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 Shen Yan was so happy that Lu Gu hurriedly brought the basin over when he saw that she was going to pour it out, let it for two days to vomit the mud and sand. 


    Shen Yaoqing also came back with the hoe on his back, seeing the mud on Shen Yan's body, he knew what was going on.

Compared to yesterday's cloudy atmosphere, the family members had a bit of a smile on their faces, it made him also happy, and grabbed Shen Yan's little braid, asked, "Have you had enough fun" 


    The family's situation was not good in the past two years, and Shen Yan also followed suit.

She kept ducks and grass every day, and sometimes she had to do some needlework.

She couldn't even find time to play.

Today, Shen Xuanqing didn't catch a rabbit, so he took her to the river to dig for loach.

This was a rare fun for her, and she was naturally happy. 


    "Sister-in-law, look at him!" Shen Yan was sore, and she knew that she couldn't beat him, so her brows were tangled together, and she hurriedly called Ji Qiuyue. 


    With a soft sound of "snap", Shen Yaoqing was hit on the back of the head.

After being beaten by his wife, he laughed and stopped messing with Shen Yan. 


    A few loach fluttered in the basin, and the water splashed outside.

Shen Yan used chopsticks to dip a few drops of oil into the basin, so that they could spit out the mud. 


    The clouds in the evening were dyed orange, and the wind blew away the heat of the day.

The family gathered to eat together, happily and harmoniously, which was a very unfamiliar scene for Lu Gu. 


    In front of him was the only bowl of egg custard on the table, which Ji Qiuyue said was steamed for him alone. 


    Without the distress of yesterday, Shen Yaoqing spoke more, and compared to his eldest brother who in his twenties, Shen Xuanqing, who was five years younger, spoke less prudently. 


    Lu Gu felt that this bowl of egg custard was too precious, and he didn't dare to eat it at all, so he gave it to Wei Lanxiang and said, "Mother, you eat." 


    Although the voice of calling mother was small , he was still sensible, Wei Lanxiang was in a better mood, she had a two-point smile at Lu Gu, and pushed the bowl back. 


    Because Shen Xuanqing had already recognized Lu Gu as the new fulang, and she wanted him to live with the second child in the future, so she casually said: "No, I have eaten all these days.

If you like to eat it, you can eat it, the injury will heal if you eat it, and in the future you will give it to us…” 


    Having said this, Wei Lanxiang suddenly felt bad, and quickly turned around: "you will make it for our Erqing in the future.

It's all up to you to do the food and laundry." 


What she originally wanted to say was to give birth to a big fat boy for Shen Xuanqing, but when the words got to her mouth, she knew it was not good, so she hurriedly took it back, but after all she heard it, Ji Qiuyue paused her chopsticks, her eyebrows drooping. 


    "Eat, eat, it's not good if it's cold." Shen Yaoqing rounded up the situation, and even put the vegetables in Ji Qiuyue's bowl as a show of flattery. 


    Lu Gu didn't know what was going on, so he subconsciously held his breath, for fear that he would say a word or do something wrong and made others unhappy. 


    He didn't know, Ji Qiuyue had been married for three years, and the family life was good when she first got married, but she didn't think that when Shen Shunfu was gone, and it became difficult.

They couldn't even eat , and everyone had to work hard to earn money.

For money, Shen Yaoqing discussed with her whether or not to have sex. 


    Otherwise, the child would suffer and even adults would be dragged down.

It was not easy to raise a child, not to mention for the confinement, and the milk may not be enough, so she hadn't made any movement in the past three years. 


    Besides, she couldn't tell anyone about this.

she couldn't say that my family was not living well and they couldn't afford it.

When she said this, Shen Yaoqing had to slap himself a few times. 


    The two of them didn't say much about this, but the rest of the Shen family knew a little of the reason, but outsiders didn't.

For the farmers, getting married and having children was the same thing.

Some gossip also entered her ears, which inevitably made her felt uncomfortable.


    Fortunately, Ji Qiuyue stopped lowering her head soon, and she regained her spirits.

Wei Lanxiang knew she had said the wrong thing, and pushed her favorite dishes over there, saying, "Qiuyue, you like to eat this rabbit meat, eat more."


    Shen Yaoqing was even more rude, and brought it directly to his wife, causing Ji Qiuyue to scold him.  


    The sun set, and another day had passed. 


    If you didn't work at night, naturally the lights wouldn't be lit for a long time.

After dark, the Shen family went back to their room to rest and sleep. 


    Lu Gu was lying upright on the bed, his entire figure seemed to be frozen, not daring to move at will. 


    It stands to reason that after marrying, the shuang'er would sleep in the outer side.

It was good to make it easier when they needed to pour tea and water for their husband at night, but Shen Xuanqing was used to sleep alone, and he felt uncomfortable when there was a person sleeping in the outer side, so he pushed him in.


    When entering the room, only the two of them were left when the door and windows were closed, and Lu Gu was almost frightened by the tall and strong man standing beside the bed. 


    Speaking of which, he had never been so close to Shen Xuanqing, and even because of the overwhelming sense of oppression, he didn't dare to look at Shen Xuanqing's appearance, until today there was only a vague outline. 


    He probably knew that Shen Xuanqing was cold and fierce, but as long as he didn't provoke him. 


    As for his appearance, he was busy discussing life carefully, and he had to think about filling his stomach.

He didn't even care what he looked like, let alone others. 


    The two just lay together like this, and Lu Gu was barely breathing. 


    The night was getting dark, and there were a few barks coming from the backyard, which soon subsided.

He thought he would keep his eyes open all night, but as Shen Xuanqing by his side didn't make any big movements, his breathing gradually became steady, letting Lu Lu Gu slowly closed his eyes. 


    The injury on the forehead hadn't healed yet, making him always felt dizzy, and his body had been depleted due to lack of food in recent years, so even if he slept all afternoon during the day, he finally fell asleep.


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