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   "Auntie, it's not me who told you, but if you lie, you will be struck by lightning." 


    Ji Qiuyue, Shen Yaoqing's wife, saw that she had turned black and white, and she was going to beat someone at this moment "Who didn't know His face was made up by the old woman, so is it possible that aunt doesn't know" 


    Wei Lanxiang continued to scold: "Are you dead Let him wear Lu.

Wen's clothes" 


Then she asked, "Where is Lu Wen Let him come out for me, I want to see how talented Lu Gu is, and if he is promoted to become the new fulang, Lu Wen still don't know." 


Ji Qiuyue echoed loudly: "Yes, let Lu Wen come out.

Our family married Lu Wen, and Lu Gu will send back to you.

Lu Wen has to follow us back." 


    "Let Lu Wen come out." Two aunts who was friends with Wei Lanxiang also pointed to the other side and shouted, "I have never seen Shuang'er married and hiding at home, and replaced by someone else.

Your Lu family's work is really new." 


    Du Hehua couldn't beat them, and several people have  more mouths.

Seeing that the situation was wrong, she immediately changed her face, and started crying while sitting on the ground. 


    "You're a jerk, what kind of sin have I done for you to spread such an unconscionable thing..." 


    She was crying and scrambling, and she didn't know who she was scolding.

She refused to say where Lu Wen was. 


    Most of the unreasonable village women were like this.

Ji Qiuyue took it for granted and said, "Auntie, you won't let Lu Wen come out, but I can go in and find him myself.

It's only right and proper for our new fulang to go back with us." 


    Du Hehua turned a deaf ear, screaming, ooh, ooh, and she didn't care that she was covered in dust, and she cried more and more terribly. 


    When Ji Qiuyue saw her like this, she knew that Lu Wen was probably not at Lu's house, but she still didn't give up.

She went in and searched for a circle and came out quickly, not to mention Lu Wen, not even Lu Daxiang's shadow. 


    "What happened" 


    Bao Zhiru, the head of Anjia Village, came over after hearing the news, and behind him were some young and strong men in the village. 


    The people of Qingxi Village were blocking the yard.

When Du Hehua saw the village chief coming, she immediately cried across the crowd: "They beat people, They beat me.

If you don't come, Third Uncle, I will be beaten to death by them." 


    Bao Zhiru was already sixty-two years old, and was considered to be highly respected in his old age.

Because he was the third oldest, the villagers often called him the third uncle, and even the people in the nearby villages called him the same.


    Wei Lanxiang glared at Du Hehua, took the marriage certificate after Bao Zhiru came, and wiped her tears and cried, "Third uncle, our family married Lu Wen, it's all written on it, but they married Lu Gu over here , isn't this bullying, I can't take this breath." 


    Bao Zhiru recognized the words, held up the red paper to identify it under the sun, and then looked at Lu Gu who was wearing a wedding dress, his brows wrinkled.


    It was not easy to handle this, even people in Anjia Village knew that the Lu family was at fault. 


    Bao Zhiru thought about it, it was the Shen family who was justified, and if it really went to the county government office, the master of the government would naturally want Lu Wen to go to the Shen family when he saw the marriage certificate, so he said, "I said Hehua, since they have the marriage certificate to prove it, you can't be confused." 


    Hearing this, Du Hehua got up from the ground, crying and wiping her tears, "Third uncle, you don't know, our family Lu Gu is so big, but he has no idea.

He doesn't even have a marriage proposal, and if he drag it on like this, how can I see his mother in the future, if it wasn't for him, would I be able to give him such a good marriage" 


    "I was confused for a while, seeing him crying pitifully and softening my heart.

I just nodded." 


    "I thought, whoever marry will live behind closed doors.

Besides, it's the same when the lights are blown at night." 


    Suddenly it was brought to him, and Lu Gu was at a loss words, he subconsciously shook his head, that's not the case, he didn't ask his stepmother for this marriage. 


