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Chapter 6: The Encounter

"Oh you

e back ahahaha, hows the village? Is it to your liking?"(Dorsal)

"Ah.. umu.. its a beautiful village and also peaceful."(Roujo)

"Ahahaha!! Im glad you liked our village. Oh, right tomorrow morning, I will ask someone to give you a place to live in, you have nowhere to go back to right?"(Dorsal)

He really is a good man, I can thank them enough for having us and now he will give us a place to live in.

"Before that, dear is the news about the monster in the sea destroyed a ship?"(Martha)

"Yes, its true, why do you ask?"(Dorsal)

"So its really true.(to Roujo) Sorry for doubting you back then, that must be for you to survived there. Please accept my apologies."(Martha)

"Ahh..ettu.. don worry about it. It was I that needs to apologise to you for not telling. Also, Im very thankful on you for having us despite of being a stranger."(Roujo)

"Eh? What are you two talking about? Tell me? Im the only one who doesn know anything here."(Dorsal)

"Calm down dear, Roujo said that he and Syldrya chan came from that ship."(Martha)

"Ahh.. so thats it. That must be hard for you two to get here. Well I will not pry anymore, if you need anything just ask me okay?"(Dorsal)

"Thank you very much, I will never forget your kindness for us."(Roujo)

"Don say that, its embarrassing to tell that infront of my wife you know. Ah, by the way, wheres Sychan? You

e not with her?"(Dorsal)

"Eh?! She wasn here yet? I thought she went home before us?!"(Roujo)

"Nope, she wasn here."(Dorsal)

The moment he answered my question, my heart started to beat fast, I didn know why but I have a bad feeling about this.

Shes a naive and stubborn but I know shes not stupid enough to went somewhere without me.

"Ehh? Are you sure dear? Its troublesome if she lost around here, theres a dangerous place inside the forest after all!! What if she went there?!"(Martha)

"Maa, thats really a troublesome matter if thats true.."(Dorsal)

"Anyway, I will look for her first."(Roujo)

"Then where? Its dangerous to be alone inside the forest.!!"(Dorsal)

"I don know where to find her nor my fate inside the forest, but Ill try to find her!(Roujo)

"Eh?? Then I will find some help to find her, be careful okay?"(Dorsal)

"Yes.. thank you very much."(Roujo)

I rushed outside to look for her, my hearts faster than the last time, its making me go crazy.

The forest that their talk about, I think shes there.

Running inside the forest constantly looking for a little pixie is hard to do, shes so small that can be recognized instantly.

Didn even bothering to stop because of gasping.

I didn know that I was already deep inside of the forest.

While searching inside of the forest, I heard a scream of a girl from afar.

I hurriedly rushed over there to confirm if thats Syldrya.

"Where is it?! Shit!!"(Roujo)

Theres something ahead of me, its on the place where the came from.

"There you are!! Kaah, kaah, kaah, kaah,."(Roujo)

"Roujo! Huhuhu, thank goodness you

e here!!"(Syldrya)

"What are you doing going somewhere like this?!! Im worried about you, what if something happened to you?!!"(Roujo)

"Ehehe..sorry, and about that, theres something behind you.."(Syldrya)

Turning around, I saw a big chicken infront of us, is this for real?

Its size surpassed that of an ordinary tree, I can even think its a chicken.

"What is this!!!"(Roujo)

"My eyes bulged as I stated to run away from that thing, obviously its one of those monsters they talked about.

I can deal with that size, yes it looks yummy but it would eat me first before I can eat it.

"No way! No way! No way! No way! No way! No way!!!!! What is that thing??!!!"(Roujo)

I screamed while running away.

I didn realized that theres a girl whos running behind me until she lost her balance stumbled and left behind.

"Roujo the girl, she will be eaten alive of you won help her! Roujo!!(Syldrya)

"You do something about it, I can fight that thing, its impossible! I don have weapons!! You

e a goddess right? Why won you help her?!"(Roujo)

"What are you talking about? Thats only level 30, you can definitely kill that thing. You have level 600 you know?"(Syldrya)

"Huh? Don fool me idiot, Im not stupid enough to believe you! Do you want me to die?!"(Roujo)

"Im tired of this! If you don want to help her then I will do it myself, just do whatever you want!!"(Syldrya)

Just after that, she rushed towards the direction of the girl to save her from the monster but shes not strong enough to hold even a second.

"Kyaaa!! Don come!! Please go away!!"(Syldrya)

"Are you okay? Please don mind me, just leave me alone and go away!!"(girl)

"No way I will leave you alone. I will protect you even if I die!!"(Syldrya)

"Please no.. just leave me alone!!"(girl)

"No way!! Eh??"(Syldrya)

The monster closed its distance on towards the place where Syldrya and the girl is.

"No, no, no, no, no... Don come here!! Roujo!!! Roujoo!!! I said Roujoo!!! Please save me!!!! Huaaahhhahahaha!!"(Syldrya)

The two of them started to cry bitterly like a lost child.

This little Fairy acted like a super hero a while ago and now clinging to a little girls head.

"Roujoo!!!... Help me!!!!"(Syldrya)

Screaming all of her might, she begged for my help.

"What are you doing!?? Do you have a death wish?!!"(Roujo)

"Roujoo!!! Huaaahhhahahaha!!!.."(Syldrya)

"Ahh mou!! I don have any choice now!!"(Roujo)

Running towards them, the big chicken begun make its move trying to eat the girl and Syldrya.

"Like I will let you do that! Hah!!"(Roujo)

Jumping towards the back of chicken, I kicked its head that made it to blow away.

"Eh? Wheres its head!??"(Roujo)

"Its obvious, you blow it away. See? You can even easily slap it hehe!! Just believe in me hmm!!"(Syldrya)

Maybe she forgotten her fear about this thing because shes now boasting her self with praises with a proud and smug face.

"Huh??? What are you talking about believing in you?? You suicidal Fairy?!! I have more questions to ask you about after we came back to Martha sans house. Don even try to run away again okay?!!"(Roujo)

I threatened her just to make sure she will not run away again but I didn mean it in a malicious way.

"Yes... sorry, I will never run away again..so.. please.. um.. don punish me nee..."(Syldrya)

Trying to make a cute look to forgive her?

Thatll not work on me you know.

"Mattaku(good grief) I thought you will die there. Anyway, whos this girl?"(Roujo)

"Humph, and theres I thought he will fall for that, tch. I didn know her, I only rushed to help her when I heard her scream."(Syldrya)

Acting like a trundere huh?

"Oi, do show me that type of attitude. Do you think you I forgived you?!(Roujo)

"Eek.. its true. I didn really know her. Thats why.. um.. please forgive me."(Syldrya)

Shes really is a tsundere.

"I will leave your punishment for later, for now lets take this big chicken and return to the village."(Roujo)

"Ehh.. you still need to punish me?"(Syldrya)

"Thats obvious, you made bad things thats why you need to be punished."(Roujo)

"Ehh??? Thats harsh, Roujo you

e heartless."(Syldrya)

"Shut up, that serves you right."(Roujo)

Syldrya used her magic I didn know. Its like a storage type of magic.

I will use her punishment to teach me how to use magic and skills ahaha.

I really want to use magic and skills and I now have opportunity to make it happen.

We then set to return to the village with the girl.

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