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    Anjia Village was not far from the river, and a red figure on the bank jumped into the turbulent river without hesitation. 


    The river water covered his nose and mouth, and Lu Gu didn't even have the idea of ​​struggling.

He was torn by the swirling river water filling his head. 


    His eyes were blurred, and the wedding dress was a bit more cumbersome and heavier than the summer clothes he often wore.

After sinking into the water, the fabric became heavy when it absorbed the water, making his light and helpless soul return to its place, hanging in the air, not knowing where to go.

His heart gradually sank. 


    If you died, you didn't need to be beaten anymore. 


    He thought calmly, his body floated down the river, he gradually stopped thinking about things, but in the end, he had a pity idea, unfortunately he died without even a thin coffin, his stepmother wouldn't pay to give him a coffin. 


    ——The people in the yard were still fighting, and Bao Zhiru was so angry that he yelled at them: "Stop, stop me!" 


As soon as he finished speaking, he heard someone shouted that Lu Gu jumped into the river, and Bao Zhiru quickly said: "Don't hurry to save people." 


    Life was at stake, and the fighters stopped.

Du Hehua got up from the ground and spat blood at Wei Lanxiang's feet.

Half of her cheeks were swollen, and her mouth was still full of blood.

Cursing vaguely, she was covered in dirt, but no one else was much better in the chaos. 


    Before Wei Lanxiang could let out her anger, she was slapped again, and she kicked her with her foot.

Unfortunately, Du Hehua avoided it. 


    Bao Zhiru was about to go out with the people when he looked back and shouted, "you will get beaten and scolded!" 


    Du Hehua originally wanted to spit again, but she had to swallow it when she heard the words. 


    Listening to a group of people outside running towards the river, because it was Shuang'er who fell into the water, the men from Qingxi Village didn't go over to join in the fun. 


    It stand to reason that Du Hehua would have to go to see if others didn't go, but she didn't, instead she sat aside with her messy hair tucked up. 


    Lu Daxiang didn't even go, he covered his waist and rib , hissed and inhaled, feeling that the pain was unbearable everywhere.

He grinned and glanced at Shen Xuanqing, it was not that he didn't know, that this son of a bitch had the most black hand, and even picked him up to beat him.

He was swearing in his heart, but he didn't dare to swear out loud. 


    There was always some firewood piled up in the yard of the farmer's house.

Ji Qiuyue helped Wei Lanxiang and two other aunts to sit on the pile of firewood to rest and tidy up. 


    Shen Yan, who was guarded by them after the fight, was obviously frightened.

The wooden stick in her hand fell to the ground with a bang.

During the melee, she kept crying and calling her mother, and she even took the opportunity to beat Du Hehua a few times. 


    But now, Shen Yan's wide-open apricot eyes were obviously a bit fearful.

She was the youngest in the family, and she was usually well-behaved.

Even Ji Qiuyue pinched her round face to tease her when she had nothing to do.

It could be said that she was favored.

Never seen such a battle at all.


    Ji Qiuyue was a little frightened when she saw that her sister-in-law had regained her senses, so she patted Shen Yan's arm to comfort her, her mouth kept going, she looked at Du Hehua and said sarcastically, "People say that Lu Wen is well-bred, but Lu Gu is not.

The strange way is, it's not a mother, and the stepmother didn't anxious after he jumped into the river.

It turned out that the good things in the weekdays were all pretending, but behind the scenes was a black heart." 


    Before marrying the Lu family, they didn't inquire about it.

They also knew about Lu Gu when they had been to the Lu family, but they had only seen Lu Gu in the Lu family several times.

they occasionally asked, Du Hehua said that he went to his uncle's house to play, and they didn't take it to heart because they were in Anjia Village not for him.

When others mentioned Du Hehua, they said that she was good to Lu Gu.

As for the occasional beatings and scoldings, who in the village didn't beat their childrens 


    Besides, every time Du Hehua hit Lu Gu, if someone saw and heard her, they would say that Lu Gu broke the bowl or made other mistakes.

