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She didn’t lose her smirk, however, Rette knew that she must keep looking into his eyes no matter what.

“Tell me in advance if you need me to do something.

You cunning bastard.”

“….I’m not exactly asking you to do something, because it’s actually related to you.”

“What’s that got to do with me As long as I find that unnie-”

Rette stopped talking.

She finally understood what Herod was trying to tell her, and asked stiffly.

“You….do you know who she is”

“I can’t say for sure.” Herod shrugged calmly and approached her.

To be exact, he reached to Rette’s side and took the blue note he had been holding until she arrived a moment ago.

“I think I’ve got a little clue.”

“Isn’t it too…sudden”

“Didn’t I tell you before I was contacted by our branch that a customer left an earring at a stolen goods store on Bluewell Street.

That earring was your teacher’s memento.”

Rette only had one teacher.

The previous summer user.

And that person left a magic earring to Herod.

It could change one’s voice, and it could even change your face if you used its ability to its limit.

“So, the owner of the stolen goods store contacted me after finding out that the earring was mine.”

“…No, wait a minute,” asked Rette.

She silently listened to him until he brought out the part about her teacher’s earring.

“Wait, Herod.

How did it end up in the stolen goods store”

“I didn’t know that it’d go that far either.

I apologize for not taking care of your teacher’s memento properly.”

“No, that’s not what I’m concerned about.

Didn’t you lend it to the Dark Flower last time”


He wanted to trick his so-called ‘sister’, so I had to lend it to him.”

“Ravia Leontine”


I thought you’d know what she looks like already-”

“They’ve never shown me her portrait, though.”

“Maybe everyone thought your prophecy would at least show you that much.”

“I can’t see that detail…I told you before that the more specific the scene, the greater the penalty.”

The prophecies of summer users are nothing but reading fragmented information related to the future.

It would be more accurate to say it was an ability to lead to a desired outcome rather than a prophecy.

When he heard Rette’s small grunt, Herod smirked as if he was having fun and said.

“Now you know that blonde woman was Ravia Leontine.” He whispered and glanced down at the note.

“And it’s written on this note, too.

The guest who left her earring was a blond woman with a noble accent.”

As it reached this point, Rette also had no choice but to connect the dot.

Bluewell’s stolen goods store, Bluewell’s crepe store.

The earring that Herod lent to Tidwell showed up there.

And a noble woman with blonde hair….

“The person I met…was she Ravia Leontine”

“Again, I’m not too sure.

There’s always a possibility that I’m wrong.” Herod said, crumpling up the note as he stood before Rette.

He then continued with his usual friendly voice.

“That’s why you have to see her yourself, Rette.”

A pressure slipped into his gentle voice.

She had always been terrified when this friendly but cruel man devoured her mind and soul with his shadow.

She shouldn’t have asked.

Now she had no way out of this situation.

Because that arrogant man, Herod, was someone who always got what he wanted in his life.

But did she have a way out in the first place No.

She was bound to do this.

Then Rette asked in a bitter tone

“…Then, how should I identify her”

“It’s simple.

You just need to ask her a question.”

Herod returned to his laid-back manner along with a wide grin, as if he never pressured Rette just now.

“Ravia Leontine will surely come to Marquis Callister’s banquet.

There’s no better opportunity than that.”

Herod wrapped his hand around Rette’s shoulder.

His warm breath swirled over her skin and somehow felt so intimidating.

“So all you have to do is find the woman you met and ask her yourself if she’s Ravia Leontine.

It’s simple, right”

And so Rette did as Herod had ordered.

It turned out easier than she thought to find someone she met just once.

Because the woman sitting behind the curtain stood out more than she ever imagined.

She hoped that woman wasn’t the one she was looking for.

Ravia Leontine.

A poor woman who fell into the grasp of the wretched Dark Flower.

A woman that Herod wants to steal.

And a clever master who skillfully changed Crow’s mind about living in seclusion.

For Rette, Ravia was a very familiar being.

She was closely related to her surroundings even if she didn’t intend for it to happen.

Even though she had never met Ravia, ironically, Ravia was somehow included in some of her prophecies.

It only meant one thing.

Someone subjected to so many prophecies from a summer user would never be able to live peacefully until she died.

As she stepped closer to the blonde woman, Crow’s distinctive accent roamed free inside Rette’s mind.

-You will recognize her as soon as you see her.

It’s rare to see such an eye-catching appearance.

Since a month ago, Crow had often told stories about his master, Ravia Leontine, saying that he started working for her again.

According to Crow, it wasn’t just because of her exceptional beauty that he stayed, but there was a difference that only Crow could recognize.

-My master is dangerous.

She can shake up her opponent easily.

You know that humans are easily swept up in anxiety, right”

-She can trigger people’s anxiety

-That’s how amazing she is.

Now he knows why Rette said that someone will pull him out from seclusion.

Rette could not deny that Crow had a great insight about people.

Moreover, Ravia Leontine was the one who helped her in Bluewell Street.

But Rette had to ask, holding onto the possibility that it wasn’t true at all.

“I’m looking for Ravia Leontine.

Do you happen to know who she is”

At Rette’s question, the woman stared at Rette cynically.

She then sighed as if she saw this coming and slowly swept back her hair.

“I’m sure there’s no one in this party that doesn’t recognize Princess Leontine.”

“Well, I’m still young.”

“You do look young.”

Though I don’t know if that’s really the case. Ravia added internally.

She then reached out to Rette.

“So what does a ‘kid’ like you have to do with Princess Leontine”

“I want to introduce her to the young master of the family that took care of me.”

“But he’s a young noble.

Does he not have any woman around him”

“That seems to be the case.”

Rette was pretty upset with Herod.

Even without Rette, Herod could’ve had his way to talk to Ravia easily, but he still pressured Rette to do it.

‘I’m sure there’s a reason why you can’t show your face to her.’

For example, he promised someone that he would never meet Ravia in person.

Although it was like covering the sky with his palm.

(TL/N: A situation that can hardly be concealed.)

But thanks to Rette, Herod had a reason to meet Ravia.

Although Herod didn’t intend to approach Ravia, Rette was using him as a poor excuse to approach her savior.

There was a reason why Rette agreed to Herod’s request even though she knew he was using her.

Of course, it was because he sneakily used coercion.

“But this time I feel like I’m acting of my own will.”


“Because you are my savior, so I will give you a chance, too.

You just need to answer my questions.”

Rette took a step closer to Ravia and added.

“Do you know what Cheshire Cat means”


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