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Chapter 53

In fact, once you get your hands on it, it would be the one thing you do not want to miss.

So, Irene did not want to provoke him.

He had been like this since the moment she decided to quit.

She did not intend to give him trust and love, nor to give it and take it away.

‘Of course, I do not know if he would want such a thing from a tool like a servant.’

But now, Otis’ attitude was dangerous no matter how much she looked at it.

For some reason, it looked like the eyes she saw often when going on the ‘Die’ route, so much so to the point that she felt a sense of déjà vu.

‘…Especially before he locked up Louise, his gaze was like this.’

On Otis’ Die route, he imprisons Louise.

The catastrophe at that time was still so vivid that she could recall when Irene closed her eyes.

‘It was not a joke.’

A silk eye patch was put on her, and both her hands and feet were bound with soft ribbons to prevent scarring.

Even that was not enough, Otis sealed Louise’s hearing with a magic tool.

That was the first time Irene saw the game’s Die ending route, then she thought.

‘If you get caught by the male lead, you would not be able to pull the bones together.

[ T/N: It’s an idiom that means, to challenge someone beyond one’s match and end up being severely beaten up or humiliated.


And, that thought lingered through to this life, her seventh life, and suddenly took up a corner in Irene’s head throughout her adolescence with the male protagonists.

‘Let’s not become something important to the male protagonist, even if it is a mistake.’

Irene just wanted to be the background of their daily life.

After all, how many people would notice if the pattern of the tapestry hanging on that wall changed a bit What else could be a problem…

Therefore, she had taken a position just like that.

The decorations and tools of the background, even if it was changed, were appropriate.

So far, it has worked fine.

The problem was that, no matter how much she thought about Otis’s behavior now, it was not something that could be seen by a servant.

Irene wondered if he had been interested in her more than necessary.

‘If that was the case, it is going to be catastrophic.’

It would be absolutely necessary to prevent it.

Consequently, she decided to speak a little sharply on purpose.

She could no longer hide about the spy.

If she gets attention by hiding it for nothing, it would be a big deal if things went awry.

‘If it was someone who sees me as a servant like Otis, it would be better to just reveal it.’

Of course, she still did not want to reveal much, though in this situation, what could she do

‘I should just be thankful that the person in front of me is not Ahibalt.’

Irene thought of Ahibalt for a moment, before brushing away the thought and opening her mouth.

“There’s a spy in our mansion.

I had a rough idea of ​​what he was going to do, so I was following the trail.”

At her words, Otis looked somewhat confused rather than surprised.

Like a man who heard from her what he thought he would never hear.

“…You are telling me that now”

“If I don’t tell the Young Master, it looks like I’ll have to bring someone from somewhere and do a secret meeting to prove it to you.”

Is that not right Irene glanced up at Otis as if asking a question.

However, the atmosphere around Otis was somewhat different from before.

Although still sharp and still looking tired, the characteristic dangerous atmosphere was still there.

“Where are you going What are you going to do”

No wonder he looked so happy…

“Have a secret meeting with me, and let’s talk a little bit more about it.”

Uttering so, Otis grinned with a sharp look.

‘I wonder if it was just my feeling that it really looked like the face of the insidious male protagonist that I often see in 〈 Love or Die 〉 ’

Because of this, Irene had to look back on whether her own choice a while ago was right or not.

Of course, looking back would not have changed anything.


* * *


“So, you’re saying you’ve been silent for fear that it will be difficult to catch them if things get bigger It’s not that you didn’t trust us, did you”

“For the time being, I thought I’d be cautious about saying it out loud because I don’t know if other people are going to hear it.”

To be precise, she did not say it because it was cumbersome to change the behavior of the male protagonists who heard the story.

“But, now that it’s like this, I can’t hide it anymore.”


A match, ignited by Irene’s fingertips, lit up.

Irene, after gently waving a match, carefully set her back on the table and sat across from him.

She was now in Otis’ room.

After one scuffle in the greenhouse, Otis invited her to go with him to his room.

“We don’t have to stand in this dark all the time.

If it’s a secret meeting, wouldn’t it be nice to have a more cozy place”

He uttered those words with a languid smile that matched the male protagonist of the R19 game.

Since the greenhouse was not a good place to stay long at night, Irene gladly accepted the offer.

And so, both of them came into Otis’ room, and she told the story about how she ended up chasing the spy.

It was a half-truth, half-false story.

“So… I deliberately hid in the middle of the night to observe a suspicious person, and I saw that person disappearing toward the greenhouse.

That’s why I ran into the Young Master while chasing him.”

When the explanation was done, Otis, who had leaned against the backrest with his legs crossed and listened silently, tapped his armrest with his index finger.

“I can’t trust everything, but I think that’s enough of an explanation.”

“Aren’t you going to ask me more”

“In the first place, you wouldn’t have brought this up if I hadn’t met you in the greenhouse today.

It’s ridiculous to beg you to tell me and hear something I don’t trust.”

“You already knew about the spy, though”

“I knew.

Everyone, including Rodion.

Still, it wasn’t really new or surprising to us.”

The story of the mansion could leak anywhere.

It was a daily routine to catch traitors.

“Then… did you think that I didn’t tell you simply because I didn’t trust the Young Masters”

“Of course.”

“Aren’t you suspicious of me It could be that I deliberately made up my own story.”

“Oh, so… There might be spies who suddenly quit their jobs and plot a self-fabricated scenario.

Is this the kind of suspicion you are talking about”

“…I fully understood.”

“If I had hired a spy, I would’ve fired you first.”

In a word, Irene was excluded from the possibility of being a spy in the first place because she resigned.

It would be more natural for a spy to work longer and dig up more information.


Otis’s index finger, which had been moving regularly, came to a standstill.

“Have you ever told this story to anyone other than me”

“I have not.”

“I’m the first person.


Irene did not know what the hell was good here, although Otis had a very satisfied expression on his face.

He sat up with his upper body upright, and continued with his characteristic villain-like expression.

“Now that I’ve heard the story, I’ve no choice but to help.”

“You don’t have to do that.”

“There’s no reason to refuse.

We have to catch the spy, too, anyway.

Though if you want to keep quiet with others, I will.”

Irene shook her head for a moment.

Was it right to increase the variable by bringing in the male protagonist for nothing…

‘…But, the variables are already out of my control.’

From the time Charlotte appeared prematurely, the game had been seriously disrupted.

It became clear that what she could have stopped with a hoe was now at a level that had to be stopped with a shovel.

‘I cannot hide it anymore.’

Eventually, she nodded her head.

“I understand.

However, I just missed the trail, even with your help.

There aren’t many opportunities to find the traces again…”

“A trail…If it’s a trail, can’t we just make it again”

“Yes, but there aren’t many opportunities to do that.”

The amount of times you can track using luminous materials is very limited since eye drops for viewing luminous substances basically caused nyctalopia, and if abused, would also caused hallucinations.

In order to track down, you must first create an opportunity to catch the trace, and from there, difficulties arise.

However, contrary to Irene’s concerns, Otis was calm.

Rather, he looked puzzled at her worries.

“Is it difficult to create a chance to catch a trail If it doesn’t come, shouldn’t we just make one”


“I’m talking about narrowing the investigation—throw the bait and let it enter the net.”


“Creating an issue that is very appealing… For example, my scandal.”


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