained silent about this rumours as she already knows how to find the true reincarnation of the Intruder.

* * * * * *

This forest really is big.

I think this whole island was covered by this forest.

But what else to say about this matter?

Its only obvious that its a big and untouched forest because its the famous Forbidden Forest.

I looked around again inside of this forest.

I noticed that the every trees we passed have a little difference between Earth and this world.

"Oi!! I found them!! They are here!!"



I heard someone calling from distance.

Its a group of armed men.

((Is it bandits?! I don want any trouble. Why do they have weapons? I just confronted that chicken a while ago and now its bandits?!))(Roujo)

I ordered them to hide just to be cautious.

"Roujo kun!! Sy chan!! Where are you?!!"

This voice is familiar.

Coming out from the shrubs, I showed up and called on him.

"Dorsal san!! We

e here!!"(Roujo)

"Oh, there they are. Im glad you

e okay. Did you hurt? Do you have injury? Oi!! Healer come here!!"(Dorsal)

He run towards our directions in a hurry.

His face shows how worried he is.

"Ahh.. Im okay, Im okay. You don have to worry about me. Just please heal this girl instead, she have wounded her knees."(Dorsal)

"Ah.. sorry, I got carried away.(to healer) Heal this girl please."

"Its okay, theres nothing to apologise for anyway hehe."(Roujo)

"Anyway wheres Sy chan? Did you find her?"(Dorsal)

"Yeah, shes here, inside of this bag. She looks tired, thats why I let her sleep inside."(Roujo)

"Kahahaha.. if thats it, then thats good!!"(Dorsal)

His lively aura came back.

Thank goodness they are not the bandits ahaha, I didn know what to do if they happened to be a bandits.

"Inform the others to stop the searching and head back to the village! Lets have a celebration for our new crew member kahahahaha!!!"(Dorsal)


The men he brought with scream in unison like a battle cry.

While they begun to prepare for returning, a single man came to me with the girl that Syldrya rescued.

"I can thank you enough for saving my daughters life but I promise, someday I will pay you from this debt. If theres anything you want, please let me know."

This man bowed his head and expressed his gratefulness to me.

"Its embarrassing please stop it. I didn really rescued her, its Syldrya. If its not because of her, I don think I can save her life."(Roujo)

"Even if it is, please accept my gratefulness. Please let me thank this person you

e talking about."

"Its okay, just wait a minute okay."(Roujo)

I opened my bag to wake her up.

((Oi..wake up, theres someone who wants to talk to you.))(Roujo)

"Yooure soo nooissy..yawn. Who is it?"(Syldrya)

I took her out from that bag to show her infront of the man.

"Please accept my gratefulness for saving my daughters life. I promise I will never forget this debt from the two of you."

"Heh? Eehhh??((Wait Roujo, what is he talking about?))"(Syldrya)

"He said hes grateful because you saved his daughters life, thats only."(Roujo)

"Ehehe,(to the man) you don have to do that, I only did what I can."(Syldrya)

"Even if you put it at that, I can hide my gratitude. Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Aribal Magnas, the vice captain of the pirates group, Bara Gowdham."(Aribal)

"I am Roujo Ooichi and she is Syldrya. Its a pleasure to meet you, Aribal san."(Roujo)

"Hmm.. despite of my appearance, Im one of the heavens goaackk"(Syldrya)

That was a close one.

She was about to say that shes a goddess again.

"What was that for!!"(Syldrya)

"Theres nothing, I thought theres a fly in your head, its just my thoughts."(Roujo)

"Of course thats not true muo!!(Syldrya)

Pout there whenever you want.

I can just risk our lives here because of your boasting.

"Please don mind her Aribal san, she just wanted to joke you. Anyway Dorsal san, why do you have weapons?"(Roujo)

I asked him why, just to make sure its not for us to get killed ehehe.

"Ah this? Its just to make sure you

e safe. Theres so many monsters around this area after all. Thats why, you needed weapons to protect yourself against them."(Dorsal)

"Ah, so thats it."(Roujo)

"But to think youll rush here without any weapons, thats brave of you na!! Ahahahaha!!! I liked your guts! Roujo kun, but always remember, guts is not enough to save someone. Ahahahaha!!!"(Dorsal)

Well hes right though.

I rushed here without any weapons even though they warn me about the danger.

Thank you for your warning, Dorsal san.

"Ehehe, sorry about that. Oh, thats right, why do you have that armour of knights?"(Roujo)

"Heh, so you noticed huh. I am Dorsal Magnas, former Royal Knight Captain of the Jercono Kingdom. Ahahahaha!! Whats with that surprised looks in your face? Did I surprised you?! Ahahaha!!"(Dorsal)

"Ah.. yeah, how should I put it. Its that I can believe, Im with the royal knights captain. Thats wonderful."(Roujo)

"Kahahaha, sou kai?(is that so?) Then be prepared to be surprised again, because all of us here are old members of knights ahahaha, some of them came from another country ahahaha!!"(Dorsal)

He laughed proudly about his introductions.

But to think that all of these are old knights, on top of that, they looked so strong.

"Yeah, thats true boya. Actually that Aribal is also one of the best Royal Mages, hes one of the only two members of Magnas Brothers."

One person joined our conversation.

Hes the one who find us.

"Eehhh?? Is that true Aribal san?"(Roujo)

I can believe it.

"Yeah, its true. Allow me to introduce myself again. I am Aribal Magnas, former Royal Mage of Jercono Kingdom, younger brother of the former Royal Knight Captain, Dorsal Magnas."(Aribal)

"And I am the former vice captain of the Royal Knights, Aristosa Wellie, nice to meet you bozzo."(Aristosa)

"Ma, enough of that introductions, lets just huryy and prepare for the feast!!"(Dorsal)


Everyone screamed that sounded like a battle cries of warriors, well all of them are warriors.

We returned to the village happily.

It looks like theres nothing happened at all.

Well they didn know that I killed that big chicken, I will have them prepare that chicken for tonights feast.

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