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The Wandering Intruder Kendou?

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Chapter 13: Kendou?

They went back to Roujo silently with Syldrya being the lead and laughing nonchalantly.

Their faces shows some kind of fear or more like a threatened face that looks like they have experienced the greatest terorr of their entire life.

(I didn thought she mean it like that, she got me there. I really thought that shes so serious about her introductions about who really we are but it turned out as a failure.)(Roujo)

"Nyahahahaha!! Nyahahahaha!! Ahahahaha!! Nyahahaaack"(Syldrya)

"Quit that villainess act now, it didn fit you. SOO..what HAPPENED to THEM?!"(Roujo)

"Eeck..er..umm.. ahahaha.. nothing!!"(Syldrya)

"Its not "nothing"! Now tell me what really happened or I will double your punishment.. hehehe.."(Roujo)

"I.. its..re.. really..no.. nothing you know!!"(Syldrya)

(Shes so flustered, theres really something about it.)(Roujo)

"You don need to intimidate her anymore, Roujo kun, its really nothing, we

e just surprised about your circumstances thats all."(Aribal)

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