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Seirin glanced at Lexion after she finished speaking.

She didn’t mean to lie in the first place, but she was a little offended by his tough attitude and so she uttered nothing.

And in hindsight, she was going to ask Brother Gregory, so she decided that this change in order wouldn’t be a problem. 

However, the moment she saw Lexion’s bloody expression, Seirin realized that she had made a mistake. 

He asked growling.

“What did you just say”

Lexion felt a chill in his head at Seirin’s remarks. 

‘You decided to partner with Gregory.’

After synchronizing Tiarozety’s book the previous time, Lexion was somewhat aware of her situation. 

In the aftermath of his departure from the role of the main character, she had to deal with the evil dragon instead of him. 

‘I didn’t mean to… I just acted because I didn’t want to lose her again.’

This world was only driving her on a harsher path.

Now that Gregory was put next to her, he didn’t know what to do at all.

– Gregory Aden Wexler is the male protagonist of Tiarozety Esol’s journey.

The book recited and mocked the fact that he already knew.

So he tried to shoot the book, but Seirin opened her mouth.

“Why are you so angry”

The hand holding the tie trembled softly, and the corner of her smiling mouth twitched as if it were convulsing.

Lexion, who belatedly realized that he was angry with Seirin, apologized.

“…I’m sorry.”

It was no use getting mad at her.

Seirin is just doing what the book tells her to do anyway.

Then Seirin smiled softly, capturing the corners of her awkward lips. 

But it was a cool smile.

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The more he deviated from the development, the more her settings seemed to shake. 

It was that moment.

“Lexion, you’ll regret it.”

Seirin jumped up from her seat and came close to Lexion.

She put her face close to Lexion’s without hesitation.

At that moment, Seirin stopped moving right in front of him.

Lexion said coldly.

“…What is this, princess”

“Don’t worry.

I never thought of kissing you anyway.” 


When Lexion responded with an absurd face, Seirin stepped back again.

Then she seemed to savor a sip of tea and said with a light smile.

“I’ve been curious since last time.

I wonder if the woman Sir Lexion said is Tiarozety Esol.” 

“You’re right.”

“Are you really rejecting me because of her”

Seirin’s tone was calm, but her eyes were cold.

It seemed unpleasant to put herself, an imperial woman, and someone of a minority race, on the same scale.

But Lexion confirmed with silence.

Soon, Seirin let out a false laugh as if exasperated.

“This hurts my pride a little bit as the Princess of Arden.”

“The direction of the heart has nothing to do with the high or low status.”


It should matter.

You are the Duke of Sparrow.”

When Seirin snapped back, Lexion just stayed still.

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He had no intention of provoking her.

He just wanted her to leave him alone.

After a while, Seirin made a cool declaration. 

“I’m sorry, but I take whatever I want at all costs.”

“…You won’t get something just because you want it, Princess.”

“Don’t give me advice.”


“I’ll go now.

I will partner with Sir Lexion.

I want you to wear this tie at the party.”

“I’m sorry.”

“This is an order.”

Seirin threatened coldly and moved on.

Lexion was a little embarrassed because he had never expected her to come out so forcefully.

How long has it been

Seirin looked back and warned as if the anger had not subsided.

“If I don’t get it, I’ll have it even if it means I’ll destroy it.

So listen to me, Lord Lexion.”

Contrary to the graceful smile, the words were cruel. 

Even after Seirin disappeared, Lexion sat there for a long time.

‘Order, it’s an order…’

He was already worn out.

His previous beliefs were long gone.

After a while, the book guided him.

– The story changed because you rejected Princess Seirin’s offer.

The changed story is expected to have a conflict with Tiarozety in the aftermath of the penalty.


I came to my senses in a corridor.

It must have been quite shocking to see that my legs were trembling.

I leaned against the pillar to catch my breath, and then slowly sank down. 

A dejected laugh escaped my lips.

“Ha ha.

What’s wrong with me What did I expect…”

I buried my face in my trembling hands and swallowed my breath, but the laughter continued to flow out. 

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Lexion was different from before, so I expected it.

No, it seems like I was already preparing to accept Lexion in my subconscious mind, even though I rejected him outwardly.

