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    At the dinner, Lu Gu didn't dare to come out.

After coming for dinner with Ji Qiuyue, he realized that Wei Lanxiang didn't come out to eat, and that the bowl of noodles that no one touched belonged to him. 


    Shen Xuanqing ate fast, and he finished eating in seconds.

He put down the bowl and went back to the room first. 


    After only Lu Gu and Shen Yan were left on the table, he took a breath and was no longer so stiff and nervous, but after all, he didn't dare to move the dishes on the table, and lowered his head and only ate noodles and soup, which was far better than what he had eaten before.

It would be better. 


    Suddenly, there was a  piece of pork liver in the bowl.

Lu Gu was stunned for a while, and when he turned his head, he saw that Shen Yan held up the chopsticks and hadn't retracted his hand. 


    "It's so much, it's okay for you to eat a few mouthfuls." Shen Yan's almond eyes were clear, but she seemed a little unfamiliar and cautious because she was not familiar with him. 


    The same was true for Lu Gu, because he was too timid and looked a little dull, even unable to speak.


    Fortunately, Shen Yan didn't care about this, she was full and got up to clean up her tableware. 


    Lu Gu hurriedly ate the meat and noodles in his bowl.

He was a little bit at a loss, and he felt remorse in his heart.

Why did he eat so slowly If Shen Xuanqing knew about it, he would suffer. 


    He completely forgot that he was late and others ate earlier than him, for fear that if he didn't work diligently, he only knew that eating would annoy the Shen family. 


    "I'll wash it." His voice was low, and he gently took the empty bowl from Shen Yan's hand. 


    When he was in the Lu family, it was often not his turn to eat, but he had to wash the dishes.

Lu Wen was determined not to do it, not to mention his half-brother Lu Wu, who now had changed his place.

He didn't dare to slack off.


    There was a lot of food left over tonight, and the angry Shen family didn't have much appetite, they were full after filling their stomachs. 


    Shen Yan didn't grab him.

Besides, seeing how pale he was and how thin he was , he seemed to be frightened if she spoke louder, so she didn't dare to speak more. 


    Ji Qiuyue, the leftover vegetables and meat from the wedding banquet, had already put them away, and Lu Gu put the leftovers in the cage, his eyes fell on the basin that hadn't been poured after washing the vegetables, and he asked Shen Yan who came after him softly, "Is this the basin " 


    Seeing that Shen Yan nodding, he put the empty bowls and chopsticks in, squatted down and took the loofah and started to wash. 


    Shen Yan seemed to be curious about him, and squatted down opposite him. 


    Lu Gu spoke less and was timid, but Shen Yan was still a little girl, and she had no bad intentions.

She just gave him some meat to eat, so he was not so vigilant and nervous about Shen Yan. 


    He was stupid, and he was afraid of saying the wrong thing, so he buried himself to hide his helplessness. 


    And Shen Yan tilted her head and looked at the bride in front of her.

She thought that Lu Gu was not as good-looking as Lu Wen, but her eyebrows and eyes were not that bad, but she was too thin.

What a nice person. 


    But when she thought of Lu Wen's repentance of marriage and Du Hehua scolding them, she felt that Lu Wen was not very good.

If she were to meet Lu Wen in the future, she would never give him a good look.

How could there be such a person.


    At this time, Ji Qiuyue came in.

She was full after eating a few mouthfuls.

She went back to her room and rested for a while.

She heard that there was no movement in the main room outside. 


    Seeing a wounded person washing dishes, she wanted to talk to Shen Yan, but she felt really tired today, and Shen Yan was also frightened today, so she stopped talking. 


    Besides, she could also see Lu Gu's embarrassment.

If he didn't do some work, he probably wouldn't even know where to put his hands and feet.

Washing the dishes wasn't such a big job. 


    She took another wooden basin from the side, scooped out the clean water and put Lu Gu's washed bowl into it and rinsed it. 


    Someone helped, and Lu Gu quickly finished washing.

Just as he was about to take out the dirty water and pour it out, Ji Qiuyue grabbed it first.

He had no work to do, so he stood in the kitchen and stared blankly for a while. 


    Ji Qiuyue put the empty basin away and said to him, "you're tired today, just scoop some water to wash and go to sleep." 


    Lu Gu, Shen Yan closed the courtyard door, and followed Ji Qiuyue to wash in the courtyard together.

Wiping her face and turning her head, she saw Lu Gu's pitiful and cramped look, pointed to her own basin and said, "How about you use mine" 


    After speaking, she remembered that there was a new wooden basin for the newcomer in the second brother's room.

But she thought about it again, it should have been for Lu Wen.


    Although the second brother said that he bought Lu Gu, she really didn't know what identity Lu Gu was at home. 


    "Forget it, you can use this." Shen Yan couldn't understand this matter, and there was a bit of sadness on her round face. 


    There were many trivial matters in getting married.

The whole Shen family woke up to work from dawn, and in the afternoon, they went to Anjia Village to quarrel and fight with others.

It was not an exaggeration to say that they were physically and mentally exhausted.


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