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The time went by, and the conversation ended with a simple word,

The look on the parents face was embarrassment and shock, but the mother was the only one who felt guilty about what had happened before.

\ I told you it was a bad idea\ the mother said

\Mom it is necessary for us to do it, how long had that kid been going to embarrass us, that time with the honoured guest of ours.\

\ It was not his fault, liking him was not his problem, and what you want to say has succeeded.

So may you tell me what exactly was the problem?\

The yelling of the mom was so loud that even Albert heard him from his room.

But what was his deal with not listening to his mom complaining about the way that they dealt with his family member?

But what was being planned that night will be a shock to all the members of the family.

With the anger of the boss an order was given, a rush decision, one made by anger and hatred.

\ I want that **er to be dead\

That was the order, a rush and anger who had been there for nearly 15 years.

I went to sleep, no one could know what kind of news might be brought to their ears.

The sunrise, the morning is peaceful, the birds singing, and the maids are busy making breakfast.

\ Ring, ring, ring\


\ Good morning General\

\Good morning, who is with me\

\I m detective Luis Margaret\

\what made you call me in this morning detective \

\I just want to tell you that retired sergeant Mikhail Renword has died.\

\....He was fine yesterday when he visited. \

\ Im sorry to tell you, but we found him dead in the bar that exists near the sea,

The reason was a heart attack\

\ Mikhail was healthy, every month he checked his health at the military doctor, if he was sick I could know \

\ We suspect that he might be murder but we did our investigation and the doctor told us that it wasn his first, get 3 years ago but thankfully he was saved\

\ was alcohol the reason\

alcohol and drugs\

\ How much and he is consuming them. \

\ from his closest friend, its probably more than seven years.\

\did you tell his family\

\ he has no family, thats why I called you\

\Yeah, I forget that, because of the job he couldn have any relationship.

He is a military one so the funeral will be held in the military tombs. \

\ Im sorry for what happened General. \

\ thank you, detective. \

The sadness was obviously on the fathers face, sudden death of a close friend, a loyal one.

The family members who were sitting at the food table saw the fathers expression, they knew that there was something off, the mother just wanted to ask but an annoying voice interrupted her.

\ clap, clap, clap…. \

With a Slipper voice and the way the one is wearing them moved heavenly and doing it on purpose.

Yep, Alberts slippers, the question that we could ask is why? What does he want to gain by doing that childish behaviour?

\ good morning everyone\

In a good mood, words come out of his mouth.

\Whats the deal with him?\ the sister said.

The sad look turned into anger just by seeing the face of the youngest.

\ What have you said to your teacher \

\ why the sudden question \

\ your teacher has died\

L9hwa\..... So bad \ with coldly way those words have been said.

\ What, how, when. \ the good son of the house said.

\ was that call now just... \ the mom said.

\ Yeah, a detective called me and told me the news.

It was drugs. \

\ What do you mean drugs, the teacher wouldn be someone to do that kind of thing\

\ he was found dead in a bar and the test shows that he consumed a lot of alcohol and 3 kinds of drugs.\

drug, they went too far for just a kill What was Albert thinking on his mind?

\ Hurry eat we should go to the funeral.

You are not coming right.\

\ I feel sorry for what happened yesterday, so may I make a visit with you all? \

\ sure my son. \

\ Why?.

You hated him \

\ Will, even though he was bad with me, he still taught me many things. \

\ At least you do have some consciousness in you. \

Many people gathered, the fact that he died from overconsuming drugs and alcohol, was hidden from the soldier, so his reputation won be damaged. Will Albert has another idea, but in the last, he backs it up.

\This is enough, let him die as an honourable soldier, but drugs that were new to me, I need to ask what they did exactly.\ his thoughts

The fireworks, the soldiers salute, and previous students cry after that passed one rumour was circling around the mouth of the people in the army.

The generals youngest son was the cause. Before he died he visited their house and the accident happened.

The gossip was full on the place over there, and the face of the family from shame and embarrassment of the news that was true.

Albert didn mind that he might be the cause, because he is someone who takes responsibility for what he has done, and he should take responsibility for this one too.

He was the cause and he has the reason, even though it came out of anger, but no one can say why.

Just as he wanted to speak, he was interrupted by the angry look of his father, and brother.

The look was saying everything,

Don cause any more trouble, we had enough of you .

The way it was would make anyone doesn t feel good, or he might just burn him down and he will cause much trouble.

But Albert took control of himself and put a smile on his face.

It was clear he had something in his mind.

Whether it is good or bad, only time will tell us.

The funeral ended there, everyone went there.

At the same time in the car.

\ What did you tell him yesterday \

\ Why does it matter?

Are you telling me that I might be the cause of his death? \

\ I just want to know what have you told him \

\ nothing, I just refused\


\Drugs are the reason, even a child will know this.

Whats got me to that? \

\ Its enough, that person has died, husband, you let someone like him be our friend, God knows what exactly he has done in the previous years. \

With the words of the mother, everyone shut their mouth and went home peacefully.

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