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The ducks ate twice a day, got up early and drove them out once, and drove them out again in the afternoon, but sometimes they were too busy to get out, and Shen Yan would go to the pond to cut some water plants and came back to feed them. 


    Today, the journey to town was a bit farther.

She was still young, and when she felt tired, she didn't want to go out to drove the ducks to the pond.

She carried a bamboo basket and pulled Lu Gu to go with her to the pond to mow water plants. 


    The two of them worked very quickly.

The bamboo basket was full in a short time, and the pressure was particularly firm.

Shen Yan didn't move her back all of a sudden, and was dragged straight back by the weight.

Fortunately, Lu Gu supported her from behind. 


    "Too many." Shen Yan said in her mouth, but she also showed a silly smile, her almond eyes curved, innocent and childish. 


    She said that she had to put it down again, and saw Shen Yaoqing in the front of the house, carrying two empty wooden buckets in his hand, came to fetch water from the river. 


    Before he got close, he realized that the basket behind Shen Yan was too heavy, and asked with a smile, "Can't you carry it" 


    "Brother Daqing, come quickly." Since there were rescue soldiers, although she could still move her back after persevering, Shen Yan simply threw the job to Shen Yaoqing. 


    "You said that you two, you won't make it less if you can't carry it." After he finished speaking, he poked Shen Yan's forehead, then put the wooden buckets down, and carried the bamboo basket on his back to go back first. 


    Shen Yan and Lu Gu carried the empty bucket, and walked to the river for a while before stopping.

The wooden bucket was not too small.

According to their strength, they had to hold their breath when it was full of water, and they could lift it up with both hands at the same time. 


    The two of them each had a bucket, they both scooped the water and brought it to the shore.

Shen Yan said to Lu Gu, "Wait until Brother Daqing comes over and let him carry it back."


They couldn't move such a bucket full of water, they could only bring half a bucket to carry back, and it was inevitable to make several more trips. 


    Fortunately, fetching water in these villages was usually a man's job.

Before even if Lu Daxiang was old and frail, Lu Daxiang would go there most of the time.

Otherwise, the villagers would see him instructed his children to do heavy work such as fetching water.

They must say bad things behind their back, Du Hehua didn't dare to make it so obvious at that time. 


    Shen Yaoqing brought the buckets full of water several times until the water tank in the house was full. 


    Ji Qiuyue washed the wild vegetables, Lu Gu boiled water in the stove, and when the water boiled, he poured the wild vegetables into it, blanched it, and then scooped it into cold water, so it wouldn't be so hot. 


    After chopping the wild vegetables, she and Lu Gu squeezed the water out of the vegetable with their hands. 


    "I'm going to take the flour." Ji Qiuyue saw that there were not many vegetables left, so she cleaned up the chopped vegetables on her hands, took the bowl to the flour tank and dug four and a half bowls of miscellaneous flour. 


    Lu Gu squeezed the last of the wild vegetables out of water and put it in a basin.

Ji Qiuyue would do the mixing by herself. 


    Even at the end of summer, the kitchen would be very hot as long as the fire was on, and both of their faces were sweating.

Ji Qiuyue couldn't keep her hands free, so she raised her arm and wiped it. 


    The kitchen chopping board was right in front of the window.

Shen Yaoqing saw her so hot in the courtyard, so he brought a fan and stood outside the window to fan her. 


    Lu Gu didn't dare to look at the two of them, so he walked out of the kitchen with his brows down.

He didn't know what Shen Yaoqing said in a low voice.

Ji Qiuyue raised his voice slightly, and scolded: "Go!" 


    Seeing that there was no other work to do at the moment, He went back to the room to cool off.

The window of the room was open, and he could hear Shen Yaoqing and Ji Qiuyue talking and laughing in the yard. 


    He didn't listen to what the two of them were talking about, his eyebrows narrowed slightly, but he thought of Shen Xuanqing. 


    Unlike Ji Qiuyue and Shen Yaoqing, he didn't dare to talk in front of Shen Xuanqing at all, and even looked at that tall and strong man and felt terrified.

Besides, he was sold to the Shen family, and he originally a fulang who wasn't married seriously.

The difference was that he didn't dare to think about joking with Shen Xuanqing.

In this comparison, he felt that he was the best at the moment.

He was not someone who could talk, so he shouldn't do things that he was not good at.


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