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The Wandering Intruder Recruitment

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Inside of the palace that stands on the top of every luxurious buildings, a man with a glass of wine in hand can be seen standing while facing the window.

This man is the ruler of this dukedom and the only person who ordered to kill the king of Jercono Kingdom.

He is known for his tyranny and greed, the father of the rumoured reincarnation of the Intruder, his name is Duke Jaderick Fritch.

Because of his authority, he managed to spread the rumours about his son being the reincarnation of the Intruder, and use this rumours to achieve his greedy desires and to bury his own tyranny.

All of this is just to make sure he can get the throne without any objections from the citizens of the kingdom.

But this dream of his have a great obstacles that he needed to get rid of, and that is the princess and her Royal knights and Royal mages.

Suddenly, a shadow figure of the man was slowly forming and its going towards the Dukes direction

"Youve arrived, whats your business?"(Jaderick)

It is the man whom he ordered to kill the king Jercono Kingdom.

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