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The Wandering Intruder The Beginning of Changes

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Chapter 3: The Beginning of Changes

I arrived at my apartment with no problem, but I feel like theres someone who is tailing me until now.

I looked outside from my window to confirm if theres someone tailing me but I can see any shadows from the street lights.

Then I went outside holding a flashlight to search if theres someone stalking me

"Well I can blame them from stalking me, because Ore wa!! Kampiki na!! Otoko dakara!!"(I! Am!! A perfect man!!)

I came back to reality from the smell of a smoke.

"Ohh, Its burning"

I said in a calm manner

"Yes its a smell of a food that is burning. Burning??!!! Food!??? Thats my dinner!!!!!!!".

I rushed to the kitchen of my apartment and its on fire.

"My dinner... Its on fireeee!!! Nononoooooo.. thats my last food. I used alot of my money for that food, my precious Tempura!!! Waahhahaha.. Huhuhu.."

Despite of its state, I also eat my dinner.

"Huhuhuhu, I can stop crying from this food. Its so delicious that you can understand how it tastes like. My precious food, kawai sou ni (how pity) I feel sorry for those who can eat this food. Huhuhu namida ga tomaranain da (I can stop my tears). Why do I have such a bad fate today.."

I finished my dinner with my unexplainable food, "Thanks for the food" my every day life was like this.

Always simple and normal, I can even remember what kind of changes I have gone through.

I went to my bed without looking at my shelf of mangas, well, it will only took my attention to read them, I can do that now, I need to think about my plan for tomorrow.

"Where can I find part-time job tomorrow? I need to find some good job, if not I will not last in 3 days. Sigh.. if only I can live in my dream. A great land with more fruits, riding a wyverns, floating islands, delicious foods, more money, sore de saigo ni(and last) a beautiful harem Hahahahuuuhh. What a shame thats only in my dream, I need is job not fantasy. Lets sleep for now, I will let this problem of mine for my tommorows self." Click (lights off)

"Whoa... what is this..im flying. Ahahaha.. but I have no wings.. how did this happen ahahaha..well lets enjoy this for now and fly everywhere!! Whooohoooo!!!"

I flew through the vast land with no care in the world. I saw many people from every where, I even challenged myself on a race with wyverns and birds, from the sky you can see a very large forest that you can even get out if you lost.

"What a beautiful world is this, lets go somewhere else!"

I flew through the land with a beautiful flower fields, giant mushrooms and a rocky mountain.

At last I arrived at the fields of rice and wheats, I don know but the close village is burning.

Then I saw some carriages and soldiers marching from the ruined city.

"Yokatta, it seems like the soldiers rescued the villagers."

I rushed towards them and saw some chains and the big misunderstanding hit me.

There are collars on the necks of the people.

I asked the soldiers why do they have collars and chains on their necks but it seems like he can hear me.

"Come to think of it, I was floating around them for a while but it looks like they can see me."

One of them looks like praying or something.

"Great One please hear our prayers and help us from the hands of the Empire and set us free again"

"Who is that Great One old man?"

The boy asked the old man.

"You don know? He is the only one who can defy the gods, the Legends said that he surpassed the knowledges of gods and violated the rules that they set up to rule this world. He freed the slaves and made them create another life."

"Whoa...kakoii(so cool) please tell us about his legends old man."

This boy asked with a sparkling eyes, the boy grabbed my attention that made me listen to the story of the old man.

"Okay I will tell you his legends ok. The Great One is a kind person, some people said that he have a pure heart, he view the people according to their deeds and actions even if its not a human or slave. He is a strong person, that even gods can defeat him. On Legends Era, he managed unite the races of the world and stopped the long war of the gods. The gods used the races that they created and commanded them to go and fight the other races created by the other gods."

"Heehhh? Then how did he united the races if they are fighting against each other?"

The boy asked as he listens.

"I don know how he made that, but even the gods didn know what he did to unite the races. But because of that the long war stopped and the world backed to peace again."

Answered by the old man.

"But you know, after the Great war ends and the world came to peace, the Great One didn appeared again."

Continued by the old man.

"Ehh?? Why?"

He asked again

"It looks like hes telling the world [I need some rest now but I will be there to protect you anytime] like that" he said.


Suddenly a man with a lost left arm asked.

"Its good if thats true, but its only a legend, this will never happen to us if he is real. Thats why, instead of clinging to that false hope of yours, just face the reality and come back to your senses old man"

He said in a frustratedly.

"Well, I can blame you for that. If thats what you believed in. In the first place we are also at fault here, thats why it happened to us, if not because of us, this children will not face this cruel fate."

"Just shut your mouth old man"

Commanded by the man with a lost arm, suddenly a soldier that returned from patrolling the area heard the arguments of the two.

"Oi! Oi! What is that noise huh? Stop it or I will feed you to the monsters here! Tsk. Filthy slaves. Better to stop that to stay alive."

The soldier left the carriage to report his findings of the place to the their Captain.

Rrrrrrrriiiiiiiinnnnnnnngggg!!!! Rrrrrrrriiiiiiiinnnnnnnngggg!!!!

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