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Chapter 15: Servant

A few days before Roujo transported into another world.

Somewhere in Tokyo, Japan, a woman with a troubled face was running towards the Waseda Highschool.

She straight to the staff room of the school to ask about a certain student with a slender and small build.

After talking with the teachers, she then went to the infirmary to confirm the condition of her master but she was so shocked about the things that she witnessed.

A beauty was holding the hands of her master while he was unconscious, she also noticed that he have some bandages tied up to his head.

By looking at the situation, it made her realized that the girl was the one who helped her master.

The girl was startled at her and raised from her position.

The girl greeted her while blushing and cracking her voice out of nervousness and embarrassment.

"Souno Aoi desu[僧野 愛桜衣 ] N..nice to meet you.."(Aoi)

Aoi greeted the lady and nervously turned down her face to offer her respect towards the lady.

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