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Looking at the strange expressions of the Nether Clans geniuses in front of her, Lin Qingzhu thought carefully for a moment and did not dare to attack rashly.

“Monkey, are you alright” Lin Qingzhu asked worriedly after confirming the monkeys situation.

Monkey stood up from the ground with difficulty.

With the Connate Extreme Spirit Pill that Lin Qingzhu had given him just now, he had finally recovered.

Monkey grinned and said, “Im fine.

I can still fight.”

Hearing this, everyone was finally relieved.

However, they still couldnt think of what to do next.

It was difficult to move in the current situation.

When everyone was at a loss, Zhe Xian gently walked out.

Looking at the drop of divine blood in the sky, he muttered to himself, “A drop of Monarchs blood that has been corroded by evil aura Such a spells profundity is truly endless.”

Everyones attention was on how to face the current situation.

Zhe Xians focus was on the profundity of the runes on the drop of divine blood.

Everyones hearts trembled after he exposed them.

“What do you mean”

Yi Tianqi frowned and looked over.

Suddenly, his intuition told him that there was nothing in front of him.


At this moment, Yi Tianqi was completely shocked.

If Zhe Xian had not pointed it out, he would not have thought that this drop of divine blood actually contained such profound Dao techniques.

With just a glance, the problem in his heart for many years seemed to have been resolved, and his mood instantly brightened.

Not only him, but Xiao Hanyis reaction was also so intense.

The expressions of the others were even more exaggerated.

Lin Qingzhu was also shocked and said, “This seems to be an opportunity for us.”

Joy and surprise.

At this moment, everyone was excited.

They couldnt care less and immediately comprehended on the spot, carefully observing the flowing runes on the divine blood.

This sudden change in the battlefield caught everyone outside the arena off guard.

“Whats going on Are they not fighting anymore”

Everyone looked confused.

In the mystic realm, Ye Qius heart trembled.


The corners of Ye Qius mouth curled up into a happy smile.

He did not expect this change in situation.

From the looks of it, this drop of blood seemed to have affected more than just the Nether Clan.

“Haha! This is more or less like giving it to others.”

Ye Qiu couldnt help but laugh in his heart.

The Lord of the Nether Clan thought that this drop of blood was the point of turning the tables.

Who would have thought that Zhe Xians words would directly salvage the situation

The people present were one in a million geniuses.

After simply analyzing the rune power of the divine blood, the mystery in their hearts was instantly resolved.


With a loud bang, Xiao Hanyi was the first to react.

He suddenly opened his arms, and a terrifying Martial Monarch aura erupted.

“Breakthrough at the last minute”

At this moment, everyone was shocked.

He had actually successfully broken through to the Martial Monarch realm under such a tense situation

Not only that, the moment Xiao Hanyi broke through, Zhe Xian also did the same thing.

In just a moment, a wisp of green light appeared, and a shocking aura instantly erupted.

Another Martial Monarch expert was born.

It was not over yet.

The moment Zhe Xian broke through, Yi Tianqi followed closely behind, causing another huge commotion.

“F*ck! Three Martial Monarchs in a row”

Such a crazy scene shocked everyone.

They had never seen such a crazy scene.

Three geniuses had broken through to the Martial Monarch realm in a row.

This was a unique event.

Compared to their dazzling light, Lin Qingzhu seemed a little dim.

Because she was a Martial Monarch realm expert, the height she could reach was nothing more than the peak of the Martial Monarch realm.

It was easier said than done to break through to the Deva Realm.

Time passed bit by bit.

Under such a strange atmosphere, the two sides were in a deadlock day after day.

In the dark and strange chaos, it seemed to be filled with the sound of some Great Dao that kept singing.

A year passed just like that.

Perhaps to ordinary people, a years time was very long, but to these cultivators, a years time was just a flick of their fingers.

On this day, after settling down for a year, a shocking energy impact erupted on the divine altar.


The drop of divine blood in the Nine Heavens finally began to exert strength.

The moment its energy spread, Lin Qingzhu and the others instantly woke up.


Fuyao was the first to attack.

In this year of precipitation, her cultivation had also reached the legendary Martial Monarch realm.

Her immortal energy became thicker and thicker, and the true body of the Jade-Lake became purer and purer.

She summoned the green lotus and forcefully suppressed it with supreme technique.

There was a violent collision, and a deafening sound came from the sky.

“Haha! Ants, prepare to welcome the darkness.”

That crazy laughter came from the altar.

All the Nether Clans geniuses had gone crazy.

Their eyes were red and filled with killing intent.

After a year of precipitation, their strength had increased greatly.

It was time to end it.

Ling Xi was the first to charge over.

His blood-red eyes emitted an extreme light, and a destructive power continuously filled the entire space.

There was only killing intent on his distorted face.

He slapped his palm over and aimed it at Lin Qingzhu.

He said fiercely, “Ant! How dare you destroy my Nether Clans holy artifact.

I will make you pay with your blood.”

In an instant, a shocking power slapped over.

Lin Qingzhu was not flustered in the face of danger.

She turned her hand and faced it.

The two of them instantly exchanged a palm strike and were repelled.

“Hmph, bring it on! Its time to end it today.”

The two of them were at the peak of the Martial Monarch realm.

The other party might have vaguely touched the threshold of the Deva realm, but because the time was too short, he was unable to break through.

This battle could only be said to be evenly matched.

“Brothers, attack and kill them.”

Ling Xi instantly waved his hand, and the other geniuses of the Nether Clan instantly charged over.

A chaotic battle completely erupted, and the scene was extremely chaotic.

This was a ten-on-ten battle, an absolutely fair battle.

Under the circumstances where they used all kinds of precious techniques and runes, the entire world was in chaos.

That scene was earth-shattering.

After thousands of rounds of battle, no one on either side had obtained the advantage.

The situation was in a deadlock again.

“Damn it!”

After adjusting the formation, Ling Xi cursed and said fiercely, “Get into formation and kill them.”

In an instant, as soon as he finished speaking, all the geniuses of the Nether Clan instantly approached.

In a moment, the ten of them formed a formation.

A turbid black aura spread throughout the altar.

In an instant, the entire sky darkened.

A shocking murderous aura swept over.

Everyone felt a chill in their hearts and panic came from the bottom of their hearts.

Seeing this situation, Lin Qingzhu immediately understood that now was the time.

In an instant, she pointed her sword at the sky and shouted coldly, “Get into formation, Ten Directional Nirvana!”

If the other party had a killing array, they also had one.

Lin Qingzhu shouted and Ten Directional Nirvana was instantly activated.

Everyone took their positions.

In an instant, the ten great stars landed.

On the altar, a huge star chart appeared.

This was the collision between array formations.

Lin Qingzhu sat on the Heavenly Fate and used her sword to control the world.

A shocking killing intent erupted.

At this moment, the Lord of the Nether Clan, who was sitting in the secret realm, instantly stood up and exclaimed.

“What! What kind of array formation is this!”

The originally confident him revealed fear at this moment.


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