She was in a hurry to move her hand. 


    A farmer was no better than a family in a town or county.

No matter dishes or other things, they were few things that couldn't be ruined. 


    Before today, the Shen family thought that the Lu family was good, but they never thought it would be like this. 


    Let alone at the river. 


    There was no one in the turbulent section, but going downstream, there were people washing clothes in several places, and the red color in the water couldn't be more conspicuous. 


    In addition, there were shouts from Anjia Village, saying that someone had jumped into the river.

Soon, Lu Gu was rescued from the river by two Shuang'er who knew how to swim.

He choked on the water.

Fortunately, he was rescued in time.

No worries about life. 


    A girl picked up the red embroidered shoes from downstream and brought them over. 


    There were a lot of people surrounded by the shore.

Lu Gu was wearing a red dress that was wet and dripping with water.

Fortunately, the clothes were in good condition, and he wasn't looked at by the few people who were looking straight at him. 


    "Why are you shaking like this" Lu Gu's body was cold, and even Shuang'er who rescued him was puzzled.

It was obviously summer, and the sun hadn't yet set, so even if he fell into the water, it wouldn't freeze. 


    As soon as he touched his forehead and hands, it was really cold, so a few people hurriedly shouted, "Come back and make a fire and change the clothes." 


The gate of Lu's yard was open, and the people from Qingxi Village were still inside.

Du Hehua and Lu Daxiang wanted to catch up.

People couldn't beat them for a while, so they had to endure it. 


    And when the eight Shuang'er and girls brought Lu Gu back and put down the people in the courtyard, they kept talking about changing Lu Gu's clothes quickly.

Du Hehua rolled her eyes and cried with half of her face swollen, "There is nothing left at home.

All of his clothes were given to him as a dowry, where can I find it now." 


    "Either they said they were bullying people, or if they didn't take advantage of our Lu Gu and didn't admit it, how could he jump into the river." 


    "You fart, obviously you don’t accumulate virtue, and even your own family is framed, and you say that he has no innocence for no reason, it’s clear that you want to kill him.” Wei Lanxiang sat down without getting up, but picked up a piece of wood from the ground and smashed it to Du Hehua.


    Ji Qiuyue also said: "Yes, outsiders dare not say such things.

Your family is different from others.

You can slander other's innocence with empty words, and just force the good Shuang'er to this point." 


    Lu Gu's face turned pale .

He opened his mouth, as if he wanted to explain something, his white lips moved, but in the end he didn't even make a slight sound. 


    Du Hehua's words made a girl unable to listen, and said, "Auntie, we don't understand and ignore what you say.

You see that Lu Gu's face is so pale, if he doesn't change into clean clothes, I'm afraid he will get sick." 


    "Yes, auntie, no matter whose clothes are in the family, you can just find him and put them on." The others also agreed. 


    This group of Shuang'er and girls were all young, their speech was clear and fast, and they were surrounded by their family members.

Du Hehua was not easy to have a seizure, so she could only pinch her nose and say, "The door of the firewood house is open." 


    "How can someone lie in the firewood room" someone said casually. 


    Du Hehua was dissatisfied and said, "Why can't he lie down, he is so wet, who will wash the dirty bedding when he is carried into the room" 


    he might wore a dress in normal times, after all, she could get a good reputation, but today the Shen family made such a fuss, making her lose face and reputation long ago, and when she was beaten, she was full of anger. 


    So except for Lu Gu, everyone looked at Lu Daxiang, and when he was stared at, Lu Daxiang said impatiently, "It's alright, let's help him in first." 


    This was the case with fathers.

Lu Gu, who was trembling all over, entered the woodshed. 


    Seeing this, Bao Zhiru waved to the men in the courtyard who came back, and motioned for them to come out.

The men from Anjia Village and Qingxi Village followed, even Lu Daxiang, and no one had any objection. 


    Shen Xuanqing fell behind, after all the men came out, he kept silent and closed the courtyard door from the outside. 


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