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I thought of hiding in the basement, where Richard was, in order to avoid being discovered by mistake, but there was no need for that. 


This is because Argen granted me permission to visit the herb field, which is on the Marquis’ private property.


So I read through the herbal book and found the plants that would relieve Argen’s pain.


“Jemeryl Herbs…”


In the name of protection, the knights were watching me.


I looked at them and took the time to return to the Marquis late.


It was a difficult herb to find in the first place, so there was no time to waste.


“I found it.”


Only at night was I able to return after finding the herbs.


The banquet will still be in full swing.

Let’s stay in there as quietly as possible.


Even though I thought so, my heart trembles when I enter the mansion.


The building where the banquet is held is different, so we don’t have to run into each other in this place, but—.


Is this what post-traumatic stress disorder is




“Ahh, I can’t hear you.

I can’t hear you.”




Apparently, in this situation, when a nearby maid called me, I became anxious for nothing.


“Rosie! hey!”


“Tell me tomorrow.

There’s nothing to say for today.” 


“…Did you eat something wrong”


The maid’s grim face looked as if she were seeing a crazy person.

That’s too much.


“The head maid is calling.

Come on.”


“…Head maid” 



She told you to come to the garden.”


When the maid had finished speaking, she left as if she had finished her business.


Is there any reason for the head maid to be looking for me I don’t think there’s anything in particular.


—Or is there an issue with the monitoring


I don’t want to, but I have no choice but to go quickly.




Things were going well.

At least that’s how Yurtha felt.


Yurtha looked at Dylan.


Dylan was talking with the nobles at the banquet hall.

He didn’t seem to know Rose was here yet.


Yurtha’s irritation was obvious.


The one who used to be stupid until he was a kid, the one who was busy harassing his sister.


He changed at some point.


He grew up as if his stupid childhood was a process for him to blossom into a swan, and he earned Rose’s favor.


‘I have to make sure Nunim doesn’t meet Dylan.’


Fortunately, Rose didn’t seem to want to meet Dylan either.


From Rose’s point of view, she wanted to avoid him rather than meet him.


Nevertheless, the reason why he was called in is to keep him in check.


Yurtha’s mouth was twisted.


Yurtha looked at Dylan again.

He will never give Dylan chance to meet Rosie. 


“Nunim is heading towards the banquet hall”


Things get really messed up.


Yurtha hurriedly left the banquet hall, ignoring Dylan, who was staring at him with stern eyes.


Just as expected. 


A pink hair woman was seen outside the banquet hall.


The fluttering pink hair and the scent that emanates from her make him dizzy—.


Yurtha was about to go crazy in many ways.


He hurriedly ran to Rose and grabbed her.




I was dragged helplessly before I realized someone had grabbed my arm.


I couldn’t even use my strength, and I fell into the arms of a man.

I couldn’t even scream in surprise, and when I looked around, there was a familiar face staring back at me.


The red eyes that met under the night sky gleamed in a different way.


“Why are you—”


“You’d better not go there, Nunim.”


His breathing was rough as if he had run from a distance.

Huh Come to think of it—.


He should have taken care of it for a banquet, but his black hair was messy.


“…Did you run”


“Is that important now


“What’s over there”




Every day, pretending to be calm and relaxed, he suddenly jumped up to me. 


I peeked out my head to see what was behind Yurtha’s back.


Then Yurtha stepped aside and blocked my view.


And then, shamelessly.


“There’s nothing.”


He said shamelessly. 


“Don’t you think that your words and actions are different”


Yurtha didn’t know what to say even after thinking about it for a long time before opening his mouth.


“When you see me, you run away, but now you treat me like nothing.”


“The banquet hall is also nearby, so if I scream here, they’ll hear everything.” 


I laughed shamelessly.

Then Yurtha burst into laughter like a balloon with no wind.


“I see.”




I don’t know what Yurtha was trying to hide, but I wasn’t that curious. 


