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“What you had to do was…”

I stared blankly at the pile of clothes in front of me, cutting off the end of my words.

Meanwhile, Lexion was choosing another dress.

‘The only thing he had to do before we went back to the North was to buy me clothes.’

Expensive dresses were neatly stacked in front of me.

Naturally, I thought he was going to see Gregory because he owed him.

So I insisted on following, but I never imagined that we would go shopping all of a sudden.

I glanced at him and the clothes alternately with a blank expression on my face.

Unlike me, who was bewildered, Lexion seemed to be in a good mood.

He smiled brightly as he picked up a navy blue velvet dress.

It was a small dress with a cape and a hood.

“How about this”


“Since I’m in the capital, I was thinking of buying some clothes for you.

I was wondering when to ask… but I’m glad you said you’d come with me.”


Somehow, he looked excited.

I took the dress he had offered me and stood blankly.

‘Even before the return, I did have a budget, but he was never directly involved…’

Most of this work was the maid’s job.

But Lexion looked happy to choose my clothes.

Suddenly, I felt my heart getting warm.

“Why You don’t like it”

Lexion looked at me anxiously and asked.

I quickly shook my head and smiled.

‘What are you saying’

There was no way that I wouldn’t like the clothes he picked for me.

“I’ll try it on.”

With those words, I entered the dressing room.

The fabric was quite thick, probably considering the cold weather in the north.

‘And the wind is cold, I should have picked the one with the hood too.’

He was always like this.

Thoughtful and attentive.

If you didn’t look closely, it was hard to notice how delicately caring he is.

In my previous life, Seirin often overlooked his consideration, and it was always my responsibility to make it known.

It was like that.

But now, the small considerations that he had only given to Seirin were directed towards me.

It’s been a long time since I started to notice his trivial consideration.

Since that was my role too.

When I put my hand on my chest, my heart raced.

Naturally, my expectations were rising.

A gentle smile spread around my mouth.

This may be joy.

After changing clothes and going out, Lexion got up from the spot.

He smiled so brightly, enough to reveal his gums.

With that bright smile, I also opened my mouth and smiled.

“You’re pretty, Titi.”

As he whispered softly, my whole body became hot as if on fire.

I was embarrassed and happy, happy, and shy.

I couldn’t stand the tickling feeling so I answered with gibberish.

“I-if you’re done seeing the clothes, then I’ll go change!”


He tried to say something, but I hurriedly went into the dressing room in shame.

I didn’t know what was so urgent that I came in like running away.

‘I wish I could have listened to him a little more.’

I took a deep breath as I leaned against the wall.


A word from Lexion rang in my head.

The woman’s face in the mirror suddenly turned red.

I caressed my hot cheeks.

Then, I repeated it like a spell.


I was so happy that I felt hazy for a while, and the woman’s excited face in the mirror calmed down gradually.

Because I recalled someone who had heard those words in the past.

A sweet scene of the two lovebirds in the book.

[Seirin was excited about sneaking out of the Imperial Palace with Lexion.]

She offered compensation for the previous job as an excuse, but he didn’t refuse.

She was overjoyed that he gladly granted her request.

As they entered the clothing store, he hesitated, looking for a place to stay.

Seirin dragged him, saying.

“Sir Lexion, please choose one that looks pretty in your eyes.

I would wear it.”

“Then I will do my best.”

He hesitated and carefully scanned the clothes.

He was so nervous that sweat dripped down the back of his head.

After a while, he picked out a red dress with a calm expression and held it out.

When Seirin changed into that dress and came out, Lexion answered lightly



Seirin’s heart thumped and fell.

Lexion, who came closer, said as he tucked Seirin’s hair behind her ear.

“It’s pretty.

Really pretty”

[Seirin’s face turned bright red.]

‘Why did this come to mind’

I bit my lower lip with mixed feelings.

I felt a little sad that I couldn’t even fully enjoy the happiness.

The two in the novel were a very pretty and pure couple.

Even that common kiss scene appeared only once in the second half.

Perhaps, because the main story of [The Opponent Of The Evil Dragon] was to defeat the Evil Dragon, the romance was small.

So, the penalty I received was mainly to stand from afar and watch the lovely demeanor of how affectionate they were.

