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Chapter 2: My everyday life

Sorry for my late introduction, Im Roujo Ooichi, 17 years old, just a normal student of Waseda Highschool.

Im an orphan and I don know whos my mother and father is.

Yes, I live alone in this world.

I went to school as usual with no-friends-in-tow, yes, Im a loner with no friends, but despite of being a loner, I also enjoyed my life as a students.

One night, I had dreamed about a wonderful world. In that world, I have many friends and people loves me, what a great world to live in, but its only a dream.

I don know why but reality hate me, ahaha.

Also, I noticed that I have this dream every night of the full moon, I don know why its happening to me though.

But I can help but get excited everytime the full moon came.

I hope that dream was true.

Come to think of it, last night was full moon, but that dream is different from usual.

Well not all times you can dream about the same dream, that would be impossible to think of.

"Shimatta!! Im late now!! I hope my teacher will not let me out. Huhh.. I need to go now"

Everyone is greeting when I arrived at school. "Ohayo!"(good morning) "Ohayo gozaimasu"(good morning too)

I let out a sigh while walking towards my classroom.

"Haah ahh,I thought I was goner there, thank goodness I managed it in time. Everyones greetings except me, well thats what you will expect from me. I hope i also have friends, well it only happens in my dreams though. That dream is good huh, I can still remember the details, I looks like a memories than dreams. I wish I will have that dream again tonight."

The class started after the greetings, what can you expect?

Its a boring life for me, I even barely managed to be awake on my class.

I didn noticed that lunch break came, the thats only in my mind is to keep awake during class hours, and to do that I hold my eyelids to make me awake.

I went to canteen to buy some lunch and some annoying pest hit me.

"Hey whats that? A tempura? Ahahaha what kind of lunch is that? Let me have some eh!"

He took my tempura along with my soft drinks, what can you expect from this good for nothing scum.

They eat all of my lunch and the 3 of them laugh without care.

They think they can scare me because of my frail and thin body.

"Thanks for the food kiddo, ahahaha" again the three of them laugh without care.

"What a pain in the ass. I went all the way to buy my favorite food, even if its cheap, you can easily buy it inside of a great school with many students, and now you eat all of them, without paying me? You think I will let you go? I know you have a great and big body but thats only for show, you can even make money from that, you lazy scums, a garbage of society. And now your hitting on me because you think Im weak. Yes I have a small body than yours but I can find jobs."

"Hey, what are you talking about? Instead of whining there, be great full because we eat your lunch, ahahaha" the leader said with a boasful laughter.

He kept on talking while the students started to gather around us.

"Also, do you think you can defeat the three of us here, ahahaha, you can do anything with that small body of yours kukukuku!!"

Its a fat one that provoked me.

"If you really want a to take us on, begin with me first kukukuku, Im sure I can give you a good smack in faceeackk"

I punched him in the face as said.

Whos idiot will let that opportunity slide from him, he begged me to punch him to in the beginning anyway.

"Kisama!! What did you do?"

The long haired guy asked me out of anger.

"Likewise, what are you doing taking the lunch of the others, also he begged me to punch his face, I simply grant his wish. But oh, sorry I didn mean to knock him in one blow, well it only means that hes weak."

I provoked them in a carefree tone.

"Nandato?!! I will make you pay for this with interest!!"

The long haired guy took my bait and then, a free theater was opened in front of the students.

"What are you doing?!! Go after him, if you don finish himin one go Ill kill you after him!!"

The boss threatened the long haired guy, is he an idiot?

Treating his friend like pawns?

Well its good for me anyway.

"Hey, where are you looking? Don ignore me!!!"

The long haired guy attacked me like a dog, he didn care if he will be hurt or not.

He attacked me in constant pace without even landing a single hit on me.

"Why are you dodging?!! Don make fun of me, haah, haaa, haah".

He keeps on throwing his punches against me that doesn even hit me.

His stamina was slowly depleting, thats only expected, he will only gain nothing but exhaustion if he keeps punching the air.

The students around us started to make noises.

"What the hells with you? Haah, haah, haah."

He said while catching his breathe.

"What? You keep throwing your punches against me, why would I accept them with my face. Im not an idiot you know."

(Tsk, he can even land a hit, well its a good opportunity for me to attack him hehehe) the boss uttered in silence.

"Hee? Don dare to look down on me, im not even serious, I purposely didn punched you so that you can lower your guard. Hehehe Im pumped up now, be prepared to die!!!"

He advanced on me aiming his punch on my face then suddenly (Klleerrnnk) a blood rushed down from my head.

(What is this? A blood? Im losing my consciousness. The boss smashed that bottle against my head huh? Such a coward, well I can still hit him in this position, hes standing on from back. Sigh, he chooses my blidspot.)

"Hehehe, thanks to you I managed to land hit on him, now hes finished bwaaggkkk??" the boss stopped from talking.

(Heh, down in just one hit, weak. This is bad, Im losing my consciousness, I want to sleep for now..) blagged..


Th girls started to shout believing, Roujo died.

"Call the teacher and the nurse, lets take him to the clinic room!!"

A single student ordered in panic.

The students gathered around the two and then they took Roujo and carried him inside the clinic with the guy he knocked down.

The two students that Roujo have fought with, was taken by the upperclassmen students and they brought them to the students council.

"Where am I?"

I wake up without knowing what the place Im in.

I looked clearly around and its a clinic room.

I hurriedly went outside of that room and went to my classroom to take my bag.

"Ahh, my head it still hurts. Whats this cloth? So they really did clean my head huh, Ill search for them tommorow to laid my thanks, I don know who they are in the first place.

Its already afternoon now, Im really unconscious for a long time, I wonder what to have in dinner tonight.

I haven do some part-time shifts so it only means.. that.. I now have..(peek on wallet) a few money!!????? What do I do now??? I only have 500 yen here!!! I can survive for one week with this money. I have no part time now!! Calm down Roujo, show them how beautiful you are...enhale... exhale.. Wait!! Im not a girl to be a beautiful ore wa otoko da!"

"Oi!! Your disturbing the people around you!!"

He said to me with an annoyed face.


I said while bowing my head.

"Sigh... I can even think clearly now, only if I could use some magic, zannennagara (unfortunately) its not a fantasy world like that in my dream. Ma, kaero ka(well, lets go home)"

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