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The Wandering Intruder What are you two?

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Chapter 12: What are you two?

"Hmm..name Syldrya, race pixie, level 10, magic power 500, physical strength 100, magic energy 700, physical power 100, physical defense 600, magic defense 1000, skills chantless magic, physical barrier, magic barrier, mana conversation, flying ability, metamorphosis, magic enhancer, illusion creator, title Savior, Saint, Holly Fairy?! What a great status is this! I can believe it! You have three titles and not just that, you also have a great amount of magic power even though you

e just level 10! You even surpassed my status when Im at your level!"(Aribal)

Thats a little exaggerating Aribal san, please don made her more prideful than she is now.

"Fufun.. thats just obvious, as expected of me nyahahaha! Now Roujo kun, bow down and praise me as a Savior nyahahahaha!"(Syldrya)

See? It only made her more prideful than before, as expected of her.

"Oi.. it looks like you have already forgoted your punishment from me hehe, now tell me who needs to bow between the two of us heh?"(Roujo)

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