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Hello! Mystical dropped this, and I'll pick up from where they left off~


"What You're going to have a duel"


Aiden misunderstood me and asked back in surprise.


I couldn't hide my embarrassed expression as if I didn't know that I would say a duel.


I smiled and explained.



Of course Aiden should do it for me."


"Don't duel with ordinary people..."


"I was asking if it was possible, not telling you to do it."


Aiden smiled.



Trust me and apply for a duel.

The Duke will step up for you."


"It's reliable."


As I wandered along, I was thirsty and looked around for the servant serving cocktails.


Then I found a familiar face carrying cocktails.


It was John.




Aiden's gaze also turned to him and he muttered in surprise.


John was too busy carrying cocktails to notice us at all.


My frown was bigger than before.


"Pretend not to know.”


At that time, Aiden interrupted and whispered quietly.


As soon as I heard him, I turned my head.


The conversation with the little lord a while ago was uncomfortable.


The little lord and Lexion took the stage just in time as if the banquet was about to begin.


He introduced Lexion loudly in a husky voice.


"This is Duke Lexion Sparrow, who helped us a lot in this subjugation."


At the introduction from the lord, people gathered around the table cheered and applauded.


I also fixed my eyes on Lexion.


The lord explained in a lengthy manner how much the Duke helped the subjugation.


When the time came where the end of the speech was near, suddenly, a bright light came out and shone around Aiden.


Naturally, the eyes of the people were on me as well.


"Who is she It's my first time seeing her."


"Is she the duke's lover"


People whispered when they saw me.


Aiden read the air and covered me from people's eyes.


At that time, the lord grinned and spoke loudly.


"That's Tiarozety Esol, the rumored Esol."


"Lord Hakun!"


Lexion shouted at the lord's bombshell.


Apparently, it was something that was not agreed upon.




'I've had a bad feeling since last time...

Are you really crazy’


“Tiarozety, we must go back.”


Aiden hurriedly packed up and tried to lead me out of the banquet hall.


I meekly nodded my head, but the guide book began to talk.


― Lord Hakun is tainted with the evil dragon's thoughts.

Soon the malice of those who came in contact with him will be amplified.




Startled by what the guide was saying, I shook my head.


I saw Lexion, who was on the stage in the distance, rushing down.


After that, the lord grunted with a sinister light.


A black aura flashed around him and disappeared.




When I checked it with my eyes, a shrill scream came out.


At that moment, a jacket flew over my field of vision.


There was a familiar scent from the jacket, which contained a little warmth.


“Titi, lower your head.”


Lexion wrapped his arms around my shoulders and said lowly.


“Sir, what the hell is this…”


“It seems that Lord Hakun was trying to do something stupid because he refused the request at that time.

There will be no further consideration, so prepare to leave immediately.”




Lexion quickly explained the situation, and Aiden answered immediately.


Everyone was skeptical about my identity, so they didn't do anything to block my way.


They seemed to be more careful with Lexion by my side.


However, a word from someone made the situation even more complicated.


“That woman healed this child’s mother!”


Those words became a signal and people's eyes flashed.


It was the little lord who cried out.


A black aura was creeping up on him as well.


Besides, next to him…


"Yes! That woman treated my mother for free!”


Another young man continued the words of the little lord.


He was holding on to John, who had become contemplative.


He seemed to be the older brother John was talking about, seeing the resemblance of the young man and John's face.


“This bull**…”


I muttered to myself in despair at the chaotic situation.


The little lord grabbed John's delicate arm.


John struggled to get out of his man's grasp.


As soon as the young man's words fell, commoners blocked the way.


Lexion gave a cool command.


“Get away.”


“I have a sick mother!”


“My daughter is suffering from an amputated leg!”


“Please have mercy…!”


Despite Lexion's orders, the people did not give in and rushed.


Someone grabbed my hem and got kicked by Aiden's scabbard.


In a word, the hall was a mess.


The common people seemed to have their eyes turned over at the word ‘free’.


"Can't you hear Get out of the way!"


I wondered if they would pause for a moment at the sound of Aiden's command, but nothing happened.


