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"No way this is real. This has to be a mistake Alchemist Ron!"

Jonathan Hopkins yelled out loud as his spotlight was being stolen by a lazy heir from Stellae. There is no possible way that the Stellae family has someone with 4 excellent affinities. In the entire history of the Fire Kingdom, no one has ever had more than 2 excellent affinities.

"Are you questioning the work of the greatest alchemists in the kingdom, boy?"

Alchemist Ron turned enraged as he was enjoying the moment in finding the greatest gem in the entire kingdom, but the mood was spoiled by a random brat. In this world, the more affinities you have, the stronger your combat prowess. For example, if a person has excellent affinity with fire, they can be defeated if they encounter someone with an excellent affinity with water. However, what if that person also has affinity with other elements? That means the person wouldn have a weakness against water anymore and could overwhelm the opponent. Someone with 4 excellent element affinities is pretty much invincible in combat as they would have so much versatility in battle. Especially when they reach higher stages where they can fuse the elements together to create devastating attacks.

"Sir, please forgive his impudence. Hes still very immature." Forest Hopkins, father of Jonathan Hopkins, quickly jumped in to appease Alchemist Ron. It is well known in the world to never offend an alchemist. All alchemists belong to the alchemist organization. If you offend an alchemist without a good reason, the alchemist organization can take actions against you and completely destroy your livelihoods.

"Hmph. You need to keep your son in check. Anyway, the assessment is now concluded, I would like to congratulate Bruce from the Stellae…."


Jonathan Hopkins interrupted Alchemist Ron once again and now has truly angered him. Forest Hopkins tried to silence his son before he could do any more damage, but it was too late.

"I would like to have a duel with the prodigy from the Stellae family. Itd be a great honor to learn from him. Alchemist Ron, please grant me this chance"

Hearing such an absurd request since Jonathan is a peak stage body refinement while Bruce is only at high stage body refinement, Alchemist Ron immediately wanted to reply no but again, he was interrupted by someone.

"Haha I like your attitude Jonathan. But a match is no fun without any stakes, wouldn you agree?"

Bruce quickly replied to Jonathan before Alchemist Ron could say no. This was a great opportunity to get something from the Hopkins family. After all, the Hopkins family already considered the Stellae family as enemies. It wouldn hurt to put them down a few steps.

"Ok, what is that you want if you win?" Jonathan began to feel elated upon hearing Bruces acceptance to the match.

"Hmm, how about half the treasures of your family?" Bruce replied calmly as if that was a very reasonable request.


Forest Hopkinss yelled out in anger when he heard Bruces condition. How could the Hopkins family wage half of their wealth in this petty match between children?

"Oh, I didn realize the Hopkins family is struggling that much that they cannot afford to stake half of their treasury on their famous prodigy that is known throughout the kingdom. Why don we reduce the stake to 25% of the treasury then?"

Refusing to give in to Bruces provocation, Forest said

"No, that is still way too much. Ask for something else."

Bruce expected Forest to say no to the initial conditions and now it was time to ask what he really wanted. The Hopkins family will have to accept this request to save its pride.

"Ok then, how about controls over all the mines in the City of Gold?"

After determining the costs of the stake, Forest felt the loss was within a reasonable means. If Jonathan loses the battle, the Hopkins family would only lose 6 mines to the Stellae family. Though the loss is significant, it wasn too terrible compared to the initial requests from Bruce.

"Fine by me. However, if you lose this match, you have to kneel before my son and admit that hes better than you"

Forest added his own condition to the bet. He saw how much impact the Bruces results had on Jonathan. The only way to get Jonathan back to the right track is to completely humiliate Bruce.

"Sounds good to me. Alchemist Ron, would you please be the judge in this match and ensure the parties involved hold up their ends of the deal?"

Alchemist Ron agreed as he wanted to see how Bruce would handle this match against a higher opponent. Though Bruce may have 4 excellent elemental affinities, he still one stage below Jonathan in marital cultivation. Furthermore, since he has not practiced any elemental techniques, have great elemental affinities is meaningless for now. Everyone quickly moved to the battle arena as the match is about to begin.

"Whoever is knocked out of the ring loses the battle. Let the battle begin!"

After Alchemist Ron announced the start of battle, Jonathan went straight to Bruce and used energy punches on him. Bruce dodged all of his punches while running around in circle. The audience became more interested because it should not be possible for a high stage body refinement cultivator to keep up with a peak stage body refinement opponent.

"Why do you keep running away. Fight me like a real man!"

Getting frustrated because he was not able to land any hits on Bruce, Jonathan began to taunt him.

"Young Jonathan, you

e only 10. Neither of us is a man yet. Im simply trying to warm up my body. Your punches are giving me a good exercise right now."

Enraged by Bruces response, Jonathan unleased the Hopkins Family special technique.

"Consider yourself lucky by seeing this special technique from the Hopkins Family. Lion Roar!"

Jonathan opened his mouth, and a blast beam came out of it aiming toward Bruce. The blast hit Bruce and an explosion occurred in the battle arena. Jonathan immediately jumped into the smoke to finish the battle. When he saw Bruce on his knees, he smiled and immediately launched energy punches to Bruces head. After he successfully landed his punches on Bruces head, the weirdest thing happened. Bruces body began to turn into water, and he heard something behind him.

"Allow me to show you the Stellae Family special technique, Super Ultra Slap!" Bruce actually wanted to say "Bitch Slap", but that would ruin his image to the public world.

When Jonathan turned around, it was already too late. Bruce slammed his palm onto Jonathans face and caused him to fly off the arena. Everyone in the audience was astonished. A high stage body refinement kid can use water clone technique! This technique is fairly advanced and even the elemental profound experts have trouble mastering it. Putting his hands behind his back like an expert, Bruce looked at the fallen Jonathan and provided him with some wisdom.

"Young Jonathan, I hope that you have learned much from our fights. If you need any more directions, feel free to offer up more of your family wealth to me"

Feeling a big red mark on his right cheek and hearing what Bruce said, Jonathan became so enraged that his entire face started to blow up.


Jonathan was so mad that he started to vomit blood and fainted. Forest Hopkins quickly picked up his son and chillingly stared at Bruce before leaving.

"Mr. Forest Hopkins, please don forget to give us the mines. Also, there is no such thing as age difference in the cultivation world. If you want some pointers yourself, feel free to reach out to me as well. I am very magnanimous. "

Not wanting to be near this shameless brat anymore, Forest quickly left the vicinity along with his family.

"Congratulations on winning Bruce. As I was saying, Id like you to be my apprentice in the Imperial Academy"

Alchemist Ron was thoroughly impressed with Bruce. Hes a true prodigy that needs to be developed by the Fire Kingdom.

"Hmm. That sounds good Alchemist Ron. Id love to be your apprentice, but I do have one question."

Alchemist Ron: "What is it?"

Bruce: "Can I take afternoon nap every day in the Imperial Academy?"

Alchemist Ron: "….."

The Audience: "….."

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