    Being so angry because Du Hehua was talking nonsense, Wei Lanxiang scolded directly: "Fuck you mother**er! Your Lu family fools people and treats others as fools, what's the same I'm going to marry Lu Wen so I gave a heavy gift of 20 taels, otherwise who will be taken advantage of!"


    During the quarrel, Lu Gu didn't dare to speak, but Shen Xuanqing, who was a few steps away from him, gave him a look, and the tall man's frowning and cold face made him terrified. 


    He knew at once that Shen Xuanqing was wondering if it was the marriage he asked from his stepmother. 


    Not only Shen Xuanqing, but other people would look at him like this.

When he was discovered by the Shen family, Lu Gu was already embarrassed enough.

After coming, now the stepmother turned black and white, so that his already crumbling face and dignity had been completely torn apart in front of so many people, and there was no more. 


    "Mother, it's obviously Brother Wen and the people from the town..." 


    It was summer, but Lu Gu seemed to be shivering from the cold.

He didn't speak loudly, but Du Hehua, who had been paying attention to whether he could talk nonsense, immediately responded.

She was furious and scolded: "Oh, you shameless little prostitute! Your short-lived mother is so good, you didn't learn any good thing, but you learned it thoroughly! I don't know whose wild seed he is, I kindly raised you, you're not short food and clothing, but now you're here to harm our brother Wen." 


The words "wild seed" completely made Lu Gu's face lost the blood. 


    Du Hehua scolded him more and more harshly, and even Wei Lanxiang couldn't stand it anymore.

Just when she was about to scold her, she heard Shen Xuanqing speak. 


    "Enough!" He took a step forward, his brows still furrowed, and he said solemnly, "It was your Lu family who regretted their marriage first.

Since Lu Wen doesn't want to marry, I won't force it.

It's just that the 20 taels of betrothal money can't be free for you." 


    Wei Lanxiang pointed at Du Hehua and said angrily: "Yes, and the betrothal gift in front of you, which one wasn't bought with money Your family Lu Wen received our money and clothes, but the wedding day ran away.

If you don’t get married but you take the money, you Lu family will take up all the good things.

How can there be such a thing in the world without the king’s law” 


    "We can't give money to your family, and we can't even see a person's shadow so pay back the money!" Ji Qiuyue was also very angry, the more she talked, the more excited she became. 


    Du Hehua blushed when she heard the word repayment, not ashamed, but anxious, that was a full 20 taels of silver, and it was already in her hands, to ask her to return it, it would kill her! 


    "You are small prostitute, I'm talking to your mother, it's your turn to yell here" She pointed at Ji Qiuyue's nose and cursed. 


    Ji Qiuyue didn't faint from anger, but she was so angry that her face flushed red and she gasped for breath, but Shen Yaoqing hurried over to help her and let her calm down. 


    "Du Hehua, you!" Wei Lanxiang's hands were shaking as she pointed at Du Hehua and scolded angrily. 


    "Auntie, you can eat indiscriminately, but you can't talk nonsense." 


    Shen Yaoqing supported his daughter-in-law and looked at Du Hehua, his face was ashen, told her to shut up. 


    Ji Qiuyue was not submissive either, where she ever suffered from this kind of anger, she was originally a lively temperament, she usually spoke lightly and slowly, but now she was getting annoyed and her mouth became even quicker, and she repeatedly scolded: "This one is not a prostitute.

Aunt's Shuang'er are prostitutes, and they are all mixed up with the people in the town, if my aunt is really ashamed, she should hang herself now, otherwise I will be sorry for your Lu family ancestors!"


 Shuang'er and the girl's reputations were undoubtedly important.

Ji Qiuyue knew this, she just couldn't bear it.

She clearly agreed to marry, but she regretted it, co-authored and played their family like a monkey, and Du Hehua insulted her innocence first.