This time, I had unnecessary expectations, wondering if we could be meaningful to each other. 

However, the moment I saw Seirin and Lexion kiss each other, the fantasy shattered.

I’ve never done anything to deserve a penalty.

So that must be the flow of his and her story.

In the end, even in this world that started again, I couldn’t become Lexion’s partner. 

My vision kept getting blurry.

My eyelids became heavy and I blinked, and tears trickled down my cheeks.

Is it because of emptiness or despair

I don’t know.

I just wanted to stop time and return to the original world.

Then someone spoke to me.

“Miss! Sitting on the floor and…”

It was Gregory.

His face hardened when he saw me crying.

I wondered if he could not continue to speak, so I asked cautiously.

“Why, what’s going on” 

I stared at Gregory blankly.

In fact, I hoped that Lexion would follow me. 

He didn’t even find me.

But Gregory appeared out of nowhere.

‘The book is really trying to take care of this situation sneakily.

My heart is not of its concern.’

Unknowingly, a bitter smile appeared.

Gregory reached out his hand to get me up.

Ignoring it, I stood up alone. 

“No, nothing’s wrong.”

“Nothing happened Your eyes are red.

Come on, tell me…”

Gregory tried to appease me in a worried tone. 

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But I didn’t want to be comforted by him.

“Don’t care if I cry or not.”

So I shot back sharply without listening to Gregory.

At the same time, I am worried, but now I am not in a perfect state to please anyone. 

I want to be alone.

I don’t want to be comforted by anyone, at least for now.

Because it’s more miserable.

I said with a pained expression as if I were crying.

“Just leave me alone.



Gregory did not answer.

He only gently let go of the arm that was holding me. 

I couldn’t even afford to see his face, so I trudged around.

And when I arrived at the room, I immediately lay in bed and slept.

It was the only escape I could do right now.


The next morning, Daisy let out a shallow exclamation as soon as she saw my face.

“Oh, my God…! Tiarozety! Your eyes are swollen.”

“…Hello, Daisy.

Good morning.”

I greeted Daisy with a smile.

When I sat in front of the dressing table after washing my face, Daisy asked.

“…Did you cry”

“No, that’s not it.”

I tried to force myself to answer and avoid eye contact.

It meant no more questions.

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Then Daisy changed the subject.

It happened to be about the cufflinks that I was going to give to Lexion.

“…Oh, by the way! Did you give that to him The one I gave you yesterday.”


Come to think of it, I forgot.

When I saw Seirin and Lexion yesterday, I panicked and ran away, so I completely forgot about them.

“I didn’t give it to him.”

“Why The party is just around the corner…”

“I won’t give it to him.”


Daisy didn’t ask anymore if she sensed something odd about my stubbornness.

She just brushed and straightened my hair.

After a while, she offered me a small suggestion to try to make me feel better.

“Well, why don’t you go out of the castle for the first time in a while, Miss I called Sir Aiden, Sir Chris, and Sir Violet.”

“Isn’t everyone training”

After coming here, I had not been escorted by Aiden and Violet.

In the first place, Bael was the territory of Lexion, so the Black Knights were stationed at all times, so there were plenty of escorts to attach.

Therefore, there was no need to attach advanced knights such as Aiden or Violet as escorts within the territory.

Thus, they became members of a group rather than escorts and often got together.

Not long ago, Chris joined as well.

Daisy talked cheerfully.

“I looked at the schedule earlier in the morning and all three of them were empty.

You went to the River Tier last time, so Carmel Forest would be nice.”

“Yes, if Daisy wants.”

“There is a campsite in Carmel Forest, and it’s perfect for walking.”

“I know.

The trees there sparkle in the sun.”

“Huh You know Have you been there”

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Daisy tilted her head in wonder.

I corrected myself because I thought it was too much.

“No, I saw it in the book.”

“I see.

That’s right.

The trees sparkle in the sunlight, so they are very beautiful.”

Daisy smiled bashfully and chimed in.

“It’ll be great to go.”

She also recommended going there once more.

I nodded my head lightly.

“Okay, let’s go.”


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