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  After arriving at Qingxi Village, under the old tree at the entrance of the village, there were a few old wive and old ladies who took advantage of the bright sun, some people from the square line, some people who peeled beans, and gathered to gossip about various people and things in the village. 


    Seeing Wei Lanxiang brought Lu Gu back, the old lady asked face to face, "Lanxiang, what are you doing" 


    Wei Lanxiang smiled and said, "It's not a piece of fabric for our Gu Zi, Go back and make new clothes." 


    She took out the cloth from the basket and put it on Lu Gu's body, and asked a few old people, " Does't this fabric suit our Gu Zi" 


    "Oh, it's really beautiful." 


    "Our little fulang looks really handsome." 


    "This fabric is so bright, it must cost a lot of money."


Wei Lanxiang listened to their gossip and said with a smile: "No, only 80 pennies." 


Smacking their tongues, they exclaimed in unison, "It's amazing!" 


    "That's what you're willing to do." 


    Wei Lanxiang smiled without answering, and asked again, "Grandma Ajin, I remember that you had someone bring the old clothes that you couldn't sell before, do you have any more" 


    Grandma Ajin hurriedly put down the chai bean in her hand, she sat in the back, stretched her neck and said, "There's more." 


    Wei Lanxiang folded the cloth and put it back in the basket, and said, "It's not much, if there's more, I'll give you three pennies, take it and make two pairs of new shoes for Gu Zi."


    "Yes , there are enough for you." Grandma Ajin stopped peeling the beans, and hurriedly walked with Wei Lanxiang to the village with a dustpan, three pennies. 


    The clothes in her family were said to be old clothes just for face, but in fact they were the tattered clothes that the farmer couldn't mend and couldn't be sold to others.

In addition to their own, they also picked up the ones that others didn't want.

There were a lot of them, Wei Lanxiang heard that there were a lot of people who buy it and the price was three pennies, to make shoe soles, otherwise who would buy a bunch of rags.


    Ji Qiuyue was squatting in the yard to chop grass, and when she saw Lu Gu came back with a bunch of rags, she wondered, "Where did this come from" 


    Wei Lanxiang replied smoothly: "There are no old clothes at home , and I bought it from Grandma Ajin.

Make the soles of the shoes for Gu Zi and Shen Yan." 


The Shen family had made new clothes before Shen Xuanqing got married, so when Wei Lanxiang bought new fabric for Lu Gu and said to make clothes, Ji Qiuyue was not uncomfortable, she also knew that Lu Gu didn't even have another pair of shoes, so pitiful, he wouldn't say anything. 


    However, she was a little surprised to see that her mother-in-law was suddenly so interested in Lu Gu. 


    Lu Gu put the rags on the ground and picked them up with Wei Lanxiang.

If there was dirty smell, he took them out and put them aside.

After that, they washed them with water, otherwise it would be too wasteful. 


    Shen Yan was putting the ducks in the pond, and he took the wooden basin to the back of the house to wash the tattered clothes, and he saw her as expected. 


    "Brother Lu Gu." Shen Yan had just hit a bale of grass, and was sitting on a white stone to rest.

When she saw him coming, she shouted and asked what he was doing. 


    Hearing that Lu Gu said that her mother wanted to make shoes for them, she was naturally happy. 


    The busy and steady day passed quickly.

After dinner in the evening, Lu Gu washed the dishes as usual, while Wei Lanxiang and Ji Qiuyue visited the village before it got dark. 


    On the way, Ji Qiuyue couldn't hold back and asked, "Mother, why did you think of making clothes for Lu Gu" 


    Wei Lanxiang sighed lightly before telling her the reason. 


    Du Hehua was not easy to get along with.

After the fight in Anjia Village, Shen Xuanqing injured Lu Daxiang, and Du Hehua cried when she saw anyone, saying that their Shen family was not good person, and even more ugly words were planted on Shen Xuanqing's head.


    There had been some gossips in the surrounding villages, and even Zhou Xiangjun heard about it.

When he came that day, he mentioned to her that gossip was always bad, even if they were not wrong, but people could talk behind their backs.


    Shen Xuanqing and Lu Gu were splashed with sewage outside by Du Hehua.

Let's not mention other things.

Shen Yan was going to get married in the future, so she couldn't be dragged down and couldn't find a good family. 


    Now she not only wanted to make new clothes and new shoes for Lu Gu, but also took care of people.

No matter who looked at it, they couldn't say that the Shen family was at fault, and even Shen Xuanqing's reputation could be restored. 


    Ji Qiuyue suddenly realized that this was true. 


    The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law went to visit like this.

When Wei Lanxiang was talking about marrying Lu Gu, she sighed and revealed that the reason why Shen Xuanqing bought Lu Gu was to save people, otherwise Lu Gu would be ruined by his stepmother.

How could he survive, even if he did, it would be as hard as Du Hehua's hand, and Lu Gu had to be tortured to death in the Lu family. 


    The fulang of the Xia family, who was chatting with her, nodded and sighed repeatedly, saying that it was right, and patted Wei Lanxiang's hand to comfort her. 


    This fulang of the Xia family was  good-hearted and warm-hearted.

When he encountered injustice, he always had to say it bitterly.

Even if he talked a lot, he could say a word to anyone, and he couldn't hide it.

Told him today so that half of Qingxi Village would know tomorrow.


    Lu Gu, who was cleaning up in the kitchen, didn't know anything, but even if he knew, he wouldn't mind.

Shen Xuanqing bought him from the Lu family, and he could eat and slept well here.

For him, it was really saved him.


    Wei Lanxiang was very selfish towards him, but that was different from Du Hehua.

Du Hehua only dressed him neatly, but didn't even give him food.

So telling outsiders about that, it could be called telling the truth, compared to those bad things that Du Hehua did, this was nothing. 




Lu Gu was lying on the bed at night.

He was the only one who slept alone tonight.

He felt a little more comfortable, but he didn't dare to move things. 


    He remembered the indigo fabric and the shoes.

He couldn't believe it like a dream.

Du Hehua's words that he once scolded him for not knowing whether or not he deserved to wear new clothes could still be heard in his ears. 


    But now, Du Hehua couldn't beat him anymore. 


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