    Hearing this, Du Hehua was like a lit cannonball, blushed, scolding and jumping feet: "You bastard, falsely accusing my brother Wen in empty words, see if I don't tear your mouth apart!" 


    She rushed over and raised her hand to hit Ji Qiuyue, but Shen Yaoqing grabbed her arm and shoved her to the side, she fell to the ground, and immediately burst into tears, shouting that she was going to die, she was going to die. 


    When a group of young men from Anjia Village saw people from other villages moved their hands, they stared at them and were about to fight. 


    Ji Qiuyue saw that they were glaring at Shen Yaoqing, on the other side's territory, if there was a real fight, only the people from the Shen family would suffer, so she sneered and said quickly: "Sure enough, you are overbearing in Anjia Village.asking for a reason will also be beaten, I see the reputation of your Anjia Village spread out, how many people you want to stab the spine, I don't believe it, there is no justice in this world!" 


After all, Bao Zhiru was the chief, he was at a loss with this Lu family, and if they did such absurd things, it would really damage the reputation of their Anjia Village.

Besides, if the people of Qingxi Village were beaten today.

If they went back and gathered a group of people, things would get bigger.

Knowing by the county government, although he was a bit thin, he couldn't avoid being ridiculed by some people behind his back. 


    He pressed his hand, motioned the people of Anjia Village to calm down, and said, "Okay, alright, this matter already happened.

It's like calling back and forth.

If you have something to say, you don't have to be so angry.



    " No, but the money can't be given to them in vain." Wei Lanxiang wiped her tears and said with hatred. 


    Since it was the Lu family who regretted their marriage first, it was only natural for the Shen family to propose to return the betrothal money.

In this way, the matter was over.

Bao Zhiru looked at Du Hehua. 


    Before he could say anything, he saw Du Hehua howling, sitting on the ground clapping his thighs and crying: "God damn it, I've been in bad luck for eight lifetimes, and this kind of thing happened to me in the morning.

You didn't send it back until now.

Your Shen family said that you are a good person, but behind the scenes, I'm afraid that someone has been occupied a long time ago.

Ask me for money, how can I live" 


    Du Hehua cried and cried, not even having a door on his mouth, so she shouted indiscriminately. 


    "Du Hehua! You fart!" When Wei Lanxiang heard that she would frame her son regardless of Lu Gu's innocence, how could she bear it, she picked up the stick that Du Hehua had just thrown on the ground.

Having never suffered from this kind of cowardice, she picked up a stick and hit her. 


    "It's not good to beat people!" 


    Lu Daxiang's younger brother Lu Dahe and his two sons were originally watching from the outside.

After all, their Lu family didn't take care of them, but when they saw the fight, everyone in the village watched.

Unable to shrink his head, he shoved a few middle-aged men with good relationships and beat them together. 


    Du Hehua usually had a loud voice, but now she was beaten and howled like a pig, causing Lu Daxiang, who was hiding nearby, jumped out, pretending to just come back from work in the field, holding a hoe angrily, he ran into the courtyard gate and scuffled with the people of Qingxi Village. 


    In the blink of an eye, the situation changed.

Bao Zhiru was so angry that his beard could lift up.

The few young men he brought with him listened to his words and started fighting. 


    There was a mess in the yard, the men scuffled together, and Lu Dahe's wife and daughter-in-law also came in a hurry, otherwise, they couldn't watch Du Hehua being beaten and scolded by Wei Lanxiang, Ji Qiuyue and two village women. 


    Before everyone noticed, Lu Gu lowered his head and avoided the crowd. 


    Even if someone knew that Du Hehua was talking nonsense just now, but even his own stepmother said that.

What about his stepmother Du Hehua had raised him for all these years.

Okay, acted like a good stepmother. 


    A shuang'er was returned the same day after they got married, and he had no face at all, and now she said in front of so many people that he had lost his innocence. 


    Not long after, someone ran in to the head of the village, shouting, "No, no, Lu Gu jumped into the river!"


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