‘The most difficult penalty was that one kiss.’

To make you watch the relationship of the person you like…

The book was terribly cruel.

So, even more, Lexion’s kindness was unfamiliar.

His choice always took priority over Seirin, and I was always in a position to hide and cry without being chosen by him.

‘The more I think about it, the sadder I get.

I should stop thinking about it.’

I walked out of the dressing room, trying to prevent my eyes from turning red from tears.

At that time, Lexion was just paying.

Looking at the number of shopping bags, it was as if he bought the whole store.

‘You shouldn’t care about things like this.’

Every time I see him, my heart melts.

I didn’t even ride a roller coaster, but I couldn’t control the feeling of soaring high and jumping as if I were falling.

“Send the luggage to the Castle.”

“Yes, Your Grace.”

At Lexion’s command, one of the attendants left the room with the luggage.

It was a lot to carry and move.

No matter how cold it was in the North, it was an excessive amount.

He bought it while I was changing clothes, so there was no chance for me to stop him.

I said, feeling sorry.

“I didn’t know this was the kind of thing you had to do.

We took so long so I thought it was a little more serious.”

“I thought it would have taken a long time if you chose by yourself…”

Lexion scratched the back of his head and answered.

It was so cute that I smiled and muttered without realizing it.

“Is that so…”

“But everything looks so good on you even if it took a long time in the end.”

He smiled mischievously with a playful face.

Every word he spoke sounded sweet; a corner inside my heart still ached so I tried to change the subject.

“Then we’ll return to the castle”

“No, there’s still one more place to go.”

“Where do we have to go”

“You’ll know when we get there.”

Lexion smiled and held out his hand.

As soon as I saw it, he added.

“Since the weather is nice, let’s walk.”

“Without moving by wagon”


It’s just that the weather is so nice today.”

With those words, he waved his hand and urged me.

I reluctantly grabbed his hand.

Then he straightened it up and smiled playfully.

Warmth spread through his hands.

I walked the streets as if led by Lexion.

‘It’s nice to be the main character.

Thanks to that, Lexion is kind to me.’

In my previous life, it was so difficult to hold this hand.

Now it was easy for me.

As if I was allowed

To be honest, I wasn’t that happy.

However, I soon made up my mind.

Even if this is an automatic reaction to his changed settings, I’ll just enjoy it.

Don’t be sad by comparing with the past, let’s be honest with the feelings of the present moment.

I made up my mind like that.

A soft smile crept onto my lips.


* * *


The place where Lexion took me was the weapon shop.

It was a place he used to visit when he was in the capital.

“I came to pick up my order.”

“Oh, you came just in time.

Please wait a minute.”

While Lexion was talking to the owner familiarly, I sat on the sofa and waited for him.

As the owner entered the warehouse, Lexion looked back and checked if I was doing well.

When our eyes met, he smiled softly.

I followed along and laughed.

After a while, the weapon shop owner came out with a sword hilt.

“Is this right”

At that, Lexion loosened the handle and checked the sword.

From handle to blade, it was all black.

The sharp blade radiated a harsh blue light.

‘As expected, it’s that sword.’

That was the sword he used frequently in my previous life.

It went well with his black hair, an all black sword.

While Lexion was checking the sword, I shifted my gaze to the weapons hanging on the wall.

Starting with swords, things like bows, spears, and shields were all hung on the wall.

The fiercely glistening blades looked very sharp.

I stared at my hands.

Asta, the hidden power of Isol, was called a spear.

‘I have both a spear and a shield in my hands, unbelievable.’

It was a tremendous contradiction to have both a shield to save and a spear to kill.


‘Will I be able to prevent Lexion’s death Will I be able to kill the evil dragon with this kind of power’

For the ‘transcendental Lexion, the evil dragon was also a tough opponent.

Even if I did kill it, would I be able to return to my original world

‘Actually, do I want to go back’

When I was spaced out, I was filled with numerous questions.

Although I was always filled with questions, no answers were found.

‘If I stay still, I get sad all the time.

It’s all because I’ve lived a long time as a Tiarozetti.’

As I was trying to shake off all those complicated thoughts, Lexion approached me.

“Oh, are you done”

I got up and was about to get ready to go, but Lexion suddenly handed me something.


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