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‘Something is wrong about this…’

Worried, Irene asked back, hoping that what she heard was wrong.

“Charlotte… Eunice”

“Yes, she said he came to see the First Master.

So, I brought you to the tea room first to check if there was a visit today.”

“Oh… No, we do not.”

She was certain because Irene checked all the schedules for guests visiting the mansion.

Had it been there, she would have surely noticed.

Charlotte Eunice…

How could she not recognize her

As Henrietta’s niece, she was an opponent who went back and forth between marriage with Ahibalt and often harassed Louise the most in the game.

Because on all the routes, she would fall in love with the main male lead.

So, at a point in time when Louise was not particularly protected by the male protagonists, she could see Louise being bullied by Charlotte from time to time.

However, her appearance was after 「 A Blood Stained Portrait 」

‘And, the episode has not even started yet…!’

What the hell is this all of a sudden

Did she miss something while she was lying down…’

‘I need to sort things out first.’

Irene tried to jump out of her position like a spring without even having time to regain her consciousness, before stopping.


Am I supposed to intervene here’

What if this was a necessary process for the progress of the story So, Shouldn’t we just send Louise back and just watch the situation

Usually, when Charlotte annoyed Louise, the male lead would show up with her astounding timing and save her.

Of course, because everything in this world was made for Louise’s love.

Through such hardships, she built a good affinity for the male protagonist, and he also got closer to Louise.

‘Isn’t it possible that I might be interrupting and ruining things here’

In fact, there was a time when she was so concerned about Louise that she could not fully meet her favorability with the male lead.

Fortunately, she noticed it early and rectified it quickly.

Thankfully, the route did not go astray.

From then on, Irene had her own principles.

’Do not get caught up in the game’s story for nothing.’

In a nutshell, the extras were meant to maintain their position as extras, anyway.

‘In Otis’s room, it was an event that was not in the original, so I came out…’

Though Charlotte’s appearance like this might not be originally planned, is it really right for her to intervene

Irene hesitated.

However, the conclusion came quickly.

‘Still, we have to check the variable.’

Even if she decided to escape from the original, she could not completely ignore everything.

It was definitely not because she was reluctant to send Louise back to Charlotte, knowing that she might get bullied.



“Miss Louise.”

“Yes, yes”

“If someone planned to visit that day, I will tell you in advance during the morning inquiry.

So, if we have a guest that you have not heard of in the future, just send them back.”

“Oh, would that be all right”

“Of course.

However, if you have already brought the tea room, it would be difficult to just return it.”

“Sorry, I’m sorry.

Because of me…”

“You did not know, so it could happen.

At least, you know now.”

‘She has lived six lives dealing with her accidents, so this does not even feel like a bother anymore.’

After giving Louise one more message, Irene hurried to the tea room.

‘I should have resigned sooner…’

It seemed that with every step, somehow, the sound of tearful hammering could be heard with each step hitting the floor.


* * *


The sound of a clack-tack-shoe quickly turned around the corner and disappeared.

Louise stood still for a moment, watching Irene’s back as she moved away.

‘I caused trouble again…’

She wanted to do well… but, it became like this again.

Feeling like she was about to cry for some reason, Louise covered her cheeks involuntarily.

The slightly swollen cheek was not noticeable from the outside, but whenever she touched it, it stung as though static electricity was rising, causing a slight pain every time.

However, it was her chest that hurt more than her cheeks.

‘…I worked really hard this time.’

The corsage was well organized, and the decorative branches in the winter garden were neatly cut, too.

She was able to dust off the carpet without having to run it all over the carpet anymore, and she was able to tidy up without leaving her handprints on the duvet.

It was the result of her trying to somehow take a share of the two while Irene was down.

But, why…

‘What did I do wrong’

When she remembered the guest who slapped her on the cheek a while ago, a sad and injustice mood surged up.

It was true that she made a lot of mistakes as usual, although she did not do anything wrong today.

Until recently, all Louise had done was to go to the winter garden to pluck the ornamental branches.

Because the winter garden was in front of the annex where Rodion mainly lived, she happened to run into him on the way.

There was not much to talk about with Rodion at that time.

They had a black cat with them, so we were just talking sneakily.

— What kind of cat is that, Young Master

— Huh Yeah.

It was digging through the bushes, so I gave him a hand, but he did not even notice.

I think he seemed very hungry, so I want to take care of him.

— Shall we ask someone else to bring some cat milk

— Aren’t fish or meat better at times like this

— Ah, if I ask Miss Irene, will she say that milk is better

— …What would you know

— Of course, I know, Youngest Master! We shared the same bed yesterday, too.

While Irene was bed rested, Louise and Rodion became quite friendly.

It was partly because of Louise’s cries every time she treated Rodion’s wounds.

Most of all, it was largely due to the fact that the two got along better than expected.

Especially when it came to talking about Irene, which was a common favorite person between the two of them, it seemed that they could talk for hours.

So, on the next day, after Irene gave half the bed to her, Louise went to Rodion and told him about it.

— I am sure I am Miss Irene’s best friend in this mansion.

— Huh, Rea would like me more

— You do not know that!

— No.

It is clear.

Rea looks at me the same way she sees a dog.

‘And, she said she was more comfortable with me than my brothers.

So, of course, she likes me better.

Just wait and see.’

Thinking that, Rodion grinned and left first with the cat.

It was as if it was clear that Irene’s favourite was with him.

His appearance leaving was rather annoying.

Hence Louise stuck out her tongue once against his back and tried to get on her way.

The problem was that as soon as she turned her back, a young lady was standing in front of her.

Her cherry blossom-colored hair and a lovely girl whose cheeks were dyed as pink as her hair…

‘Is she a guest’

As always, Louise greeted her cheerfully.

— Oh, hello! Did you come to see the Masters

— Yes, well… I am.

Though I have something to ask you for a moment.

— Anything!

— What is the relationship between you and Rodion Lavrenti

— Yes…

Louise replied without realizing it.

Did she see that I was talking to Rodion a while ago But, all of a sudden, what’s going on

— You can be honest.

I do not mean to punish you, I just want to know what is going on.

— Um… A relationship between the employee and the employer

When she answered that, the lovely girl’s face turned cold in an instant.

She also seemed a little restless.

The next moment, she spoke firmly, clutching her fan as if trying to hide her anxiety.

— I heard what you said earlier..

— Oh, so have you seen the cat

— …What Are you kidding me right now Do you think I will fall for this

— I really do not know what you are talking about!

— Yes, I heard that you share a bed with Rodion Lavrenti!

— Pardon… What do you mean!

— Even after I am telling you that I heard everything, do you keep going to keep this up the way to the end

‘She is ignoring me, too…’

Somehow, it felt like she could hear a murmur.

Although she had no way of being sure.

Because immediately after that, her gloved hand slapped Louise in a flash.


With a slightly dull sound, Louise’s head turned.

Maybe, it was a hand that had never hit anyone, her cheek didn’t hurt that much.

Though somehow, there was no way to hide the vain sorrow, so Louise forgot that it was rude and stared up at the young lady.

It was not the first time she had been beaten because she could not work or make a slip of the tongue…

Nevertheless, she does not really understand why she is so sad right now.


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