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It was worthwhile to prepare the food until both cheeks were convex.

I put a lot of food in that bowl.

So this time, the little child ate a huge amount.

She likes to eat like that, but why was she so small

“I will go then.

I really enjoyed the meal.”

But as soon as she got up after eating, she said her greetings and said she’ll go.

I can’t believe she’s trying to run away after eating! I was afraid she would be lonely by herself, so I was going to play with her! What was she going to do with no friends

As I asked where she was going, I managed to hold back my anger, and she easily said she’ll go to study again.

She was younger than me, but she seemed to study a lot.

When I asked if Commander Hertman was forcing her to study like that, she said no.

Was she studying on her own will

The little child gave bright eyes as if it was really like that.

I was going to play with her, but she liked studying better than playing with me.

I just got annoyed

“Then you won’t have to do it for a day.

You follow me today.”

When the little child hesitated, opened her eyes and looked to meto make a quick decision, I replied that I would play with her.

It will be so.

Basically, children grow up while playing.

After thinking about what to do with the little child, I decided to show her around with a big heart.

Lev was a pony given to me as a birthday present this year.

It’s still smaller than other horses, but it’s all black, so pretty, sturdy, and strong.

The stable keeper said that Lev was a good breed.

He also said that later Lev would grow up to be a very good horse.

Even a child will fall in love with Lev’s cool look when she sees him.

I took her to the stables and bragged about Lev.

“This is Lev.

My horse.”


As expected, when the little child looked at me with admiration, I was proud of myself.

I knew that the little child had good eyes.

I like that.

Shall I give her a ride Originally, I would give no one a ride, but since she’s a kid, I can give her a ride at least once.

Then I saw Lev’s hind legs.

It wasn’t too big, but there was a noticeable wound.

When I saw him a few days ago, Lev was fine.

So when did he get hurt Obviously I ordered the stable keeper to take good care of it! I was angry with the stable keeper for not working properly.

I don’t know how Lev managed to get such a wound.

You can’t do it if you’ve been working right.

As soon as the stable keeper came with water, saw me and rushed to say hello, I couldn’t stand my irritation.

In the end, I threw a fit.

I was so angry that I didn’t even think of the little child’s existence.

The stable keeper should be held responsible for the lack of maintenance.

That was the only thought.

I wanted to call Grandfather, but he was in the mansion.

It’s okay though.

When Grandfather wasn’t here, I could just call Ren, the escort knight.

“You hurt my horse! Take him for his crime and whip him!”

I called Ren and ordered him to take the stable keeper’s crimes, and then I turned around.

However, the little child’s condition was strange.

Her face was white, and her eyes were out of focus.

The little body trembled incessantly.

She staggered helplessly, as if she would fall with the slightest touch.

“Huh why are you like this”

At that moment, the little child collapsed.

My heart fell down.

The little child didn’t move as she fell down.

It wasn’t a joke.

I was afraid.

I felt like I was about to cry.

“Hey! Hey! Little child!”

Startled, i ran and grabbed the little child and shook it.

The little child’s body trembled weakly.

The little child who had been fine until a while ago suddenly collapsed and scared me so.

“Ren! What should I do What’s wrong with her”

Ren approached hurriedly and checked the little child’s condition.

I held my breath and waited by the side.

That moment felt so long, I was afraid.

“She seems to have fainted.”

“Why did she faint”

Ren shook his head, not knowing as well.

I was nervous.

“Why don’t we go inside first”


Bring her inside.”

First, I had Ren move the little child to the mansion.

And I made a fuss to Grandfather to call the priest right away.

The little child lying on the bed was pale.

I was more nervous than when I stood in front of my father because I was afraid that she would not be able to wake up like this.

The little child did not wake up while the priest was examining her.

I was afraid that this happened because I took her to the stable for nothing.

I was afraid that something might happen to the little child, and tears welled up.

This is really bad.

I’m the one who will become the Grand Duke, so I shouldn’t cry recklessly.

“It’s okay.

It’s not like she’s sick, it’s like something shocked her.”

“Then she’s not sick”

I took a deep breath when I heard that the little child wasn’t sick.

But shock

I don’t know what shocked her.

There were no shocking things.

Was she shocked to see Lev’s injury Or is it because she’s small, or very weak despite eating a lot.


If you let her rest, she will wake up in a few hours.”

Having said that, the priest stood up.

The priest asked if he needed to stay until she woke up just in case, but I said wouldn’t be needing his help anymore.

I did say that, but I couldn’t stop the priest, so I just sent him away.


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