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The Wandering Intruder Prologue

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At the Kingdom of Jercono, inside of the royal palace.

"Kyaaaaa!!! Please stop don kill my father!!!"

""Don worry, after I kill your father, you will be the next to die you know. But we will play first before that""

"No, please I beg you! Don kill my daught aaaghhh"

"Noooo!!! Father please don die....huhuhuu!! Father!! Noooo!!".

The guards that heard the noise suddenly rush inside the guest room of the king.

"Florentine sama!! What happened?!!! Royal Magicians! Protect the princess and the king" commanded my the Royal Knight as he barged into the door.

"Tskk, theres the small fries that interrupting my fun. Protect? Kahahahaha!! Your late now Captain Morgan of Royal Knight. Hahahaha please don make me laugh!!" the man replies with laughter.

"Kisama!! What did you do!!"

"Nothing I only played with them, but sadly that old man can take the fun." the man replied while cleaning his hand full of blood with magic.

"You!! I will make you pay for this!!!".

Morgan attempted to attack the man with his sword but suddenly a hand from behind grabbed his shoulder to stop him.

"Morgan, calm down. We need to take the princess and the king to the safe area first before we kill him" a man with a younger face calmed him down.

"What!?? Albert are you out of your mind? Do you think will let this bastard escape from me?!!" Morgan said in annoyed manner.

"Escaped? Kill? Like you can do that to me kahahahaha!! What a funny fellow!".

"You can fight him if you want, but the king and the princess is in danger, if you can make a decision now l, with the princess and king will escape from here!!" Albert the Captain of Royal Magician said in a calm manner.

"Tsk! I hate to admit it but you

e right. Activate the teleportation magic and escape from here.(to the culprit) You have a great advantage now!! But I will prioritize the king and princess first before you!!!"

"Kahahahaha! Escape? What a shame, and here I thought I will have some more fun here. Do you think I will let you leave her alive?" the man said while laughing in mockery.

The man attacked Albert using dark arrows while chanting his teleportation magic but Morgan obliterated all the attacks.

The two of them continued to clash until Albert finished his chant.

"Morgan!!! Come here now!" Albert shouted in a hurry.

Morgan jumped into the magic circle and teleported.

"What a sneaky fellow, but it doesn mean that they won, my mission here is finished. Time to take a break now. Lets meet again Black Moon Morgan and Wise Man Albert, ahahaha..." He leave the palace with a proud laughter

Albert: Princess we

e safe now. We are inside of the secret place under the palace.

Floryntine: Huhuhu father please don .. please don leave me...

King: Flo.. Floryntine.. don worry about me.. I also have no time left..

Floryntine: Noo!! Father please don say that!! Don leave me!!(grief)

King: Lis.. listen Floryntine.. soon the "Great One" will come to save you... No.. not only you.. but also the kingdom and the world.. please find him..

Morgan: Albert heal the king!!

Albert: Im healing him now, can you see? But the magic won effect. Shit! If only I can use the Holly magic.

Morgan: Then use the Holly magic if you can!!

Albert: I can ! I don know how to use it.

Morgan: Kusoo!! Is there no other way?!

Albert: Its dark magic that hurt him, I can find another way to heal him.

King: Fu..futari Tomo(You two) please don worry about me.. someone greater than me will come to this world to help you. And please take care of Floryntine.. shes my only.. treasure

Morgan: Your majesty.. please don mind us. But please don die..(he said while crying)

King: Floryntine.. if..if you find the Great One, be a good girl for him and take him to the palace..grant him the throne..Albert thank you for your magic, I managed to say my will..(he said while stoping the hands of Albert)

Albert: Your majesty.. please let me heal you..

King: Morgan..don cry, you don look like a Knight with that face. Floryntine..I love you.. you

e my treasure.. please live for me.. Great One please protect her and the world..I really want to see your face again but its a shame that.. I will not.. make it in your time..My beloved Flora I.. I will come to your side... now..

Albert: Your majesty??!!

Floryntine: Otousamaaaa!! Waaaahaha Otousamaaaa.!!

Morgan: Your majesty. I promise I will protect the princess even if it costs me my life. I will also wait for the Great One to be my next master and our king.(Morgan said while crying)

The three cried bitterly because of the kings death. Later on they decided to get back to the palace and settle the things. After that incidents, princess Florentine announced the death of the king and she herself ascended to the throne. She then began to do her missions as a predecessor of the king. The princess secretly finding clues for the Great Ones identity from the books Legends Era inside the forbidden library of secret place under the palace of Jercono.

Land of the elves, Forest of Vitreous.

Elder elf Lativa: The star of the Great One has appeared on the sky!! Great One!! I, the lowly Lativa is waiting for your return. I don even have the right to speak your sacred name.

Elven guy: What do you mean Lativa sama?

Elven girl: Thatd also my question Lativa sama.

Elder Lativa: You won understand my happiness now. The Great One of the Legends. The Great One who stopped the Great War of the gods, hes coming home. He is the only hope of the world.

Elven guy:(to the eleven girl) Do you know who is the Great One Shyn?

Shyn: You don know? He is known as the Wanderer by demi humans like us. It is said in the Legends that he united the races of demons, demi humans, and humans on the Legends Era.

Elder Lativa: Shyn is right Clad. The Great One freed all the slaves even if its human, demi humans, or demons. He is the reason why is, Elves are alive until now.

Clad: Hee.. but thats only in legends right? Theres no way thats true.

Elder Lativa: Don say that clad. Because I know that he is real!(she said in a proud manner)

Clad: Huh? But how do you know Lativa sama?

Elder Lativa: Because my parents is alive on that time. My parents are young when the Great War of the gods stopped by the Great One. My father always tell me the stories about the Great One. He told me that the Great One is the reason why my father is not a slave. He bought all the slaves and freed them all!(the old woman proudly said)

Clad: Hee.. I only know the name Wanderer but not the Great One.

Shyn: The Great One and the Wanderer is the same person.

Elder Lative: Of course you will not know the name Great One because it is only known to the people who have a high rankings like me.

Clad: Great One huh? I hope someday we will meet.

Elder Lativa: Quit dreaming there and announce the news to our people.

Clad: Hai..hai. By the way Lativa sama. How old are you now?

Elder Lativa: How rude of you, but well, I will atleast answer your question, your 19 years old now right? Im 1097 years old now, you still have some way to grow and get stronger.

Clad: Huh? Thats long! Sugoi na!!

Elder Lativa: Hmph! Of course. How about you Shyn?

Shyn: Heh? Watashi?(me) ahh..ettu. 16 years old Lativa sama.

Elder Lativa: Your still young huh. Clad if you still stand there, I will punish you to eat the cooking of Mynel.

Clad: No.. I will gladly accept the death if I eat those cooked stuff. You can even call them foods.

Lativa and Shyn is laughing while Clad is running away from them.

At the edge of the world, where the place of ancient dragons can be found. "Kukuku, it seems like I can finally enjoy this coming era, Kahahahaha, come Great One and entertain me, I will wait for your return. My younger brother will be happy if he knows your return. Kahahaha, this is bad, I can hide my excitement, looks like I can finally escape this peaceful life. Kahaha..Kahahahaha..." a loud voice of the the dragon echoed inside the castle.

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