“You are so great!”


“Help me, can you help me!”


They shouted at me with voices mixed with resentment.


There was an outcry as to why only the mother of that child had special favors.


Lexion looked at me with a face that did not understand.


I lowered my head in confusion.


'Sigh…After all, a book that can be restored to its original state, should I even make a hobby of tearing it’


As my resentment against the book began to grow, someone grabbed my wrist and pushed me back by Aiden.




As someone's scream was detonated, people's eyes flashed and they started running at the same time.






At Lexion's cry, Aiden drew his sword.


It meant that if anyone came closer than this, he would cut them.


But people couldn't stop moving for a long time.


I stared at them bewildered.


It was a strange phenomenon.


It was hard to see a person with a rational mind.


These questions were resolved with the warnings of the guide book.


― The people gathered here are already stained with the evil dragon's thoughts.

Soon, an angry mob will harm Tiarozety Esol.


The book sounded a sharp beep.


It meant that I was completely in the episode.


It was then.


Suddenly, Lexion put his sword in and gave Aiden an order.


“Put your sword in, Aiden.”




“I think we misunderstood.”


“What do you mean”


Aiden asked with a raised expression.


I couldn't raise my head in guilt.


This was due to the fact that the situation could have been prevented, but the penalty did not prevent it.


Lexion muttered in a hard tone.


“It wasn’t just beasts that were tainted with thoughts.”


“Are you saying that everyone here has been exposed to those thoughts”



A Master wouldn't be tainted with such thoughts, but if it's an ordinary person, it's a different story."


Lexion looked around and shook the chair.


Then he stretched out one leg of the chair to Aiden, took the other and put it in his hand.


“They are ordinary people.”



Aiden put in his sword belatedly and covered my back.


“Sir, where is the source of their thoughts”




“Lord Hakun.”


When I interrupted their conversation, Aiden asked.


“Lord Hakun Did you see something”


"Well…I saw a black aura around the lord earlier.”


Lexion affirmed my testimony and pointed towards the stage with his chin.



The cause is definitely the lord.”


Aiden turned his head in the direction Lexion was pointing and was startled.


It was because of the dark energy around the lord.


A gloomy mist in the banquet hall widened the range.


It creeped up from beneath his feet.


Those who didn't know what was going on yet put on a languid expression on their faces as they touched the black mist.


They looked hazy, as if drunk on drugs.


Aiden said with a look of trouble.


“It is too far to return the lord.”


“Once we get out of here.

Stun anyone who blocks your way.

Move Titi to a safe place and calm the situation.”




Aiden received Lexion's orders and moved quickly.


The people rushed towards us as we were about to run away.


The crowd with stern eyes looked like wild beasts.


Aiming for prey with only instinct remaining.


Lexion struck down his club at those who tried to get to me.




With a shriek, the people froze backwards.


Without hesitation, Lexion cleared the path.


Then the book once again warned.


― If you leave the hall, the ‘witch hunt’ starts immediately.

If you don't want more fuss, you should purify the source of those thoughts here.




As soon as I heard the guide's instructions, I stopped and shouted.


Lexion stood tall at the same time as I said my words.


Aiden asked hurriedly.


“Why What's wrong”


“We can’t go on like this.”


“Why not”


Aiden had a face as if he couldn't understand.


I was frustrated because I couldn't explain it.


It was easy to get out of the hall like this, but it might be difficult to meet the lord again after that.


Those who are tainted by the evil dragon's thoughts are placed under the evil dragon's dominion.


The longer the exposure period, the more evil it will become.


If I don't purify it right away, they could lose their mind altogether.


If that happens, they will become a puppet of the evil dragon and move in the direction that can amplify evil.


‘That must be a witch hunt.’


I have already seen countless people who have been tainted with the evil dragon's thoughts in my past life.


There were a lot of people who came up to me pretending to be good and stuck a knife on my back.


If you want to deal with the evil evil dragon, it's better to let them think that things are going according to their wishes and then hit them.


So, escaping now will only be a temporary escape.


I said while holding Lexion.


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