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Chapter 4: Fairy and Another Life

I wake up with an annoyed face, why?

Because its already morning and I didn have plans for the job, what should I do now?

I slowly get up from my bed and prepared for my breakfast, I don have my parents to prepare for my meal thats why Ill do it myself.

Your asking how can I support myself?

Well I have my cousins support on me, but shes working abroad.

Well thats only expected as a businesswoman.

Despite of her age, shes still single that is why she kept me.

Too much for that backstory of mine.

I went to the bathroom after I finished my breakfast.

Thankfully, I bought some bread last night for this morning, for this morning only, I need to find job later.

As I was preparing my bath in the bathroom, a flash of light showed in front of me.

"What is this? My eyes, I can see!!"

"Don worry, Im with you, I promise, I will not leave you alone."

A cute and lovely voice whispered directly to my head.

"Who are you? Show yourself."

I told to the voice inside my head while adjusting to the surrounding.

"I would like to show you myself as respect but I can do it here."

She told me in a different tone now.

"Wha! What are you talking about? And where is that cute voice of yours? Your attitude completely changed!"

I told to her in annoyance.

"Huh?! Its obvious that I can show you my self because your completely nude okay? And my attitude is also okay."

She told in a prideful voice.

I went to put my clothes back to make her appear.

After putting my clothes on, I returned to the bathroom and asked her to show her true self.

"I told you didn I? I can make my appearance here."

Again she said with a prideful tone.

"What? Then how am I supposed to see you?"

I asked her annoyingly because I really want to see her face.

I don know what makes me want to see her face, but for some reason, it drives me crazy to do everything just to see her face.

"Well if you really want to see me, I will let you, but theres a condition. Ufufufu"

"What condition?"

"You need to go in my place. Be thankful because Im kind to you."

"Your place? And Im not even thankful you know, and anyway who are you?"

"So many questions. Who I am? I will only introduce myself to you if you come here in my place."

I know that shes purposely annoying me but I can resist this feeling inside me.

"Fine then, take me to your place now."

I told her.

"Really?!!! Yattaaa ehehe"

And now a cute voice of her back again.

"Why are you so happy? And I only told you to take me to your place, hey what is this? Oiiii!!!"

A magic circle activated under my feet and opened a portal.

Behind that portal I saw the world inside of my dream, the great vast land, floating islands, great blue sea, wyverns, fantasy birds, and a great blue sky.

My fantasy fell apart after I looked down.

"Whooaa whoaa, ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!"

I shouted aloud in panic and nervousness.

"What is this??!!!!!"

"Ahahaha, you told me didn you? You want to go in my place, thats why I brought you here ehehe."

This little voice said with a cute laughter.

"Don (ehehe) me, thats not what I mean!! Shit!! Why am I falling?!!"

"Don worry, this much can kill you, you know? Whohoo!! This is fun! Ahahaha"

She laughed without care in the world or more like, without care about me.

"Fuzakenna!(Are you kidding me!?) I will kill you if I died!! I can fly you know, I will die now!! The ground!! Im near the ground now, hey!! Do something about it!! Whoa, whaaaa.."

My eyes begun to get teary, I don know if its because of the wind pressure or the pressure of fear inside of me.

Despite of the wind pressure, I can still hear the loud noice of my heartbeat.

Its so fast and it felt like it will burst anytime.

I don want to die here, who will bury my body?

Most importantly, I don want to die virgin, but Im sorry son, its time for me to go.

"I told you didn I? This much can kill you, if you don really like to fell on the ground, then chant your flying magic. Ahahaha whats with that face, are you crying, your like a kid, ahahaha.."

"Magic? Don joke with me, I can do that you know. And Im not crying. Hey the ground, aaaaahhhhh.."

"Shikataganai,(Can be helped) Gentle Breeze!"


I stopped from shouting until I realized that Im already on the ground.

"What happened? I am still alive? Yahoo! Im still alive my son, hahahaha, Yahoo!!"

I asked her out of shock and amaze then ignore later on.

"Well, be thankful for me, I only save you from falling. And anyway you will not die even if you fell directly to the ground you know."

"Hahh? I nearly have a heart attack because of you, and you said be thankful? Theres no way I can thank you. Also what is this place? And where are you anyway, show me your self. Don tell me your ugly thats why you can show your face."

"Huh? Nandatte?(what did you say?) Im not an ugly like you! Im a beautiful perfect maiden, anyone who see my beautiful face will surely fall in love with me. Fufun"

A proud boasting praise towards herself.

"If thats the case, hurry up and show your face, kono akujome!" (悪女 this wicked/ugly woman)

"I told you that Im not an ugly woman! If you really want to see my face, then I will give you a chance, but don fall in love with me okay hahahaha!"

And theres her prideful laughter now.

"Hurry and show now!!"

"Hai hai, your very impatient, TADA!!, What do you think, Im beautiful right? Did you fell in love with me? Ahahaha sorry I can accept your feelings because your ugly."

She revealed herself in front of me in a dramatic way as she praise herself.

Her true form is a little fairy or more like a pixie, her face is familiar to me, seems like Ive seen her face somewhere before but I forgot where.

"So that is your true form? Heh, I thought your so beautiful but what a let down, I will not fall in love with that face of yours, you know, also Im not a lolicon, sigh I let my hope up for nothing."

"Whats with that reaction!? Show some more affection on me!! And also Im not a Loli, Im older than you!"

I don know if shes lying or not.

Is she in need of attention or just an idiot?

"Heh? What do mean by that? You have a non-existent-breast and your telling me your older than me? Think some more believable lies next time, I will deal with you after I find some solutions to get back on Japan without your help."

I told to her with a smug face showing that I didn believe her and walked away.

"Hah??! Thats rude of you to tell me that I have a non-existent-breast, I can get you aroused with this breast of mine anytime but I can , because thatll be inappropriate for me as beautiful maiden. Hmph!"

She continued blabbing about herself on me while chasing me, a noisy fairy.

I didn think that shes so annoying and noisy, and here I thought I can make my own harem in this world but reality didn want that to happen, talk about let down.

While wondering around this forest, we didn realized that were already infront of village.

"Oi!! Why won you listen to me, to tell you the truth, despite of my appearance, Im a goddess thats why be thankful to have me fufun."

Praising herself as she flew around infront of me.

"Hey akujo,"

I asked her.


She stopped her long story and answered me directly.

"what is the name of that village?"

"I don know."

This small fairy answered me directly.

"Listen here, you said you came from this place but how could you not know this village?"

"I said I don know okay, also this village was not really here since the last time I wandered around this forest. A.L.S.O. Im not Akujo, Im Syldrya!! Mou"

After she told her name she pouted like a child.

"Hai hai, Akujo san"

"Dakara, Syldrya is my name!!".

We went to the village to gather some informations and also for me to sleep to.

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