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When they looked back to the altar, the battle had already begun.

In the center of the altar, Lin Qingzhu held her sword alone.

Her white clothes fluttered in the wind, and she was like an immortal from heaven, shining brightly.

Her gaze was cold, and there was only killing intent in her eyes.

It was only in the killing array that she truly comprehended the profundities and understood the true power of this shocking killing array.

This was the first time she felt such terrifying power, and her heart was completely boiling.

“Everyone! Listen to my orders and kill the rebels!”

Cloudy Heavens instantly pointed, and the others responded at the same time.

In an instant, a terrifying power surged over.

The power of the array formation was maintained with the Heavenly Horned Ant as the support.

In an instant, countless power surged out from the Ziwei Imperial Star.

Under the dark abyss, the Heavenly Horned Ants pained expression could clearly be seen.

“F*ck, no one told me that the Ziwei Imperial Star would suck me dry.”

At this moment, the Heavenly Horned Ant finally understood how it felt to be treated as a charging treasure.

Fortunately, he had endured the blessing of the divine blood and broken through to the Martial Monarch realm.

The power in his body was enough to support this array formation.

Under the powerful enhancement of the array formation, the aura of the others instantly increased by hundreds of times.

“Haha, I can feel the power in my body boiling.

Ive never felt such madness in my life.”

Xiao Hanyi laughed wildly.

The fighting spirit in his heart became even stronger.

He looked at the ten people opposite him with killing intent.

A black fog covered over and the battle instantly began.

“Ants, welcome the darkness!”

Ling Feng was the first to attack.

An extreme flash tore through the darkness, and a shocking power ruthlessly struck the array formation.

“Hmph, clown! Go back to the darkness.”

Zhe Xian was the first to respond.

He drew his sword and attacked.

The two sides instantly fought, and the battle was overturned.

Both sides had been strengthened by the array formation, and the upper limit of their strength seemed to have reached a terrifying Deva realm.

The battle was extremely spectacular, stunning countless people watching from below.

“This is too terrifying.

This battle of immortal techniques is comparable to an unprecedented battle.”

“Their limits have probably all reached the Deva realm.

This is a battle between immortals.”

The people below the stage discussed animatedly, their hearts trembling.

They originally thought that this was just a battle between a King-Ranked and a Martial Monarch.

However, no one expected that the outcome of this battle would not be decided after a year.

Moreover, in this year, they had all reached the Martial Monarch realm.

Such a shocking battle was enough to go down in history.

In the distant future, it might leave behind a heavy history.

Looking up at the unprecedented battle, everyone was anxious and did not dare to be distracted.

Because they all knew that at this moment, they had already arrived at the last moment of the battle.

The outcome of the battle would be decided.

The people who were paying attention to the battle on this altar were not only these people outside the arena.

There were also people silently paying attention in a distant place.

For example, the Lord of the Forbidden Area, who was below the forbidden area, was watching this battle with interest.

Especially after seeing his famous work back then, he felt even more gratified.

“Interesting! I didnt expect this kid to be able to impart this array formation to these ten children in such a short period of time.”

In a daze, the Lord of Forbidden Area seemed to recall the battle in the ancient times.

It was the same array formation and the same bloody battle, but he was facing different enemies.

A sigh could be heard.

He was no longer as high-spirited as before.

All that was left was his white hair.

The tense battle was still going on.

It was still a question as to who would win this battle that concerned the fate of both sides.

Everyone on the battlefield used 120% of their strength.

They had a heavy responsibility and did not dare to be careless at all.

No one was willing to be a sinner for eternity.

Holding the Heavenly Fates sword in her hand, Lin Qingzhu shouted coldly, “Everyone, follow me to kill the rebels, kill!”

As soon as she finished speaking, everyone attacked at the same time.

The array formation of both sides instantly collided for the first time.

With a loud bang, an extremely dazzling light erupted under the chaos.

As they collided, the world distorted and the void trembled.

Blood dyed the mountains and rivers, causing endless sorrow.

Under the collision of the powerful forces, the divine altar seemed to be about to shatter.

Both sides were repelled by the powerful forces.

Lin Qingzhu gripped the sword in her hand tightly.

She knew very well that this sword was more important than her life.


Fuyao spat out a mouthful of blood, her face pale.

In this collision, the blow she suffered was the heaviest.

This was because the star position she was in was the Heavenly Will position.

It gathered the power of the eight directions into her body as a hub.

Therefore, the other eight peoples injuries would be shared with her.

She suffered a heavy blow after just one collision.

Fortunately, the Green Lotus had an extremely high recovery ability.

Before the battle began, Lin Qingzhu had also given her a few Connate Extreme Spirit Pills for recovery.

She was lucky enough to survive the calamity.

Lin Qingzhu was very nervous as she looked at her pale face.

“This wont do.

If this continues, both sides will definitely suffer.

Perhaps the other party still has a backup plan.

We cant continue like this.”

Seeing that the situation had reached a stalemate again, Lin Qingzhu could no longer sit still.

She could not lose.

She carried the hopes of her master and the future of the Great Desolate World.

She looked up at the sky and seemed to have made a difficult decision.

That gaze seemed to be her last farewell to her master.

Seeing this gaze, Ye Qiu panicked and immediately understood what she wanted to do.


Ye Qiu knew very well that this stubborn disciple was strong all her life.

In order to win, she would do anything crazy.

As expected, when Ye Qiu vaguely guessed what she wanted to do, she had already begun to move.

Cloudy Heavens suddenly left her hand.

In an instant, an ink-like light flickered, and the world lost its color.

Under the powerful enhancement of Ten Directional Nirvana, this sword strike was world-shaking.

Lin Qingzhus sword suddenly soared into the sky.

In an instant, that endless light illuminated the world.

“What sword technique is this!”

As soon as this sword appeared, even the Lord of the Forbidden Area revealed a surprised gaze and instantly stood up from the ground.

The heart of the Lord of the Nether Clan trembled in disbelief.

Perhaps only Ye Qiu knew what kind of sword technique Lin Qingzhu was using.

He was extremely familiar with that strike.

It was the strike he was proud of.

The third strike of the Cursive Sword Art, a strike that defied the heavens and changed fate.

Back then, Ye Qiu had relied on this sword to kill the demon, Tianmeng.

From then on, after Lin Qingzhu saw the power of this sword, she was determined to learn this sword technique.

And Ye Qiu was a person who crazily dotes on his disciple.

How could he not teach her

However, he was afraid that his disciple would really use this sword technique in the future.

Ye Qiu was in a dilemma.

He didnt want to disappoint his disciple, but he didnt want her to really cultivate this sword technique.

In the end, after thinking about it, Ye Qiu decided to teach her since it was impossible for her to comprehend this sword technique with her aptitude back then.

However, who would have thought that after her divine bones transformed into immortal bones, her aptitude underwent a tremendous reversal and she had already touched this domain


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