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At Seirin’s suggestion, Alois’ eyes shone sharply.

After a while, Alois asked provocatively.

‘Can you prove it We already have a history of being betrayed by the imperial family.’ 

‘Of course.

I’ve heard that magicians have an ‘oath’ with their lives as collateral.’

‘How the hell would that be…’

‘I’m a member of the Imperial family.

I know more than you think.’

At Seirin’s arrogant attitude, Alois shut her lips.

The oath is dangerous, so the previous emperor did not do it on purpose.

As a result, as soon as he finished the Great War, he betrayed the magicians and even took all the credit.

Seirin wanted to buy Alois even if there was a risk.

So she proposed the shackles herself.

Alois, who had been thinking for a while, asked with serious eyes.

‘So what do you want from me’

Seirin said, looking down at Alois coldly.

‘There’s only one Esol in Bael.

I want you to kill her.’

‘Why do you want to kill her It’s probably the biggest power in times like this.’

‘Do I have to explain that too’


‘It doesn’t mean anything.

I just don’t like it.’

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That’s how the contract was made.

It was such a contract.

Afterwards, Alois disguised herself as Seirin’s maid and was diligently preparing for the event.

Alois glanced at Seirin.

It was funny that she was trying to tie her up with a flimsy threat, but she was playing along first.

‘You only know one side of history anyway…’

It was not only because of the Great War that the relationship between the magicians and the imperial family deteriorated.

The first emperor hid history.

It was also adapted to his advantage.

So, the only people who remember the true history were the magicians.

The descendant, Alois, also knew the history very well, so Seirin’s behavior was very pitiful.

‘I know more than you think.

You’re showing off when you only know part of the oath.’

In the first place, Alois had no intention of risking her entire life to Seirin.

The Princess probably didn’t know about that oath.

Had the Princess known, she would have never suggested it.

Magicians always hide other moves in case of unexpected events.

This was also the result of learning from the accumulated precedents of the imperial family.

‘I don’t know why you’re trying to kill Esol, but there’s no harm to me.’

As the princess said, if only Esol is killed, the magicians’ reputations will be restored.

That was what Alois wanted.

Of course, that wasn’t the ultimate goal.

‘I can find it after my conscience is clean.’

Alois strengthened her will stroking the place where the handkerchief would be.

Then Seirin said.

“I think it takes longer than I thought.

I’d like to finish it before my brother Kronos gets here…”

“If you speed up, it’s a burden on the person who executes the procedure.

I’m preparing as much as possible so that I don’t harm the Princess.”

“I’m glad to hear that.”

Seirin tried to suppress her impatience.

Oddly enough, her patience did not show well when it came to Tiarozety.

Alois glanced at Seirin.

As a result of examining her behavior, she could roughly guess why she wanted to kill Esol.

‘The vassals of Sparrow Castle are very friendly to Esol.

More than to Princess Seirin.’

Considering the unique temperament of the royal family, she thought that this situation itself might feel insulting to her.

Besides, she seems to have a heart for the owner of this castle.

Alois hinted to Seirin.

“You’ll be able to achieve what you want in the near future.”

“Yes, I’ll look forward to it.”

After a short reply, Seirin handed the parchment to Betty.

Betty took it and put it in the fireplace and burned it.

It was to remove traces.

Seirin smiled faintly as she looked at the burning parchment. 

However, several days passed and Alois did not bring the desired result. 

She couldn’t report it to Seirin, but it was due to a setback in the plan.

Alois began to look for other methods.


Gregory had gone somewhere shortly after arriving at the barracks.

He said he had a different purpose for their visit, so it seems it was true.

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The one who greeted me was the butler, Theo.

“You worked hard to come, Miss Tiarozety.”

“Long time no see, Theo.”

“The Duke is on patrol now.

He is coming soon, so first unpack in the empty barracks and warm yourself up.”

Theo raised his hand and led me to the empty barracks.

I asked Theo as I headed to the barracks.

“Is the situation really bad these days”

“It’s not that good.

The number of beasts has increased exponentially.

As a result, solidarity between the lords became important.”

“I heard that you’re going on an expedition soon.

When does it leave”

“Looking at the current trend, I think we’ll start next week.”

‘Can you pull it a little more” No, it may be too late for that.’