“Isn’t that the direction of the banquet hall”


“…Are you interested”


“That’s right.”


Perhaps it was my mistake, Yurtha felt relieved.


“I don’t even want to go that way.

Bye then.

I have to go to work.”


“Did anything else also happen besides the exclusive maid watching over the monster”


“I don’t need to report to you if I do.

My master is the Marquis.”


“My master—”


Yurtha showed his displeasure.


I didn’t feel any emotion in that expression.

So I don’t have to care.


“He’s my master.

Because I’m the servant of this place.”


Yurtha’s eyebrows, which had been frowning for a long time as if he didn’t like it very much, loosened.

He smiled brightly.


“That’s right.”


—I thought he would be angry, but the more he smiled, the more frightening it felt. 


I think it would be better to just stay away.


“Anyway, I’ll be on my way.”



“I’ll take you there.”


“No, get lost.”


Despite the harsh words, Yurtha only sighed as if it was regrettable, but didn’t forcefully act.

That was fortunate. 


I walked quickly to disappear from Yurtha’s sight.


By the way, where the hell is the head maid She said she was in the garden. 


It’s not a hidden camera.

It was time to mumble alone.


Did I come all the way to a deserted place Something was really weird.


—It’s quite uncomfortable.


I’d rather just go back to the mansion.

I did enough, so it’s not my fault if I don’t meet the head maid.


It was time to back down like that.




Something hit the back of the head, and my vision shook greatly.


Soon, I lost my strength and collapsed.




The combination of Herthas and Evantes.


It was good on the surface, but it was not very pleasant for Dylan because it was an achievement that Yurtha brought. 


Dylan, the successor of Herthas, greeted those who approached him with a welcome, or even half-hearted, and drink. 


As a result, drunkenness rose.


Is it because of that


Recently, something from the past that often comes to mind has come to mind again.




It was two years ago.


Like Yurtha was kicked out, he left for the academy and was not in the mansion.


It was a humid day with continuous rain.


As he was walking through the garden, it suddenly rained and he ran to the mansion, but it was already wet.


As he was spitting out swearing in annoyance, he heard a laugh at him.


How dare 


Dylan quickly turned his head and saw Rose standing outside the window watching the rain and looking at him with curls on.


“Is this funny”



Dylan was annoyed, Rose nodded to deny it, and then puffed smoke out of her mouth.


Dylan frowned at the unfamiliar appearance.


“Since when did you start smoking”


“I tried it because it was cool, but it’s not bad.”


Rosie pulled the pipe out of her mouth and laughed.


“Do you smoke it because it’s cool Cut it off.

It doesn’t suit you.” 


“Well, I should stop before I become addicted.” 


Dylan frowned as he looked at Rose.


She had some strange sides even as a child, but they seemed to become more tightly twisted as she grew older.


“You know, I just wanted to ask you something.”




—What did she say after that


There are days when Rose makes strange words. 


So he didn’t really care and couldn’t remember well.




Dylan frowned and looked at Yurtha. 


Then, Yurtha’s red eyes and his eyes met in the air.


Dylan felt like a bug crawling on his skin and spat out curses.


Due to his personality, he was a guy who didn’t avoid it and would go all the way up to pick a fight.


However, contrary to Dylan’s expectations, Yurtha turned around. 


That bastard Yurtha, where is he going in a hurry


Normally, he would come to Dylan on a day like this and pick a fight with a smile. 


He is a person who will bring out the inferiority complex that Dylan had toward Yurtha when he was a child and sharpen them. 


But today, he was looking around as if he had hidden a treasure.


It was natural for Dylan to feel suspicious.


Dylan couldn’t resist the mounting curiosity and followed Yurtha.


Dylan burst out laughing as he looked at Yurtha rushing out. 


He’s not usually like that.

Where is he really going


He followed Yurtha carefully so that he wouldn’t get caught.


He could see familiar pink hair shaking in the wind.


Damn it.

What did I just see


Is he drunk 


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