As I was thinking about that, I saw a familiar face moving somewhere.


At my call, John turned around and came up to me with a big smile and greeted me.

“Ma’am, ah, no.

Miss Tiarozety, long time no see!”

He was accustomed to calling me ‘Ma’am’, but he hurriedly corrected it.

Perhaps he knew now that I was not Lexion’s wife.

John was at a new height I had never seen before, and he had grown taller and more mature.

It was nice to see him stronger than before when he was poor.

I said with a big smile.

“Anyway, I heard that you came to Bael.

Are you working as an errand boy”

“No, I’m working as a stable keeper.

Even now, I was about to go feed the horses.” 

“Isn’t the work exhausting”

“It’s not hard.

I’m happy to work.

Uncle Lark is very kind.

Of course, I think it’s because of my mom.”

John said bravely and smiled.

Then someone called John.

“John! Where the hell are you fooling around”

“Oh, Uncle Lark!”

John was startled and waved to Lark.

When he saw me, his eyes widened, then ran quickly and bent John’s back. 

“Oh, I’m sorry.

I don’t know what mistake he’s made, but forgive him.” 

”Ah, uncle! I didn’t do anything.”

“You didn’t do anything, but you’re being held by a precious person Oh, I’m tired of cleaning up your mess, you punk!”

Lark kept a low profile, as if he thought John had caused a problem.

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I think I seemed to appear more aristocratic in my outfit.

I explained quickly.

“John is right.

The child didn’t make a mistake, so don’t worry.”


“Look, I’m not.

I know her well!”

As John grumbled, Lark burst out laughing in embarrassment.

“Ahaha, this was rude.

I thought John made a mistake because he was running around so fast.”


John protested with a sullen expression.

I was relieved to see him being loved by adults.

Then, suddenly, Lark’s accent became familiar and I spoke to him.

“You must be from Lavita.”

“Oh, there’s a bit of dialect mixed in, right It’s been a long time since I settled in Bael, but I can’t fix it.”

Lark followed with a loud voice.

“People usually think it’s an Arkon dialect, but you recognized it right away.”

“Someone I knew spoke in a Lavita dialect.”

The magician I met in my previous life spoke just the Lavita dialect.

‘When asked if it was an Arkon dialect, she was furious as if she was a Lavitan.’

She was also in the subjugation corps.

This was because it was difficult to fight the evil dragon with only Lexion, the transcendent.

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‘Will we meet when the subjugation corps is set up”

“It’s been a long time since I saw you, so I don’t know how you’re doing.”

As I murmured with emotion, Lark asked with a smile.

“What’s their name, by any chance If they’re a Lavitian, I know it well.

I also know where they are and what they are doing.”

“Well, actually, She wasn’t born in Lavita, but she was a wandering person who stayed there quite a while.

You probably don’t know.”

She was a woman who had a lot of affection for Lavita.

It was even more so because it was a village that welcomed her as a wanderer.

Then Lark tilted his head and asked.

“Oh, do you mean Alois if it’s a wanderer”

“…do you know Alois”

I didn’t think he’d know Alois, so my eyes widened.

Theo, who was standing next to me, blinked and looked at me quickly.

“Miss, did you know Alois Beth”

“Oh, a little bit.”

I murmured roughly at Theo’s question.

It was because I had never met her in this life.

Then Lark said with a broad smile.

“As you know, she’s our village hero.

Thanks to her, I was able to escape the threat of evil dragons… Oops, she told me not to say this.”

Lark shivered and changed the topic.

“But what should I do It’s been a while since Alois left.

I don’t think you’ll be able to meet.”

“She left”


Everyone was disappointed because she left suddenly.

By the way, there are a lot of people looking for Alois these days.”

Theo asked as Lark scratched his head.

“Did anyone else ask”

“Yeah yeah, she looked like a VIP, but I couldn’t look closely because she was wearing a hood.”

“You didn’t say anything to me last time I would have told you to contact me immediately if you had any other information.”

“Oh, I forgot because I was so busy working.

I’m sorry.”

“Huu, do you remember the description”

Lark hesitated to answer Theo’s question.

“Um, well I don’t know.

I didn’t see it myself.”

“Tell me anything.”

“I think she was blonde… Anyway, she looked like a beautiful girl.”


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